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Conservatives Unite To Send THEM A Message: Vote Trump – Pence Today

The most powerful theme in American politics is “send them a message” and in this presidential election there is a larger than usual list of “them” for whom conservative and populist voters have a message. 

The corrupt Washington establishment – of both parties, the establishment media, Hollywood and the liberal entertainment industry, corrupt corporate power brokers, such as the head of Google who cravenly and Trump and Penceslavishly curried favor with Hillary Clinton, the “green energy” tycoons who have raided the taxpayers’ wallets for a decade, the open borders advocates at Facebook and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Soros-funded Leftist revolutionaries at Black Lives Matter and other purveyors of racial hate and discord, and the enforcers of political correctness and multiculturalism to name but a few of the top targets of this election cycle’s message. 

Despite the abysmal failure of the GOP’s national leadership to fight the campaign on the national issues I think are most important, the election has been nationalized on a broader theme – a simple rejection of Barack Obama’s failed policies and Hillary Clinton’s promise to make her administration Obama’s third term. 

This has nothing to do with the messaging of the national leadership of the Republican Party, which has largely been content-free or even worse about the kind of Big Government Republicanism that lost the GOP the 2012 presidential election. 

President Obama said that although he was not on the ballot, “…make no mistake: These policies are on the ballot, every single one of them.” 

He’s right, and it is the President and the policies he is using to try to fundamentally change America that are being rejected, along with Hillary Clinton and her radical Democratic allies on Capitol Hill. 

In state after state Donald Trump has slowly inched even or ahead of Hillary Clinton because a perfect storm of events, including the WikiLeaks email dumps, Obamacare premium increases, the on again, off again FBI investigation of Mrs. Clinton, the corruption of the Clinton Foundation, Clinton’s lies about her health, the illegal alien crisis and Obama’s plan to bring thousands of military-aged Muslim “refugees” into our country have reminded Americans just what the third term of Barack Obama would look like. 

What’s more, Democrats are so wrapped-up in liberal gender politics that it never got through to them that, despite Donald Trump’s crude language about women, the independent center of the American electorate might see radical Muslims selling girls and women into slavery, beheading women and hanging women who kill their rapists as the real “war on women.” 

And that is why it is so important that we conservatives send Hillary Clinton and the Obama Democrats the strongest possible message that America rejects their policies – even when that means voting for Donald Trump, a candidate who doesn’t always measure up to our personal standards of decorum and personal conduct. 

The nomination of Donald Trump was also a loud and explicit message for the leaders, intellectuals, thinkers and commentators of the conservative movement who have failed to understand the roots and goals of the movement that powered Trump to the Republican nomination. 

And the message for those leaders, intellectuals, thinkers and commentators was simple – if you want to be relevant to the future of conservatism, help us defeat Hillary Clinton and her policies and corruption. 

That message certainly isn’t going to get through if disgruntled conservatives scatter their votes among third parties, write-ins or stay home because they think that over the course of his life Donald Trump hasn’t met their standards for personal conduct.  

No one knows what happens when you enter the voting booth to cast your ballot – but we all know what will happen if Hillary Clinton is elected president because a few thousand alleged conservatives in key states did not vote for the Trump – Pence ticket. 

We conservatives must send a message to Washington that America overwhelmingly rejects the policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and that message will only get through if every conservative in every state – even the so-called Blue states – turns-out to vote for Donald Trump, Mike Pence and the entire Republican ticket. 

We conservatives have but one messenger in this election and that is Donald Trump.  

If anyone you know has not yet voted, is thinking about staying home this election, voting for a third-party candidate or engaging in protest voting I urge you to immediately contact them and remind them what is at stake in this election, and that is nothing less than the future of constitutional liberty and American exceptionalism.

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