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Election Night Report: Donald Trump is keeping it tight in swing states, prepare for an all-night nail biter

In a presidential campaign that has been fascinating literally from the beginning, Election Night is proving to be no different.

What many predicted would be a Crooked Hillary whitewash based on certain evidence contained in early voting and exit polling simply has not materialized. As of 9:30 EST, Donald Trump was holding steady leads in Election NightFlorida, North Carolina and Ohio and even making a play for Clinton “safe” states like Virginia.

There haven’t been any huge surprises as of yet, but there also haven’t been any signs of a movement towards the incumbent party either. I had a feeling it would be tight when Fox featured an exit poll shortly after 6 p.m. EST that showed of people who disliked both candidates, more than two-to-one actually ended up voting for Trump. Considering the sheer number of Americans who liked neither candidate, that’s saying a lot.

There was also a graphic that in a change election, over 80% thought Trump was the change candidate.

One thing that has been kind of surprising in the early going has been the coverage of the media.

For a news industry that supposedly decries the so-called racial divide in America, they sure are fascinated by the voting trends coming out of the early states. I happen to be watching Fox News, which by theory is the “conservative” media outlet. Yet commentator after commentator has been emphasizing the size of different ethnic voting blocs in the election.

“The early Hispanic vote has doubled in Florida” was a common refrain. “New voter registrations are way up in Florida and they’re mostly from Hispanic voters.”

“Black vote is down in Cuyahoga County in Ohio” spouted another. “Hillary Clinton is winning women by 14.” “Donald Trump is winning men by 9 percent.” “Philadelphia turnout is expected to be higher than in 2012.”

“Mitt Romney won 59 percent of the white vote while Donald Trump is only getting 55 percent.” “College educated white voters are going towards Clinton.”

“Working class white voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin could help Trump.”

For all the talk about “uniting the country,” the media talkers are sure segregating us into voting blocs. If it ends up being true that Hispanic and black voters are primarily responsible for supplying Hillary Clinton with a winning margin, how is that going to play out next year with legislation?

If Hispanic voters are joining African-Americans in near unanimous support of Democrats, what incentive would Republicans have to grant amnesty to the primarily Hispanic illegal immigrant population?

Meanwhile, campaign surrogates are popping up periodically to put the best spin on the numbers. The Clinton people are constantly touting the Hispanic turnout. They haven’t visibly started to sweat but you can tell they’re getting nervous. The most recent state pre-election polls seem to be off with Trump outperforming by several points in many of them.

The congressional map also seems to be tilting towards the Republicans with Senator Rob Portman winning handily in Ohio, Marco Rubio winning in Florida and Todd Young holding on to the open seat in Indiana.

In other words, even if Crooked Hillary does hold onto the presidency she isn’t going to be enjoying the benefits of a friendly Congress like Barack Obama did in 2008.

In a nutshell, Donald Trump appears to be underperforming somewhat with traditional suburban Republican voters but is over-performing significantly with the so-called “Reagan Democrats.”

This wasn’t entirely unexpected, but we’ll know more in a few hours when states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota reveal a winner.

It’s going to be a late night, folks.

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