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In Defense of Steve Bannon and Relevant Conservatism

Our friend Steve Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart News, CEO of Donald Trump’s winning campaign for President and now newly named as Trump’s White House Senior Advisor is the target of a vile campaign of Leftist slander for one reason and one reason only – he is an iron-willed advocate of the positions that won Donald Trump the presidency. 

Bannon Trump PriebusIn fact, if there is an advocate or architect of Trumpism, beyond Donald Trump it is Steve Bannon. 

  •         *Bannon and the team of reporters and opinion writers at Breitbart were early opponents of the job killing Transpacific Partnership (TPP);

  • *They were relentless in exposing the lies and cave-ins behind the Iran nuclear deal that put the Islamic Republic on the fast track to a nuclear weapon;

  • *They exposed the follies, national security threats and multi-billion dollar business that is the “refugee” resettlement industry;

  • *They relentlessly exposed and opposed Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal open borders policies, and perhaps most importantly;

  • *They exposed and opposed the crushing of the working men and women of America at the hands of elite policy-makers of both the establishment Republicans and Obama’s far Left. 

In short, Bannon and Breitbart were Trumpists before Donald Trump ever announced for President. 

Throughout the campaign as the establishment media belittled Donald Trump and those who supported him Breitbart published article after article demonstrating that not only was Trump’s criticism of the status quo correct, there were millions of well-intentioned patriotic Americans who believed he was correct and were going to vote for him. 

And let’s not forget to mention that in the process Breitbart became one of the top news and opinion sites on the Internet, dwarfing the dinosaur media of both the Right and the Left and making a pile of money in the process. 

All of this has brought on a predictable Alinsky-style attack on Steve Bannon, challenging not only his positions on the issues, but his character and motivations. 

Personalize the attack to freeze and delegitimize your target said Saul Alinsky, the Far-Left Chicago agitator and mentor of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and that is the playbook Bannon’s vile critics are following. 

We’re not going to give the disgusting fictions that pass for criticism of Bannon the credibility of restating them and rebutting them in detail, but we will knockdown two of them. 

First, the claim that Steve Bannon is an anti-Semite has been conclusively and authoritatively destroyed by Joel Pollack, one of Breitbart’s star writers who also happens to be an Orthodox Jew who has done scholarly work on anti-Semitism. 

“I can say, without hesitation, that Steve is a friend of the Jewish people and a defender of Israel, as well as being a passionate American patriot and a great leader,” wrote Pollack in “Stephen K. Bannon: Friend of the Jewish People, Defender of Israel,” a definitive rebuttal of the charge of anti-Semitism. 

Second is the charge that Bannon and Breitbart are “white nationalists” and that they are the epicenter of the Alt-Right. 

This charge would be easier to rebut if one of the slander-mongers using it could actually define what the Alt-Right is. 

Is the Alt-Right a bunch of mean-spirited Millennials hiding out in basements trolling politically correct snowflakes with vulgar memes on Twitter and scaring Hillary Clinton with cartoons of Pepe the Frog? 

If that’s the Alt-Right then why would any rational adult pay any attention, let alone see it as a threat? 

Or is it, as reading Breitbart would suggest, people who believe in American sovereignty and American exceptionalism and believe Western culture, the Western Enlightenment and Judeo-Christian values made the great human progress of the modern era possible? 

If that’s it then sign us up. 

Or maybe the Alt-Right is a movement of mostly young people who feel the traditional Right has ignored their legitimate complaints that free trade as practiced by Republicans isn’t free at all, and that the econometric view of American jobs as just one market in a global market has pitted elite policy-makers on the traditional Right against the best interests and quality of life of their fellow Americans. 

If that’s the case, then we agree and they deserve to be heard and their legitimate grievances addressed. 

Steve Bannon recognized early on that the Alt-Right, whatever it is, had more than a kernel of truth in its criticism of the establishment elite consensus and gave it a voice. 

However, if Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush was President-elect Steve Bannon would have been cut loose after the first negative headline. 

Fortunately for America, Donald Trump is not a weakling in the Bush – Romney mold and he’s keeping Steve Bannon close as his senior White House advisor and strategist. 

If Donald Trump is the champion of America’s forgotten working men and women and struggling inner city families, then Steve Bannon is their Tribune.  

And it is a strange state of affairs when giving a voice to the voiceless and drawing attention to the forgotten among us can be labeled as "hate." 

As executive chairman of Breitbart News and CEO of Donald Trump’s winning campaign for President Steve Bannon made himself one of the essential men of 21st century conservative politics, and that’s the reason he’s now the object of a vile campaign of slander.  

Conservatives and populists should be quick to recognize the charges against Steve Bannon are fabrications, and that driving Bannon from public life is the endgame of the Left, and some in the Republican establishment, because he’s made conservatism again relevant to the concerns of working America, exposed the lies and smug elitism of the ruling class and in the process built a winning coalition to strip them of power.

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In Defense of Steve Bannon and Relevant Conservatism

Conservatives hold Steve Bannon in high esteem because he's one of the powerful voices of the conservative movement that ran a vigorous campaign to elect President elect Donald J. Trump as the next President of the United States .Donald J. Trump winning the 2016 Presidential elections was vital because our rights and freedoms as conservatives have been trampled on in the name of justice by the Liberal left and Establishment Republicans. Now that President Elect Donald J. Trump has Mr. Steve Bannon as his advisor in the White House a staunch conservative he's going to be the torn in the flesh of the Republican Establishment and the Left because Mr. Steve Bannon and President Elect Donald J. Trump are going to defeat their cause at all levels which they don't want. Conservatives are committed to their Republican
conservative principles inscribed in the Constitution by our Founding Fathers which is the cornerstone of our democracy. Conservatism is our beacon of hope for all Americans in the pursuit of happiness for generations
Mr. Steve Bannon and Donald J. Trump will reassure the American people and the silent majority that their voices will not go unheard and that President Elect Donald J. Trump will restore America's greatness to economic growth and keep us safe and be the President for all Americans and weaken the Left and Republican Establishment policies and agenda that is destroying America and that only benefit the few the money machine big government bureaucrats.

Identity crisis

Conservative HQ should change its tag line. It no longer has anything to do with limited government or constitutional conservatism.