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Yes, Trump is Going to Dump the Iran Deal

Various sympathizers with the Islamic Republic of Iran, from President Barack Obama to the European Union foreign policy chiefs meeting in Brussels, have said Donald Trump can’t and won’t disavow Obama’s disastrous nuclear weapons deal with Iran. 

Some have even speculated, as Danielle Pletcka of the American Enterprise Institute did last night, that there is very little difference between the Trump and the Obama foreign policies. 

Iran dealFortunately for America and for those who voted for Trump because of his stated goal of undoing the Obama – Clinton foreign policy blunders such as the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, we have assurance from our friend Fred Fleitz that Trump hasn’t abandoned his plans to dump the Iran deal. 

Writing in National Review, Fleitz quotes Trump senior national-security adviser Walid Phares who poured cold water on speculation that Trump plans to walk back his statements about the Iran deal, when he commented on Facebook over the weekend that the “Iran Deal will be dismantled.” 

This firm statement by Phares, says Fleitz, confirmed previous statements he and Mr. Trump have made that the deal is a dangerous agreement that needs to be either significantly renegotiated or abandoned. 

As a former CIA, State Department and House Intelligence Committee staffer, and now as senior vice president for policy and programs with the Center for Security Policy, Fred Fleitz is one of THE experts on the Iran deal, and on Iran’s nuclear program. 

Indeed, his book, Obamabomb: A Dangerous and Growing National Security Fraud, is the must-read explanation of the dangers of the Obama – Iran nuclear deal and the definitive expose of the fraud and deceit Obama used to get it through Congress. (Buy the book through this link, it is a good read and not full of jargon and diplomatic mumbo-jumbo.) 

The first steps to renegotiation should be (1) assembling a new anti-Iran coalition of our European allies, Israel, and the Gulf states, and (2) imposing new sanctions on Iran in response to its nuclear program, ballistic-missile program, sponsorship of terrorism, and belligerent behavior. Russia and China could be allowed into the new coalition, but they should not be given a veto over any new agreement. This coalition also must be kept out of the United Nations, says Fred Fleitz. 

Building the new coalition and renegotiating the agreement won’t be the easiest task, notes Fleitz, but given Iran’s belligerent behavior and the power new U.S. sanctions can have, a strong president and secretary of state can do it. 

An agreement that truly addresses the threat from Iran’s nuclear program and the wider threats Iran poses will require reversing all of the irresponsible concessions made to Iran by the Obama administration. 

Fleitz says such negotiations must start from the following ten guidelines:

1. Iran must cease all uranium enrichment and uranium-enrichment research. 

2. Iran cannot have a heavy-water reactor or a plant to produce heavy water. 

3. Iran agrees to robust verification, including “anytime, anywhere” inspections by IAEA inspectors of all declared and suspect nuclear sites. 

4. Iran must fully and truthfully answer all questions about its past nuclear-weapons-related work. 

5. Iran must agree to limitations on its ballistic-missile program. 

6. Sanctions will only be lifted in stages, in response to Iranian compliance with the agreement. 

7. Iran must agree to end its meddling in regional conflicts and its sponsorship of terror. 

8. Threats by Iran to ships in the Persian Gulf, U.S. naval vessels, and American troops must stop. 

9. Iran must cease its hostility toward Israel. 

10. Iran must release all U.S. prisoners. 

Renegotiating or terminating the Iran deal will not just end the threat from a dangerous international agreement. 

It will signify that this agreement was an aberration by an incompetent U.S. president who tried to subvert the U.S. Constitution, and it would send a powerful message to the world that the Obama administration’s policies of American weakness and appeasement are over. 

Trump critics have argued that renegotiating or terminating the nuclear deal would isolate the United States and hurt America’s global stature. But in reality, President Obama’s foreign policy has already undermined America’s reputation around the world. 

Fixing or killing the Iran nuclear deal will be President Trump’s first step toward restoring America’s global leadership concluded Fleitz.  

We urge President-elect Trump to follow the advice Fred Fleitz offers in “Yes, Trump’s Going to Dump the Iran Deal” and to move with all due speed to fulfill his campaign promise to renegotiate or kill this dangerous abandonment of America’s longstanding non-proliferation policy.

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