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Jeff Sessions: An America's Security First Attorney General

Our esteemed friend Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama has been chosen by President-elect Donald Trump to serve as his Attorney General.  

Coming on the heels of speculation that the position might be offered to Trump’s primary opponent Senator Ted Cruz, conservatives might fairly ask how Senator Sessions will do in this important role. 

Donald Trump Jeff SessionsSenator Sessions serves on the Senate Committee on the Judiciary and served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney. He knows well the ins and outs of the Justice Department he has been tapped to lead. 

Senator Sessions was the first sitting Senator to endorse Donald Trump. Senator Sessions, long before Donald Trump launched his campaign, was the first and most effective voice in Washington for conservative populism and the policies of economic nationalism that Trump made the centerpieces of his campaign. 

And Senator Sessions understands better than any other Republican we can think of how Obama has used the Department of Justice to enforce his Far-Left agenda on a reluctant American public – often in defiance of the law and precedent. 

In hearings before his Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, Senator Sessions was the first to detail how Obama’s extra-legal amnesty for illegal aliens hurt American workers, and how amnesty violated the clear language of the law and congressional intent. 

Senator Session has also been at the forefront of the fight against Islamic terrorism and has been one of the leading voices in Congress pointing-out and documenting Obama’s many failures and lies about the threat to constitutional liberty posed by Islam in America. 

"We have no duty to morally or legally admit people.  The Immigration Naturalization Act says the president can refuse entry to 'any alien or class of aliens he deems detrimental to the interests of the U.S.'  It is appropriate to be aggressive in our vetting.  Questions can be asked: do you believe in religious freedom, do you believe in sharia law or the Constitution, and do you respect minorities such as women and gays.  We are not required to admit people if their philosophies or principles are contrary to the Constitution.  We have to understand that most Muslims do not adhere to this extreme ideology, but there is nothing wrong to refuse admittance to those who distance themselves from our values.  We need to use common sense with the who-what-where of the threat.  It is the toxic ideology of Islam," Senator Sessions told Elise Cooper for an article in The American Thinker

After the terrorist attack in Orlando, Sen. Sessions said the “President’s failure to accept the reality of the threat we face has only emboldened our enemies, and we should expect more attacks like this one unless this Administration’s dangerous policies dramatically change. This colossal failure of leadership endangers us all.” 

Senator Sessions has been relentless in forcing information out of the Obama administration that revealed that no fewer than 580 terrorism convictions with Islamist connections included over 380 foreign-born perpetrators, convincingly putting to lie Obama’s claim that Muslims admitted to the United States were adequately vetted for Islamist connections. 

Senator Sessions also noted last August that the threat of infiltration of terrorists posing as refugees is real, pointing out that at least 40 people admitted to the U.S. as refugees since September 11, 2001 have been implicated in terrorism. 

“Despite a clear nexus between immigration and terrorism, and warnings from top officials in his own Administration about their inability to properly vet refugees, President Obama remains in denial about the dangers that his policies pose to the United States,” said Senator Session in a statement. 

As of August 9, 2016 when Senator Sessions released those comments, the Obama administration had already admitted 61,232 refugees this fiscal year, including 8,114 from Syria, 7,322 from Iraq, 7,067 from Somalia, 2,838 from Iran, and 1,924 from Afghanistan. By all accounts the Obama administration will achieve, if not exceed its goal of 10,000 Syrian refugees resettled in the U.S. this year and, had Hillary Clinton won the presidential election, a plan to resettle at least another 100,000 refugees in the U.S. next year would have been executed. 

“This radical increase places the safety and security of the American people at risk, there will surely be consequences,” Sessions said back in August, and he was right. 

Fortunately for America, and the domestic security of Americans, Donald Trump won, and Jeff Sessions is headed to the Department of Justice as Attorney General. 

Senator Sessions understands, unlike many of the current leadership, that this is a time to make sure that immigration policy serves American interests. 

To paraphrase Elise Cooper, people should be thankful that Donald Trump laid out the problems and what is needed to keep those in the U.S. safe, and that he has entrusted Jeff Sessions with the responsibility to make sure people with radical and dangerous views that are contrary to the values of America will be excluded from entering the U.S.

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Jeff Sessions As America's Secuirty First Attorney General

President Elect Donald J. Trump couldn't have made a better choice for Attorney General than Senator Jeff Sessions for the post because of his commitment to the American people to make America great again. Senator Sessions being a staunch supporter of protecting our borders will reshape the Department of Justice and replace the ineffective policies of his predecessors Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder who had no regard for the Constitution and who obstructed justice to appease their liberal left including Obama. I trust that Senator Jeff Sessions as the new Attorney General will restore Constitutional integrity to the Justice Department by securing our borders from illegal drug dealers and violent criminals that come here to break our laws. He will also protect the civil rights and religious freedoms of businesses that refuse to serve same sex couples at their weddings, will also protect the rights of schools and students rights who are uncomfortable using bathrooms with transgender students who should otherwise use bathroom aligning with their biological sex at birth.
I also trust that Attorney General Sessions will ensure that the police restore law and order in inner city neighborhoods and communities assuring that our cops are safe from violent criminals and also that innocent African Americans and other minorities civil rights are not violated by unruly cops who take the law into their own hands that cause the lives of innocent black people and others. The criminal justice system also needs reform which I trust Attorney General sessions will work with the Senate and House Judiciary committee in Congress to ensure that some inmates who civil rights are violated and incarcerated falsely get a fair and speedy trial and be released from prison and return to society to live productive lives.
I also trust that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will work to enforce Constitutional democracy at the ballot box to prevent voter fraud and ensure that all rightful and lawful citizens have the right to vote in America. I trust that Attorney General Sessions will crack down on radical extremist groups as Black Lives Matter who incite racial violence between blacks and whites that is polarizing the country that also puts a strain on race relations we know all these are supported by the liberal left.
Senator Sessions is the right candidate for President Elect Donald J. Trump's Attorney General because he's" America's Security First" Attorney General and will enforce it.