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Mr. Trump: Don’t Make Traitor Bob Corker Secretary Of State

Donald Trump's choice of Secretary of State is the clearest and most important signal he can send to the conservative – populist coalition that elected him that there will be a clean break with the failed globalist policies of the Bush – Obama era.  

In Mitt Romney, Trump would be choosing a Secretary of State who had failed conservatives on almost every issue that motivates the conservative grassroots of the Republican Party; protecting the Second Amendment, Corker Obamaopposition to amnesty for illegal aliens, dismantling Obamacare, cutting taxes and spending and protecting the right-to-life to name but a few of the most obvious areas where Romney flipflopped or turned his back on conservative orthodoxy. 

But if there’s one thing worse than ignoring the conservative agenda, it is claiming to support it and then betraying it, and in that regard Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee stands alone in infamy among those suggested as a Secretary of State for Donald Trump. 

On almost every major issue to come before the U.S. Senate in the Obama era, Senator Corker has started out talking like a principled conservative only to flip and vote with the anti-conservative, anti-constitutional establishment Republican forces that have regularly advanced Obama’s agenda:

  • *Corker has supported Obama on trade, particularly fast track Trade Promotion Authority and the Trans Pacific Partnership.

  • *Through the Gang of Eight bill Corker supported Obama on amnesty for illegal aliens.

  • *Corker voted for the Omnibus spending bills that have doubled the national debt on his watch.

  • *Bob Corker assured passage of Dodd-Frank, the permanent bailout fund for banks. And placing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), inside the Federal Reserve to operate independently without Congressional oversight was, as our friend Kevin Kookogey put it, actually Bob Corker’s bright idea.

  • *The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia was the first signature foreign policy initiative of the Obama administration, and its Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Bob Corker worked tirelessly to ratify NewSTART and defiantly led a band of 13 Republicans to join with Democrats to ratify the treaty during a lame duck session of Congress.

  • *Worst of all Senator Corker conceived of and led the passage of the bill that discarded the Constitution’s treaty provision in order to bless President Obama’s $150 billion gift to the terrorist regime in Iran.

  • *Corker’s legislation in effect lowered the threshold for approving the Iran nuclear deal from 67 votes to 41 – a craven betrayal the Senate’s constitutional role as the final word on whether or not the United States agrees to a treaty. 

In pursuit of his “legacy” treaty with Iran, Obama resorted to telling lie after lie to sell something that if the truth were revealed would never be accepted by the American people – and his indispensable partner in selling the lies was Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee. 

The world will be a much more dangerous place because of Bob Corker’s inexplicable failure to grasp the existential threat a nuclear armed Islamic Republic of Iran poses to the United States and all peoples who share the values of freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and freedom of speech. 

Then again, the fact that Bob Corker has regularly participated in and advanced Obama’s lies should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the Senator’s wheeler-dealer ways. 

The FBI and Securities and Exchange Commission are allegedly scrutinizing Corker’s personal finances, including stock transactions involving one of the nation’s top developers of shopping centers and malls. Corker failed to report millions of dollars in assets and income on his annual financial disclosure and was consequently forced to revise years' worth of disclosure reports when the discrepancies were revealed.  

Conservatives are not a wing of the Republican Party who can be bought-off or mollified with interest group-type favors and Bob Corker’s betrayal of constitutional conservatives on issue after issue are almost the antithesis of Trump’s conservative populism.  

To keep together the coalition that defeated Hillary Clinton and advance his agenda through Congress Donald Trump needs to do but one thing; maintain the enthusiasm of the center-right voters who have been, at best, reluctant supporters of Republicans by making a clean break with the Republican Quislings who enabled Obama to advance his agenda through Congress. 

Nominating Senator Bob Corker as his Secretary of State would be an all-but-fatal blow to that essential step on the road to victory for Donald Trump. We urge all of our conservative friends to let Donald Trump know that we conservatives believe choosing Bob Corker as his Secretary of State would crash Trump’s coalition and that it is time to just say NO to Bob Corker for Secretary of State.

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Corker may as well be a democrat.

ob Corker

Mr. Trump, Bob Corker does not seem to be a good/right choice for Sect. of State nor would, I feel, Romney. I think Bolton or Rudy G. would be good. Only you can make the decision for this important seat. I know you will choose wisely.

Bob Corker as Potential Secretary of State

Please pray tell us how you really feel about Bob Corker!!! If Bob Corker is as bad as you say he is...and I have no reason to believe otherwise...why would Bob Corker be under consideration for Secretary of State at all by president-elect Trump.

Fred Harden III AKA "GreyHairandGreyMatter"

P,S. To be fair and balanced I would like to listen to Senator Bob Corker defend himself on these thorny issues/accusations.

Neither Corker or

Neither Corker or Romney---both are the heart of the Rinos in Congress


Couldn't agree more......