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Attorney General Loretta Lynch And The Suicidal Demand For “Tolerance” Of Islam

A couple of days ago, Attorney General Loretta Lynch engaged in her latest “interfaith” outreach effort by speaking to the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center. 

If you believe Lynch, America is in the throes of a dangerous anti-Islamic wave that threatens to tear the nation apart. 

Loretta LynchIf Lynch really believes this she chose a very bizarre place to deliver the message of “tolerance” for Islam, the anti-constitutional movement for world domination that masquerades as a religion, because the All Dulles Area Muslim Society is one of the epicenters of Islam’s attack on America. 

As Ryan Muro, wrote for ShariaUnveiled, in March 2002, the Herndon office of the ADAMS Center was raided by federal agents as part of a terrorism investigation into the Safa Group, a network tied to the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. A government affidavit said the group is “suspected of providing support to terrorists, money laundering, and tax evasion through the use of a variety of for-profit companies and ostensible charitable entities under their control. 

The affidavit supporting the raid stated that Ahmad Totonji, one of the suspects in the investigation, was the chairman of the ADAMS Center board of trustees. Totonji is considered one of the main founders of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood network. ADAMS Center Imam Mohamed Magid used to be an adviser to the Sterling Charitable Gift Fund, which was also raided. 

Others raided were the homes of Omar Ashraf, ADAMS Center Project Committee member; Muhammed Ashraf, ADAMS Center Legal Adviser and Iqbal Unus, Vice President of the ADAMS Center board of trustees and Laws Committee member. 

Jordan Schachtel, writing for the CounterJihad Report, documented that Imam Mohamed Magid is also the former president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which was established by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist terror group that goes by the motto “Allah is our objective, the Koran is the constitution, the Prophet is our leader, Jihad is our way, death for the sake of Allah is our wish.”  

In the 2007 Holy Land Foundation terror financing trial, a federal judge found that “the [U.S.] government has produced ample evidence to establish” the association of ISNA “with Hamas,” the Palestinian terror group that rules the Gaza Strip. 

The focus of Lynch’s remarks to this center of the jihadi movement in North America was not to chastise or discourage the anti-constitutional Islamist movement, quite the contrary, her remarks focused on the alleged climate of “hate” directed at Muslims living in America. 

As our friend Ben Weingarten, writing for Conservative Review noted, per usual, AG Lynch failed to note that despite a relatively drastic increase, anti-Islamic crimes accounted for 21.9 percent of the 1,402 victims of all anti-religious hate crimes — that is, just over 300 people in a country of more than 300 million. Anti-Jewish hate crimes meanwhile accounted for the majority of all anti-religious hate crimes at 52.1 percent. 

Not by way of justification, but just for the record, according to our research, the body count of Jihadi terrorist attacks in America stands at over 3,100 Americans killed and over 700 Americans injured since 9/11, verses exactly 1 Muslim killed in a “hate crime,” and the perpetrator of that killing rightly sits under a death sentence in a Texas prison. 

Lynch noted the “flurry of recent news reports about alleged hate crimes and harassment — from hijabs yanked off of women’s heads to swastikas sprayed on the sides of synagogues to slurs and epithets hurled in classrooms,” reassuring the audience that the FBI was on the case. 

Weingarten says Lynch ignored that in the supposed post-Trump conflagration of hate, many of these incidents have been proven to be hoaxes. There is a history of those on the Left in particular pushing a narrative about Islamophobic hate crimes, which frequently turn out to be fabrications, as Conservative Review’s Michelle Malkin has illustrated.

Coincidentally, just after Lynch spoke, one of the more egregious and widely reported such stories of a supposedly Trump-inspired anti-Islamic attack was found to be a hoax. 

The Obama administration has never made an issue of the anti-Jewish hate crimes, nor has it acknowledged just how tolerant and peaceful our nation actually is: 1,402 victims of hate crimes in a nation of more than 300 million people is a very welcome rounding error reflective of the goodness of our people concluded Ben Weingarten, and we agree. 

Lynch’s focus on the supposed anti-Islamic behavior of Americans over all else, including the metastasization of Islamic supremacism – which threatens us all – domestic Muslim support for anti-constitutional doctrine of Shariah and the continued importation of unassimilateable “refugees” from places like Somalia is suicidal when put in the context of the body count and the ongoing ISIS investigations her own FBI is conducting in all 50 states.

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Loretta Lynch

I have seen her Congressional testimony and she is a disgrace to the government and to this country. Her meeting on the tarmac with Bill Clinton was a "perceived" conflict of interest and she should have recused herself with anything regarding the Clinton investigation. I am convinced a great deal of money changed hands and there should be an investigation of this matter. She lacks common sense and judgment and has no business in any legal capacity never mind the US Attorney General.

Traitor Lynch

Like Obama, this woman seems determined to continue to lie and stir up hate even when as noted in this article her facts are bogus. We as a nation are quite tolerant. But we as a nation expect newcomers to assimilate not be divisive as is constantly demonstrated by this theology. As noted they are not a religion but a sect with a political agenda. So, the concept of Sharia displacing or even being used anywhere in the nation at all is divisive. We have a government with our constitution and will never accept Sharia anything. I would suggest those who believe the Sharia law should be used leave this nation. We will not allow little nations of muslims and Sharia law to exist within this nation. It is our constitution only that leads this country and if they cannot assimilate they should return to their points of origin in the middle east. And shut the door on further immigration since this is admittedly their plan to be divisive. No more muslims that are unvetted from the middle east. Their plan is quite clear and so is their agenda and intent. And our response should be equally clear and direct. Assimilate or leave and the sooner the better.