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Does Your Congressman Think Police Officers Are Pigs?

Democratic Missouri Congressman Lacy Clay chose David Pulphus’ painting symbolically depicting the riots in Ferguson, Missouri as the winner of the Congressional Art Competition for Missouri’s 1st Congressional District.  

The painting, “Untitled #1,” depicts police officers as pigs.  Two of the officers carry guns while protesters march towards them carrying signs that read “history,” “stop killing” and “racism kills” in front of the image of a black person crucified on the scales of justice. 

cops as pigsAs Amber Randall of the Daily Caller News Foundation observed, the slogan “hands up, don’t shoot” pushed the false narrative that Michael Brown had his hands up at the time of the shooting that sparked days of rioting in Ferguson, Missouri. 

However, Rep. Clay said in a press release, “The painting portrays a colorful landscape of symbolic characters representing social injustice, the tragic events in Ferguson and the lingering elements of inequality in modern American society.” 

But some police officers apparently disagree. 

Andy Maybo, president of The Fraternal Order of Police District of Columbia Lodge #1 said, “This piece of art, which depicts officers as pigs, is both offensive and disgusting. During a time in our society when tensions are so high that someone can be offended by a single word, this painting does nothing but attack law enforcement to its core.  The fact that a member of Congress would advocate and praise such a painting is reprehensible.  We, in law enforcement, regardless of the police department we work for, are held to higher standards that certain Members of Congress now have made a mockery of.” 

BlueLivesMatter.Blue said in a post to its website, “It is reprehensible, offensive, degrading, outrageous, and unacceptable that this painting is hanging in the nation’s Capitol, much less being honored despite its message of hate and violence.  Every law enforcement officer knows that when they go to work each day or night that they may not make it home.  This painting is not conductive to rational discussion and promotes violence towards police officers, whose families should be just as outraged. Shame on you, Rep. Lacy Clay for using your position to promote your personal views in the name of political correctness.  This painting should be taken down immediately.” 

Rep. Dave Reichert (WA-8), a former law enforcement officer, told Independent Journal Review in a statement that he was disappointed to see the painting in the hallway of our nation's Capitol: 

“It is disheartening to see this depiction of law enforcement hanging in the hallway of our nation's Capitol where officers work everyday to protect our safety and freedoms. Unfortunately, many people of influence have taken part in promoting offensive and inaccurate caricatures of the very people who do the most to protect our families. While I understand in some neighborhoods trust between police and communities has all but deteriorated, we must work on rebuilding these relationships and focus on our shared goals of peace and civility.” 

Congressman Clay, however, seems to have no qualms about the divisive nature of “Untitled #1.” He described the work as “the most creative expression that I’ve witnessed over the last 16 years.” 

Scott G. Erickson, president of Americans in Support of Law Enforcement, has a much different take. 

Writing for the Heritage Foundation’s “Daily Signal,” Erickson said, “Apparently, depicting police officers as pigs—an image long understood to be derogatory and insulting to the entire law enforcement profession—is justifiable since they are merely ‘symbolic characters representing social injustice’.” 

It’s a shame that Congressman Clay, like so many other liberal “social justice warriors,” has no qualms about broadly disparaging the entire law enforcement profession. Police officers are men and women from all backgrounds and walks of life, who literally risk their lives on a daily basis to provide safe and secure communities. Pushing the false narrative that the shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson was unjustified isn’t art, it’s Far Left propaganda that has no place in the US Capitol. 

If you agree with Blue Lives Matter that the painting has no place in the US Capitol and should be taken down immediately click here to sign our letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and your Member of Congress.

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