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Today is the Most Important Senate Hearing of the 21st Century

Today begins the Senate confirmation hearing for Attorney General nominee Senator Jeff Sessions. In a very real sense this is the most important Senate hearing of the 21st century. 

The success or failure of Sessions’ confirmation will determine whether President-elect Donald Trump will be able to rollback Barack Obama’s legacy of “lawfare” against limited constitutional government, American sovereignty and traditional American values. 

Jeff SessionsThe success or failure of the Sessions confirmation will also determine whether the Far-Left smear machine will be deflated or empowered to wreak more havoc during the Trump administration. 

Senator Sessions, an Eagle Scout, who has just celebrated his golden wedding anniversary with his college sweetheart and served honorably and well as U.S. Attorney, Attorney General for the State of Alabama, and U.S. Senator, is a man of towering integrity and principle, who lives the conservative values he espouses, and therefore has long-been a target of deep hatred by the Far-Left. 

In the 1980s Mr. Sessions was smeared as a racist by no less than the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Having experienced their tactics once before his opponents hate that Sessions understands them better than most in Washington, and understands the damage they have done transforming the nation in the last 8 years. 

Consider Deval Patrick, asked our friend J. Christian Adams in a recent column for PJ Media.   

Mr. Patrick formerly served as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the Justice Department, an NAACP lawyer and of course Governor of Massachusetts.  Mr. Patrick sent a disgraceful letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee seeking to derail the Sessions nomination. 

It claimed that when Mr. Sessions prosecuted a case of brazen voter fraud, he actually engaged in voter intimidation. 

Sound familiar?  It's part of a larger campaign to preserve vulnerabilities in the American system of elections.  It's why they oppose voter ID and efforts to clean voter rolls.  It's why they are anxious to get felons to the ballot box.  It's why they hate Mr. Sessions, because he understands the corrosive evil of voter fraud and has been willing to fight it. 

The letter omits key facts and distorts others. 

Mr. Patrick makes the implausible claim, said Adams, that the “theory of Mr. Sessions’ case was that it was a federal crime for someone to help someone else vote or to advise them how to vote.”  Mr. Patrick must not have read the actual indictment very carefully in the Alabama case from the 1980's because it clearly alleged that fraudulent absentee ballots were being mailed and alleged political operatives were casting multiple ballots in the names of absentee voters. 

But this is standard procedure - reframe efforts to stop voter fraud as violations of civil rights. 

They oppose Jeff Sessions for Attorney General because he fights voter fraud, period. 

Meanwhile, said Adams, reporters like Kirsten West Savali froth forth racial paranoia about Jeff Sessions that approaches farce.  She and others continue to cite foes of Sessions, such as Gerry Hebert, who were found by federal courts to exaggerate claims of racial discrimination.  This is the country we now inherit - where smears, lies and hatred are the new currency of the kingdom. 

During a recent conference call with top leadership from the race-based groups of the Far-Left, such as NAACP-LDF, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans, La Raza, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Al Sharpton from the National Action Network promised that the National Action Network intends to scatter occupiers in each of the offices of Senators voting for Sessions’ confirmation and “may stay awhile.” 

These racialist groups have no factual or substantive basis upon which to oppose Mr. Sessions’ nomination, so they resort to intimidation. 

Feeling the full wrath of the ugly hateful Left is an experience that leaves one assured that there are no coincidences said J. Christian Adams, and we agree.  When someone experiences the soul wrenching lies and distortions of the sort now blasting at Mr. Sessions, it provides a reassuring context and clarity to the larger constitutional fight in which we now find ourselves engaged. 

There have always been enemies of individual dignity and freedom.  The nastiness aimed at Mr. Sessions reminds us there always will be.  The task at hand is to beat them. 

Remember, this election saw people of faith - often rural Catholics and evangelicals - decide the election for Trump.  Those same good people who voted in November should keep Mr. Sessions in their prayers. 

The Capitol switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) we urge you to call your Senators TODAY and urge them to vote for the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Alternatively, you can use this tool provided by our friends at the American Family Association to send an email urging prompt Senate confirmation of Jeff Sessions as the next Attorney General of the United States. 

PS: And please don’t forget to offer a prayer that the Good Lord will lift-up and protect this good and Godly man and his family during their time of tribulation.

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Senator Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearings

My view is that Senator Jeff Sessions will be confirmed overwhelmingly by the Senate Judiciary Committee despite opposition from the Left. Senator Jeff Sessions will be confirmed by Patriots who want Senator Sessions to uphold the rule of Law and our Constitution and bring credibility to the Justice Department unlike his predecessors. He is well qualified for the position as becoming US Attorney General and will preserve the civil rights of all Americans, protect our borders from illegal criminals and drug dealers and ensure that our voting and election process is aligned with the Constitution and Conservative principles.
Democrats have no power to deny Senator Sessions the confirmation because Mr .Sessions is qualified for the position and has done no wrong or defied ethics during his tenure as State Attorney General of Alabama.
The Left wanting to deny him the confirmation is a witch hunt and anything said against Senator Sessions by the left are all lies. Senator Sessions will be confirmed by a majority in Congress. Let's continue to remember he and his family in our prayers.