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No, We Are Not Covering Obama’s “Farewell” Speech

We are afraid those who are looking for a dissection of Obama’s “farewell” remarks delivered last night in Chicago will have to look elsewhere. 


First, because the speech was full of the most brazen lies told by any American politician at any time – Obama cryingsuch as the claim that Obamanomics has generated “job growth” and that the Iran nuclear deal “shut down” Iran’s nuclear weapons program. 

Second, because Obama is not going anywhere.  

Even though on Inauguration Day he is taking one last taxpayer-funded ride on Air Force 1, Obama has made it perfectly clear he’s not going anywhere, and he’s certainly not leaving the Washington stage as other past presidents have done. 

Obama will open a post-presidency office in World Wildlife Fund headquarters in DC, causing one to wonder if that deal was in the works before Donald Trump’s unexpected victory over Hillary Clinton. 

While much of Obama’s post-White House focus will be based in Chicago, where he is designing his presidential library and will be building out a center that will promote leadership and other public priorities, he will also engage in other activities. One of them will entail supporting the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which will pursue redistricting efforts to boost Democratic candidates across the country. 

According to The Washington Post, few former presidents have undertaken political activities so soon after leaving office. 

Obama’s choice to make the National Democratic Redistricting Committee a special priority is very interesting, considering that the next census is still three years off, putting state redistricting some four years away in 2021. 

However, “lawfare” attacks on redistricting, voter ID and election integrity legislation are, in the wake of Trump’s victory, an announced priority of Democrats and the Far-Left. 

And with Hillary Clinton thoroughly discredited and the Democratic Party’s geriatric leadership mired in the politics of the past who are the only Democrats available to lead such an effort? 

Barack Obama. And his trusty sidekick Eric Holder. 

It is worth noting that Eric Holder has been hired by the Jerry Brown administration to represent the State of California in its plans to battle the Trump administration on every issue from Trump’s plans to enforce immigration laws to his plans to unwind Obama’s illegal war on the energy industry. 

But that’s not Holder’s most important job in a post-Obama world. 

Two months ago Holder was announced as chairman of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, saying the group plans to help craft legal strategies to ensure more equitable maps while also opposing gerrymandering.  

Before the 2010 elections, noted the Huffington Post’s Paul Blumenthal, there were only 14 states where Republicans controlled both legislative chambers. After a well-organized and well-funded push to win those chambers back, Republicans ended up with full legislative control in 25 states ― just in time for the last redistricting process, which began in 2011. 

After the 2016 elections, Republicans now control both chambers in 32 states. It is the largest state legislative majority held by the Republican Party since the 1920s. 

As state legislators will begin drawing new maps come 2021, Holder says that Democratic redistricting efforts cannot simply be “about drawing the lines, but winning back the offices.” 

Now what’s most interesting about this is not that Democrats want to win back state and local offices they lost – after all, electing party adherents is the main reason political parties exist – it is how well these plans intersect with the plans of Far-Left billionaire Nazi collaborator George Soros and the network of shadowy fronts and organizations he’s set-up to do the same thing. 

As a trove of leaked documents analyzed by our friend election integrity lawyer J. Christian Adams revealed, the effort by George Soros and his foundations to manipulate election laws and process rules ahead of the federal election was far more expansive than had been previously reported. 

The billionaire and convicted felon, said Adams, moved hundreds of millions of dollars into often-secret efforts to change election laws, fuel litigation to attack election integrity measures, push public narratives about voter fraud, and to integrate the political ground game of the left with efforts to scare racial minority groups about voting rights threats. 

The documents reviewed by J. Christian Adams reveal that the Soros campaign fueled litigation attacking election integrity measures, such as citizenship verification and voter ID. It funded long-term efforts to fundamentally transform election administration -- including the creation of databases that were marketed to state governments for use in voter verification. It propped up left-leaning media to attack reports of voter fraud, and conducted racially and ideologically targeted voter registration drives. 

The racially targeted voter registration drives were executed at the same time Soros dollars were funding other public relations efforts to polarize racial minority groups by scaring them about the loss of voting rights and the dangers of police officers. 

Adams says the Soros documents reveal hundreds of millions of dollars being poured into the effort to transform the legal and media environment touching on elections. One document notes that poverty-alleviation programs are being de-emphasized for this new effort. It states: "George Soros has authorized U.S. Programs to propose a budget of $320 million over two years, with the understanding that the annual budget for U.S. Programs will be $150 million beginning in 2013." 

As the Wall Street Journal's Zusha Elinson and Joe Palazzo documented just before the 2016 election, money from Soros helped transform once-sleepy races for local prosecutors around the country. 

Soros, a major backer of Far-Left causes, contributed at least $3.8 million to political-action committees supporting candidates for district attorney in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas and Wisconsin, according to campaign filings. 

Of the 11 races, the candidate he backed won nine times—twice because the Republican candidate dropped out before the election. 

And how did Soros achieve this enviable won-lost record? 

The Henry County, Georgia prosecutor campaign is a good example.  

Valerie Richardson of The Washington Times reported Soros dumped $147,000 into Georgia Safety & Justice, an independent-expenditure committee registered on Aug. 26, aimed at defeating Republican Matthew McCord and electing his opponent, Democrat Darius Pattillo. 

"It was horrible," said Mr. McCord, a lawyer in private practice in McDonough. "They rented space, they had a staff, they were using a Washington, D.C.-based PR firm. So, what I knew was they could say whatever they wanted to say about me. It didn't matter if it was true, and I would have no way to respond." 

He had already received a taste of things to come, he told Richardson, "I've always been fairly centrist. I have a foundation that I started that has paid to send minority kids to school. And they [Soros campaigners] were already trying to paint me as a white racist," he said. 

And who is the first line of defense in state vote fraud and election integrity cases? 

Your local prosecutor. 

Our take is that Obama’s decision to stay in DC was simple; he’s staying around to stage manage the continuation of the Soros-funded racial polarization of America and to focus those efforts where they will stifle election integrity efforts and make Eric Holder’s job at the National Democratic Redistricting Committee that much easier.

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Obama post inauguration

Obama has no credentials to teach anyone management unless "leading from behind"is a new management style. He will go down in history as the worst President in history. The unemployment rate is over 10% with millions who stopped looking for work. Wages have gone down the last 8 years and small business regulation is out of sight. We are no longer perceived as a world power and his early retreat from Iraq has caused the rise of terrorism and he personally created and armed ISIL. Race relations have worsened and police are killed daily and celebrated by Black Lives Matter. Our military has been reduced to the bone and the Navy is short of ships and Air Force is short 30000 airmen. His administration has tried to fractionalized our citizens so they will have class warfare. We are in the most dangerous time in history with Nuclear war a possibility. Obama is a narcissistic SOB who mentioned himself 75 times in his farewell speech. He is a scourge and an Islamist who has tried to ruin this nations finances with nearly 20 trillion dollars in debt. With a distinct chance the dollar will not be the world's reserve currency. He has opened the gates and filled our government with Islamic spies. MAY GOD HELP US AND BRING THIS NATION RELIEF! Only 9 more days to rid this country of the greatest terrorist ever!

This guy just can't give up

This guy just can't give up being worshipped.


Look...we prayed out here for God's intervention and asked Him to address our nation's problems, and to handle our enemies...Ok?...then he select just one high profile "Junk Yard Dog" to be part of the solution...Trump...but let us not forget that we got into this mess because WE delegated the entire situation of governing to a bunch of Yo-Yos...we completely divorced ourselves from the fight and other responsibilities.

Well...Trump is just a piece of the solution...let us not leave Trump alone and not back him...WE are still responsible for the entire outcome...not Trump...we must cover his back, educate ourselves as to his methods and thinking, remember too that this is a different type of battle thus a different type of warrior and actions are needed, and help him make us strong again...the idiots who were the losers will remain idiots, but those others who lost will keep on trying to destroy Trump and us again if we don't step on them...NOW.

This is not a battle for Prom is a battle for our very nation...the losers follow the ways of dictators and Mein Kemp, The Third this history...Obama has it memorized...and will remain in DC to carry it stay as a thorn...until we TELL HIM TO GO...