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Obama: The Arrogance of Failure

The moving vans are at the White House, wrapping up the last days of the Obama Administration. They will leave behind for posterity the most destructive, divisive and failed presidency of the modern era. 

Outside of the fact that he used the personal pronoun "I" more than any other president in history, there is simply not a single positive accomplishment to be cataloged, unless you count what the man broke. 

By now the factual recitation of the disaster that is his legacy is as obvious as it is boring. Yet, the President is Obama Clintonbusy traveling and touting what a success he has been; and this Tuesday he will give the nation his version of fake news in a nationally televised farewell lecture. 

Sorry Mr. President, you are to "success" what an arsonist is to fire prevention. 

The economy is marooned in the doldrums. Personal incomes and home ownership have cratered. 95 million Americans of working age are not participating in the workforce and minority unemployment is staggering. Part-time work has become the new normal. Mr. Obama leaves office as the first president in history to have never had above 3% growth in any quarter of his two terms. 

More Americans are in poverty, especially children, than ever before. Food stamps and Medicaid use are at all-time highs. Obamacare is imploding, with massive increases in insurance premiums coupled to monstrous deductibles. The nation's borders are deliberately wide open, and refugees are dropped off in counties across the nation in the dead of night. 

It is a mess, and this doesn't even count the accelerated cultural collapse that Mr. Obama has eagerly advanced. 

Overseas, the world is on fire. Abrupt departures from Iraq and Afghanistan have provided what little reason radical Islamists need to start killing people. We've had resets and redlines, and all they have accomplished is to inflame the worst actors to be worse. Iran promises to bury us or Israel, or both. North Korea seeks a long-range missile. From Russia, Egypt, and China and beyond, there is hardly a relationship that is not worse than before. 

Rarely mentioned by the President are the world's persecuted Christians, 90,000 of whom were martyrs in 2016, according to a new Italian study. Yet he warns us against Islamophobia at every new murderous event. 

There is no question the world is a much more dangerous place. Weakness has consequences. 

However, in its failure, the Obama era does present the nation with some excellent lessons for future voters to keep in mind; here are two. 

Lesson one: The American experiment in self-government only works when its citizens pay attention to what potential politicians have said and done and demand the media does as well. History matters. 

Many of us, this writer included, began reporting about Mr. Obama long before he won the nomination in 2008. Even a casual examination of his two books, speeches, and background (largely ignored by the corporate media) revealed that Barack Obama was an ultra-leftist. Perhaps he could be nothing more. 

Born to two radical parents, his father was a self-described Marxist from a Muslim family (he was actually kicked out of the Kenyan government for being too radical). Young Barack spent four years in Indonesia with his step-father, under the predominant influence of Islam. Returning to Hawaii at age 10, Mr. Obama was mentored in his teen years by the well-known communist writer and pornographer, Frank Marshall Davis, whom he mentions frequently in his autobiography as "Frank." 

We actually know next to nothing about Mr. Obama's college years, travels or finances since the President's records are sealed and he has spent millions of dollars in legal fees to keep them sealed. But the most illustrative "tells" about the future President's beliefs are his years in Chicago, spent with radicals and America haters. 

He had an extensive and well-documented friendship with the unrepentant domestic terrorists, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn, among other radicals. Ayers lead a violent faction of the Weather Underground in the 1960's, "an American Red Army" in his words. Both Ayers and his wife still openly express their "hatred for America," and Ayers remains influential in the national education policy. 

In addition, Mr. Obama spent 20 years sitting in the now infamous Jeremiah A. Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Wright is a virulent anti-Semite, self-proclaimed America hater, and proponent of black liberation theology, as well as an apologist for the racist Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. 

Lesson two: Over the course of campaigns, politicians always tell us who they are; their egos demand it. 

Mr. Obama told the country who he was and that he intended to "transform" America, meaning replacing traditional American values and norms. He told us he would bankrupt the coal industry, block petroleum production and change how we live where possible. Mr. Obama talked about the "bitter clingers, who hang on to their guns and bibles," and about the need to reduce the American footprint abroad and the military. 

He made a dizzying number of mind-deadening speeches filled with gibberish like "we are who we've been waiting for," and made it clear that he was the cure to what ailed race relations in the country. 

All of this is nonsense, of course. Mr. Obama had no intention of uniting - radicals must divide so that they can put the pieces of society back together like they want. Hence, race relations are worse now than any time in recent memory. 

Obama’s farewell address was heavy on self-praise, congratulations and his unchallenged list of accomplishments. In truth, President Obama is the most unaccomplished man to ever hold the office, and has been given an eight-year free pass and never held to account for his failures; while Donald J. Trump hasn't even been sworn in and is a human pinata for the squishy right and the radical left. Go figure. 

Mike Giere has written extensively on politics, foreign policy, and issues of faith. He is a novelist (The White River Series); a former candidate for the U.S. House; worked for Ronald Reagan in 76 & 80; and served in both the Reagan and George HW Bush administrations.

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Disaster Relief

With all of the lies and deception, one cannot help but wonder if, perhaps, Obama may be an agent of Lucifer. That feeling began, for me, when he would refer to Christians as "terrorists". His chant, "YES WE CAN, YES WE CAN, YES WE CAN" also struck me as being satanic.
It appears that a huge number of people now feel that "good" is "bad", and that "bad" is "good".

May America again enjoy Peace, Prosperty, and Unity as we continue to move forward once again.


Our right wing have been in the opposition so long that they don't realize they won - everything - Presidency, Congress and soon the Supreme Court. And what do you spend your time doing? Complaining about Obama and Hillary. In case we don't get the point the bashing always comes with some nasty looking pictures. Time to get busy running the country. There's more to that than lowering taxes and abolishing abortion.

Until They Learn the Lessons

It helps to review history to avoid repeating past mistakes. And Obama is a mistake that needs to be avoided in the future.

Besides, Obama is still President until Friday. And, he is still releasing dangerous terrorists from incarceration, so they can join their comrades in violence against liberty loving people. He also just commuted by 28 years the sentence of a traitor to the United States. For those paying attention, Obama is making it hard to ignore him.

It may seem like nitpicking, but American conservatives realize that the federal government does not run the country. The term “run the country” is a propagandist phrase to sway the uninformed masses’ expectations away from self-government. American conservatives want control of the government to keep the government off the backs of the people. Leftists want people to depend on the government for everything, and for the government to run the country.

This is a political philosophy lesson that deserves repeating every time someone uses the phrase, “run the country.”

And, it is reassuring to American conservatives to hear the leftists complain about hearing the lessons of history and political philosophy.

Lowering taxes has a lot to

Lowering taxes has a lot to do with improvement in this country. It isn't the whole answer, but it is a large part of it. Getting rid of many regulations and hopefully many bureaus and agencies will have a lot to do with it as well. Donald Trump has done more for Americans already than Ovomit did in eight years, and Trump isn't even president yet. Now, if the Republicans in the Congress will grow a pair, maybe we can get a lot done even in just the first 100 days. Remember, when liberals scream and cry and whine and demonstrate, it is a good thing. It indicates that something is being done right for a change.


He also was never VETTED, when most knew he never meet one of the requirements to be President. His father was not an American citizen. The Constitution states his parents must be natural born American citizens. It is plural, not singular. End of store. Pure Facts.

Constitution and "Natural Born Citizen"

OB, I am not trying to disparage your comment, but you made one factually incorrect statement that I wanted to correct. You said, "The Constitution states HIS PARENTS must be natural born American citizens." That is inaccurate.

Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution states, "No Person except a natural born Citizen.....shall be eligible to the Office of President..."

The Founders who authored the Constitution defined the term "natural born citizen" as a person who was born in the U.S. to two (2) parents BOTH OF WHOM were U.S. citizens at the time of the person's birth. In other words, the parents could have been born outside the U.S., but they were required to be either native-born or naturalized U.S. citizens at the time their child was born for the child to be considered a "natural born citizen" of the U.S.

By the Founders' definition, Barack Obama was never a "natural born citizen" of the U.S., even assuming he was born in Hawaii, because his father (Barack Obama, Sr.) was never a citizen of the U.S.

It should also be noted that Republican Ted Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father, Marco Rubio was born in the U.S. to parents, BOTH of whom were Cuban citizens and not naturalized until AFTER Marco's birth, and Bobby Jindal was born in the U.S. to parents, BOTH of whom were Indian citizens and not naturalized until AFTER Bobby's birth.

In Donald Trump's case, Donald was born in the U.S. to a native born American father and a mother who was born in Scotland, but who became a naturalized American citizen PRIOR TO Donald's birth, so Donald would qualify as a "natural born citizen" of the U.S. according to the Founders' definition of the term.