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Candidate Tells The Truth About Islam Gets Thrown Out Of Democratic Party

“Muslims discriminate against gays. Islamic law is clear on the subject, and being gay is a direct violation of it. In some Muslim countries, being gay is a crime punishable by death,” said Vincent Tolliver, a former Democratic House candidate in Arkansas, and prospective Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. 

The reaction of the Democratic Party was as swift as it was willfully blind; Toliver was promptly told he was “no longer a candidate for DNC Chair." 

ISIS executes gay manHow Toliver can be barred unilaterally from running for DNC Chair is unclear since the party rules allow anyone who gains the signatures of 20 Democratic National Committee members to stand for Chairman, so let’s delve a little deeper into what is going on in the DNC Chairman’s race. 

Toliver made his comments in the context of a critique of the candidacy of Rep. Keith Ellison (MN-5) the first Muslim elected to Congress. 

“His being a Muslim is precisely why DNC voters should not vote for him,” Tolliver wrote in an email to The Hill. “Clearly, Mr. Ellison is not the person to lead the DNC or any other organization committed to not discriminating based on gender identity or sexual orientation,” Tolliver continued. “I'm shocked [the Human Rights Campaign] has been silent on the issue. A vote for Representative Ellison by any member of the DNC would be divisive and unconscionable, not to mention counterproductive to the immediate and necessary steps of rebuilding the Democratic Party.” 

Keith Ellison claims to be a devout Muslim, and Mr. Toliver is correct, Islamic law or Sharia teaches that homosexuality is a vile form of fornication, punishable by death. 

The Quran (7:80-84) says, "...For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.... And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone)" and for good measure the passage is repeated three times in suras 15:74, 27:58 and 29:40). 

The Quran (26:165-166) says "Of all the creatures in the world, will ye approach males, and leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, ye are a people transgressing." 

Likewise, the Quran says this [4.46] about Jews: “Of those who are Jews (there are those who) alter words from their places and say: We have heard and we disobey and: Hear, may you not be made to hear! and: Raina, distorting (the word) with their tongues and taunting about religion; and if they had said (instead): We have heard and we obey, and hearken, and unzurna it would have been better for them and more upright; but Allah has cursed them on account of their unbelief, so they do not believe but a little.”

[4.160] Wherefore for the iniquity of those who are Jews did We disallow to them the good things which had been made lawful for them and for their hindering many (people) from Allah's way. 

[4.161] And their taking usury though indeed they were forbidden it and their devouring the property of people falsely, and We have prepared for the unbelievers from among them a painful chastisement. 

[5.41] O Apostle! let not those grieve you who strive together in hastening to unbelief from among those who say with their mouths: We believe, and their hearts do not believe, and from among those who are Jews; they are listeners for the sake of a lie, listeners for another people who have not come to you; they alter the words from their places, saying: If you are given this, take it, and if you are not given this, be cautious; and as for him whose temptation Allah desires, you cannot control anything for him with Allah. Those are they for whom Allah does not desire that He should purify their hearts; they shall have disgrace in this world, and they shall have a grievous chastisement in the hereafter. 

And Ellison has not been shy about defending Muslim anti-Semitism. 

Prominent Democratic donor Haim Saban, who gave millions to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, spoke about Ellison at the Brooking Institution's Saban Forum, an annual gathering between American and Israeli political leaders, during a question-and-answer portion of a conversation with Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and moderated by CNN's Jake Tapper. 

"If you go back to his positions, his papers, his speeches, the way he has voted, he is clearly an anti-Semite and anti-Israel individual," the Israeli-American said Friday about the Minnesota lawmaker. "Words matter and actions matter more. Keith Ellison would be a disaster for the relationship between the Jewish community and the Democratic Party." 

However, Ellison is the candidate favored by Senate Minority Chuck Schumer, Former U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representative John Conyers (MI-13), Representative Elijah Cummings (MD-07), Representative Luis V. Gutierrez (IL-04), Representative Jan Schakowsky (IL-9), Representative Maxine Waters (CA-43), Representative Barbara Lee (CA-13), Representative Raul Grijalva (AZ-03), John Lewis (GA-5), Representative André Carson (IN-07), Representative Bill de Blasio (Mayor, New York City), Dave Archambault, Chairman, Standing Rock Sioux, and a who's who of the supporters of the Far Left including Chris Shelton, President of Communications Workers of America, Richard Trumka, President, AFL-CIO and Alex Soros, son of Nazi collaborator and Far-Left financier George Soros. 

So, let’s be clear, Vincent Tolliver is being kicked-out of the Democratic Party’s race for Chairman because Keith Ellison is the candidate of the Soros-funded Red – Green Axis, the same group that is behind the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Black Lives Matter movement, the Women’s March on Washington and the radical anti-American alphabet soup of organizations that receive their financial support from the shadowy group of Far-Left mega-donors known as the Democracy Alliance. 

Keith Ellison’s anti-gay and anti-Semitic views get a pass, and Vincent Tolliver is out, because nothing can be allowed to divide the Red – Green Axis and stymie its drive to take over the Democratic Party and make it the official political base of the Soros-funded Far-Left.

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Democratic Party??

It is the Democrat party NOT democratic, and for sure there is nothing "democratic" about the Democrats.

There is a HUGE difference, adding "ic"

Agree With Your Sentiment But You Are Wrong

We agree there's nothing small D democratic about today's Democratic Party, but the official name of the increasingly Far-Left progressive party is the Democratic Party and its national organization is the Democratic National Committee. The web address may be your source of confusion.

Democrats should be labeled Socialists - that's what they are

The Tea Party and the Green Party, et al, had to run on their own platform. How did Sanders, a confirmed Socialist, get to run on the Democrat platform? Did they think nobody would notice? The Democratic Party is not what it was since the 60's. JFK was the last. When he said, "ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." Even his brother Ted reversed John's statement: "ask not what you can do for your Country, ask what your Country can do for you." Sad, but true.