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Tillerson Confirmed As Secretary Of State – Time To Clean House At Foggy Bottom

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate confirmed President Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, as Republicans overcame unprecedented and unpatriotic delay tactics by Democrats. 

Secretary Tillerson's confirmation was not in doubt despite Democratic opposition. The 56-43 vote followed announcements of support from three Republicans who had earlier expressed reservations about Tillerson. 

Sean Spicer State DepartmentThe department he heads was in unusual turmoil before President Trump’s Executive Order pausing entry into the United States by citizens of seven terrorist hotspots was announced Friday, claimed Anne Gearan of The Washington Post.  

According to Gearan, there are vacancies at the top of major department offices, including those responsible for the Mideast and Europe. The good news is, many of those vacancies are because senior Foreign Service officers were fired from top positions last week, signaling an intent by the Trump administration to clean house at the Department of State.  

And a serious house cleaning is desperately needed at Foggy Bottom. 

The State Department has about 7,600 Foreign Service officers and 11,000 civil servants according to The New York Times and around 1,000 of them recently put their names to a harshly worded letter criticizing President Trump’s Executive Order pausing entry of purported refugees and other visa holders from Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Libya and Yemen from entering the United States for at least 90 days. 

Foreign Service officers are not supposed to criticize American policy publicly, yet by sharing the letter with the media that is exactly what these disloyal public employees are doing. 

What’s more, the reasons for the pause in immigration from the seven countries are largely matters related to the failures of the diplomatic corps under the Obama – Clinton – Kerry foreign policy to which they are apparently wedded. 

Yemen, Syria, Sudan and especially Libya all became failed states on their watch, and the situation in Somalia has spiraled further into tribal and Islamist chaos during the Obama years.  

The signers of the letter seem to forget that Somalia became a failed state during Bill Clinton’s presidency and while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State thousands of completely unvetted Somalians were brought to the United States courtesy of the American taxpayer to commit dozens of terrorism-related crimes. 

Back in 2012 Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the Senate Intelligence Committee that, “Iran’s intelligence operations against the United States, including cyber capabilities, have dramatically increased in recent years in depth and complexity.” Yet the Obama State Department, led by Secretaries of State Clinton and Kerry made it vastly easier for Iranians to travel to the United States. 

Iran’s intelligence service includes 30,000 people who are engaged in covert and clandestine activities that range from spying to stealing technology to terrorist bombings and assassination, according to a Pentagon report reviewed by our friend Bill Gertz. 

The report concluded that Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security, known as MOIS, is “one of the largest and most dynamic intelligence agencies in the Middle East.” 

Iran’s intelligence is also cooperating with al Qaeda despite the Sunni-Shiite differences in religious ideology. “Cooperation between Iran and al Qaeda is based on their shared opposition to U.S. hegemony in the region—Iraq and Afghanistan, chiefly—and dates to the 1990s,” the report said according to Gertz. 

“Iranians engage in two types of terrorist attacks,” the report said. “One type includes sabotage, espionage, and bombing of target locations, while the other involves the assassination of dissidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Both are perpetrated inside and outside of Iran.” 

Between December 1979 and May 1996, a total of 17 Iranians were assassinated by the MOIS, including the July 1980 murder in Bethesda, Md., of Ali Tabatabaei, the Iranian Embassy press attaché in the United States under the Shah of Iran. 

However, according to some 1,000 of our career diplomats and State Department employees, we need more Iranians in the United States, because after all, foreign travelers inject nearly $250 billion into the American economy and support more than one million jobs. 

Asked to respond to the letter, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had a stern message for State Department employees opposed to President Trump's executive order banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries: “Either get with the program or they can go.” 

Sean Spicer was right, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s first order of business at the State Department should be to eliminate the Fifth Column in his own building by showing the door to the signers of the letter criticizing President Trump’s Executive Order pausing travel from terrorist hotspots to the United States.

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I am totally against Tillerson, who heads the Boy Scouts, or did. He is complicit in their destruction and he is reprehensible. He wanted more queers to get in there as Scout leaders. Anyone who is against that fine boys' organization should be hung from the nearest tree.
He may not get his due on Earth, but, maybe God will catch up to him one day. I certainly hope so.

Rex Tillerson

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson should fire all of those 1000 career employees that signed the letter criticizing President Trump's Executive Order pausing travel from terrorist hotspots with prejudice. Drain the swamp and don't let them come back in again, ever. Full steam ahead without any brakes
being applied to bring back American greatness. Obama,Hillary and Kerry brought this country down to the bottom of the cesspool and with President Trump and Secretary Tillerson in charge, this country will do the right thing.