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Establishment Republicans Eat Their Own

Betsy DeVos, President Donald Trump’s choice for Education Secretary comes from a distinguished conservative background. The DeVos family are longtime conservative donors and activists whose generosity has raised millions for conservative candidates and helped fund programs at the Heritage Foundation and other conservative institutions. 

However, in the minds of many grassroots conservatives, Ms. DeVos’s early association with the Common Core education “reforms” pushed by Florida Governor Jeb Bush and other establishment Republicans placed Betsy DeVosher square in the middle of the Republican establishment. 

In her article “Jeb’s Revenge” for Jane Robbins observed that DeVos acknowledged that “organizations that I have been a part of [have] supported” the Common Core standards. This concession was necessitated by evidence from Michigan activists – and from Michigan Common Core proponents -- that DeVos-linked organizations defeated efforts to replace Common Core there. Especially active in defending Common Core was the Great Lakes Education Project, which DeVos actually founded, on whose board she serves, and to which the DeVos family has given over $1 million. 

And Robbins was not alone. 

The nomination of Betsy DeVos was criticized by grassroots conservative education reform activists in her home state of Michigan and, unlike the massive effort put behind the confirmation of Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions, conservatives seem to have been content to leave the management of Ms. DeVos’s confirmation to the establishment Republican mandarins on Capitol Hill. 

Now it appears conservatives in the U.S. Senate must save Ms. DeVos’s nomination, even though her record is soft on their prime issue and the sub-Cabinet appointees at Education are also less than appealing to grassroots conservative sensibilities. 


Because two establishment Republican Senators, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska have announced they oppose the DeVos nomination and will vote against their President’s choice for Education Secretary. 

Liberal groups, led primarily by the teachers’ unions, have geared up opposition to the nomination, highlighting DeVos’s lack of administrative experience and her support and financial backing for vouchers that allow public funds to follow students who attend private schools. Opponents have been flooding switchboards with phone calls according to reporting by Geoff Earle, Deputy U.S. Political Editor for 

Murkowski claimed that “thousands of Alaskans” had contacted her in opposition to the nomination of DeVos when she announced she would vote “NO.” 

“I come to the floor to announce a very difficult decision that I have made, and that is to vote against the confirmation of Betsy DeVos to be our nation’s next secretary of Education,” Collins said according to reporting by Jordain Carney of The Hill. 

Carney says Collins pointed specifically to DeVos’s lack of knowledge about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act in explaining her decision. 

“While it is unrealistic and unfair to expect a nominee to know the details of all the programs under the jurisdiction of the Department of Education, I am troubled and surprised by Mrs. ­DeVos’ apparent lack of familiarity with the landmark 1975 law, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, known as IDEA,” she said. 

Left unspoken are the close ties to teachers’ unions that Collins and Murkowski share. 

Murkowski received a 100 percent rating on a 2012 NEA Report Card, while Collins received a 75 percent rating—the only Republicans to earn marks above 50 percent from the group. Each senator has earned straight-A marks from the union since 2014. 

Murkowski has long been a favorite of teachers’ unions. She was one of only four Republican senators to receive contributions from the NEA in 2016, hauling in $10,000, while the other three Republicans received only $3,200. She received the NEA's endorsement in 2010 when she won as an independent candidate after losing the GOP primary, and received it again in 2016. 

The Senate GOP majority is 52-48. The two establishment Republican defections would result in a tie, requiring Vice President Mike Pence to cast his first official vote as President of the Senate. 

Should any conservative defect over concerns about DeVos’s past support for Common Core the DeVos nomination would be defeated, an embarrassing setback for the Trump administration that does not advance the cause of conservative education reform.  

The lesson for Ms. DeVos? 

The same one advanced by the 1960s counterculture: Don’t trust the establishment. 

Betsy DeVos is a longtime advocate for conservative solutions to improve the quality of education for all American children, especially children trapped in union-controlled inner city schools. We urge our conservative friends in the Senate to stand by her and our conservative readers to contact their Senators and urge a “YES” vote on her confirmation. The Capitol Switchboard is (866-220-0044) we urge you to call today to support Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education.

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Eat the Rebels

Its about time the citizenry turn on and eat their NON REPRESENTATIVES


We of the R's party have every tool we need at our disposal to pass any of the nominees that have been selected by the Exec but we also have a group of elites in leadership that are the same color as the yellow fat in chickens..they are the lib's BFF and scare easily no matter the odds...These reticent flowers are the danger point of republicanism and the party platform, they talk in big circles and procrastinate, parse words and make illogical excuses.....Obamacare repeal is a popular issue but these slackers go against the main reason the R's took it all and have a excec leadership who is spot lighting their worthless butts and they still make up parliamentary lies to cover their butts because the fear the libs far more than the President or the voters/taxpayers who gave them a mandate......Folks like me want term limits for this problem of misrepresentation, we want to use merit and production to gauge our electees and we want say over all appointees..this is reform that gives the voters and taxpayer sway......scary, is it not?

Why am I Not Surprised?

As soon as I learned that Murkowski and Collins were opposing Betsy DeVos' nomination, my first thought was "They must be bought and paid for by the teachers' unions." Looks like we need to tighten up the laws against bribery!


We already established what you are, ma'am, and now we've established the price!!