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Thank Judges Robart and Brinkema When This Comes to America

We’ve told CHQ readers about the anti-constitutional decisions of Federal Judges James L. Robart and Leonie Brinkema, who, contrary to the plain language of the Constitution, the laws passed by Congress and years of Supreme Court precedent, stopped the implementation of President Trump’s Executive Order 13,769 pausing immigration from seven terrorist hotspots. 

Judge Brinkema’s ruling was particularly egregious in claiming President Trump had provided no evidence supporting the restriction of travel from seven majority-Muslim countries. (To oppose this power grab please Haisam Omar Sakhanhsign our Impeach Power Grabbing Judges Petition). 

As we noted in our article “Another Federal Judge Seizes Presidential Power,” last summer, Muna Osman Jama and Hinda Osman Dhirane, two Somali immigrants, were found guilty of conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, and providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization after a bench trial in front of U.S. District Judge Anthony J. Trenga, right down the hall from Judge Brinkema’s court. 

But the need for “extreme vetting” of supposed “refugees” from failed states and terrorist hotspots is all over the media, should Judge Brinkema choose to take judicial notice of such news reports. 

A particularly frightening example was recently revealed during a trial in Sweden. 

Sweden, whose once peaceful and prosperous society has been torn apart by unrestricted immigration from the same terrorist hotspots President Trump’s Executive Order targeted, recently sentenced Syrian “refugee” Haisam Omar Sakhanh to life in prison for participation in the 2012 mass execution of seven government troops in Syria. 

Sakhanh was part of the Suleiman Fighting Company, an independent group (not part of the Free Syrian Army) comprised of Islamic rebel units, and operating in northern Hama and Idleb provinces. According to the Suleiman Fighting Company is led by former drug smuggler and Salafi militant Abu Suleiman al-Hamawi. 

This atrocity begs the question of whether or not the Suleiman Fighting Company every received weapons, funding or training from the Obama administration during its disastrously failed attempts to overthrown Bashar al Assad’s Syrian government, but that’s a subject for another column. 

The point here is that Haisam Omar Sakhanh, a Salafist radical who was a known fighter for a well-known, well-organized group of jihadis fighting the Syrian government, managed to get himself from Syria to Sweden, and then get into the country and stay, for four years as a refugee

According to The (UK) Sun, Italian police helped investigators in Sweden to identify Sakhanh via fingerprints and photos of him illegally entering the Syrian Embassy in Rome during a protest, according to the court ruling obtained by The Associated Press. 

The Swedish court said Sakhanh had been active in Italy in 2011 and 2012 where he protested against the Syrian government. However, according to, Sakhanh had been living in Italy since 2002, working as an electrician, and Italian authorities were building a terrorism case against him since his arrest in 2012. 

After his stint in Italy, Sakhanh returned to Syria where he joined up with the Islamist militia. 

In June 2013, Sakhanh travelled to Sweden and applied for asylum, before obtaining an official Swedish residency permit in October 2013.  

It will surprise no one to learn that upon arriving in Sweden Sakhanh failed to inform authorities about his past activities and was given refugee status and permanent residence permit in early 2016.

And he’s been there ever since!

According to The Sun, Sweden’s Judge Tomas Zander of the Stockholm District Court said the victim, who has not been identified, was shot dead along with six others “under particularly cruel circumstances.” 

The injured soldiers were forced to kneel with their hands bound behind their backs before being executed less than two days after they were captured in Idlib province. 

In court Sakhanh confessed to the shooting – he could hardly deny it since the picture of him standing over the helpless prisoners was published around the world – but he said he should not be prosecuted because the death sentences had been made by a legitimate court, a defense which the Swedish court rejected. 

It also rejected his claim of the “Good Nazi defense” that he had only been following orders. 

The point for Judges Robart and Brinkema is this: Syria is a failed state, there are no government documents to vet and had Haisam Omar Sakhanh not gotten himself arrested and fingerprinted in Italy and photographed in the act of committing a war crime in Syria no one in Sweden would have questioned his status as a bona fide refugee.

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