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Harvard Attacks CHQ as “Biased”

Our friend T. Beckett Adams of the Washington Examiner recently alerted us to the fact that Harvard University's library website now features a new page titled, "Fake News, Misinformation, and Propaganda."

And that and other conservative and right-leaning organizations, think tanks and news Harvardportals make-up the core of the list.

(You can check the list through this link.)

This portion of the library's website, which can be found in the "research guides" section, is intended to give students, "a brief introduction to the spread of misinformation of all kinds and tools for identifying it, and reading the news with a more informed eye," according to the site.

The "fake news" page includes the aptly titled subsection: "False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and Satirical 'News' Sources (Huge list of fake news sites)."

That subsection links to a massive online database, which lists nearly every legitimate conservative-leaning news groups alongside actual hoax websites.

The Washington Free Beacon, Independent Journal Review, the Daily Caller and the Washington Examiner are all on the list. Each is tagged with derogatory labels, including "clickbait," "bias," "unreliable," "political" or a combination of the four.

The list also includes conservative commentary sites like, TheBlaze, RedState, National Review and the Weekly Standard.

(We understand why National Review is being attacked by Harvard – founder William F. Buckley, Jr. was, after all, a Yale man.)

Major conservative and limited government constitutional conservative think tanks and policy organizations, such as the Heritage Foundation, Judicial Watch and the Hudson Institute are labeled “unknown.”

Conservative national security research organizations get hit especially hard with our friends at The Center for Security Policy being labeled as both “bias” and “conspiracy,” is labeled “unknown” and is labeled as “bias.”

We make no bones about the fact that our editorial policy is to approach matters from the limited government constitutional conservative perspective, but who’s not on the list?

The Leftwing corporate media, such as The Washington Post, LA Times, The New York Times and the Huffington Post – AOL.

Hardcore Leftwing think tanks and policy organizations are largely absent from the list, although the Center for American Progress ( – founded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign guru John Podesta – is labeled “political” and “credible.”

Now that the list is out, here’s how this is going to work.

Any academic study, publication for a popular audience or commentary citing any of the sources labeled “bias,” “unknown,” “conspiracy” or “hate” can now be dismissed or have its credibility undercut by this completely arbitrary and capricious non-peer reviewed list of “unreliable sources.”

CHQ news and analysis used by many talk radio hosts – “biased.”

The Center for Security Policy’s groundbreaking work on national defense issues – “conspiracy” theory.

The Heritage Foundation’s research, long-respected on the Right and the Left – “unknown.”

We could do a line-by-line of the 900+ list, but you get the point; this is how the Leftwing academic monopoly imposes its version of reality on young heads full of mush and how conservative thought and the conservative worldview are undermined and marginalized by the mutually reinforcing alliance between Leftwing academia and the Leftwing media.

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Bias Accusation by Harvard

Well, that says you are doing something right. Since most universities are infected with "Liberalitis" which is being spread by Progressive/Liberal professors, if I had children of college age, I'd be doing some thorough checking to make sure they wouldn't be infecting my kids with Garbage 101 before I sent them away to get a degree! Graduating seniors these days are coming away completely unprepared for the gift of life and many of them can't find a job after graduation either!!