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The Most Important Thing President Trump Has Done So Far

Amid all the fake news from the establishment media, what may be the most important thing President Trump has done to date has gone largely unreported.

Yesterday, immediately following the President's first Cabinet meeting, the President signed a government Trump cabinet meetingreorganization and modernization executive order.

This Executive Order requires the Director of OMB—with input from each agency—to submit to the President a comprehensive plan for reorganizing executive branch departments and agencies. This plan would include recommendations for eliminating or merging unnecessary agencies or functions. The OMB’s final plan would include recommended legislation that could then be reported to Congress for potential consideration.

Under the Executive Order, federal agencies would have 180 days to submit reviews and plans to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget. OMB would then open a public comment period seeking suggestions to improve efficiencies. 180 days after the public comment period is closed, OMB would send a report and legislative recommendations to the President.

Now here’s the most important part of the Executive Order, and why it is so important you get involved.

The Executive Order says “[the] Director shall publish a notice in the Federal Register inviting the public to suggest improvements in the organization and functioning of the executive branch and shall consider the suggestions when formulating the proposed plan.”

President Trump has ordered the Executive Branch to take your input and make it part of the plan to reorganize the federal government.

Nothing like this has ever been done before.

Previous government reorganizations were top-down affairs, initiated and run by DC insiders.

President Trump has ordered that this one be – if you get involved – a bottom-up process where the citizens who own the government are charged with prioritizing its reorganization.

And it gets better.

In developing the proposed plan the OMB Director is charged by the President to “determine whether some or all of the functions of an agency, a component, or a program are appropriate for the Federal Government or would be better left to State or local governments or to the private sector through free enterprise” and “whether the costs of continuing to operate an agency, a component, or a program are justified by the public benefits it provides.”

Now, this isn’t going to happen by itself – and of course once President Trump receives the citizen proposals there’s no guarantee that Congress is going to enact any of the reorganization plans.

In fact, every Congress the Government Accountability Office (GAO) issues a “Duplication Report” studying waste and inefficiency in the federal government. Since 2011, GAO has made 362 recommendations of which, 220 (63%) remain open or unresolved by Congress.

But even if Congress fails to act, that still gives the President a lot of room to consolidate operations using his executive authority, such as the budget “rescission” process to implement some of the citizen recommendations.

It cannot be stressed enough what a profound change from the Washington business as usual approach to government that is represented by this Executive Order.

This is an up front, in your face rejection of the “Washington knows best” attitude that has prevailed in the White House beginning with Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1932, growing with President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” in the 1960s and, with a brief hiatus during the Reagan years, has continued ever since, no matter which party held the presidency.

We are going to make following this process, reporting on it and urging citizens to make suggestions a top priority of CHQ. We urge every CHQ reader to follow-up and make suggestions once the process opens.

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Government reorganization

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Trump can accomplish many things but without public knowledge of his efforts, the voters will begin to feel that he let them down. He must get his word out - immediately and aggressively - around the efforts of the MSM to destroy him and his administration.

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