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Two Real Conservatives To Join Trump Administration

As CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie has been telling CHQ readers for many years, “Personnel is policy.”

And in our articles “Pro-Trump Conservatives Being Massacred In The Battle For The Pentagon,” “The Source of Trump’s Troubles: Personnel Is Policy” and “The Battle to Keep the Pentagon in Democrat Hands” we’ve explained how pro-Trump conservatives are being systematically excluded from the Trump administration in White Housefavor of establishment Republicans and yes, even Democrats.

However, there’s been some good news on the personnel front in the form of two real live movement conservatives garnering important appointments in President Trump’s administration.

The first is the announcement of Dr. Mark E. Green of Tennessee to be Secretary of the Army. 

Dr. Green currently serves as Tennessee State Senator for District 22.  He is the Chaplain of the Senate GOP Caucus and was selected as the Tennessee Journal’s Rookie of the year in 2013.

He has also been putting together a campaign for Governor of Tennessee and was widely seen as THE conservative in the race and the leading candidate in the Republican primary.

In 1986, Second Lieutenant Green graduated from West Point with a degree in economics and began his military career as an infantry officer.  Dr. Green served as a rifle platoon leader, scout platoon leader, battalion personnel officer, a supply officer, an airborne rifle company commander in the famed 82nd Airborne Division, and commanded a recruiting company in U.S. Army Recruiting Command. 

As an Army physician, Mark served in the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment where he made three combat tours to the Middle East.  His military awards include the Bronze Star, the Air Medal, the Air Medal with “V” device for valor under heavy enemy fire, and numerous other medals for service.

Dr. Green is the CEO of Align MD, an emergency department staffing company, which provides leadership and staffing to emergency departments and hospitalist services in forty-seven hospitals in nine states. 

Unfortunately for conservatives in Tennessee Dr. Green will now drop his campaign for Governor, but the important and much-neglected position of Secretary of the Army will be filled by a genuine conservative of national stature.

The second appointment of a conservative to an important position in the Trump administration that we wish to highlight is that of Russell Vought of Virginia to be Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget. 

Russ Vought is well known to the CHQ team from his twelve years on Capitol Hill in numerous roles, particularly his tenure with the House Republican Conference when then-Rep. Mike Pence was Chairman. 

Vought served as the Policy Director for the House Republican Conference, under then-Chairman Mike Pence, and as the Executive Director of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), under then-Chairman Jeb Hensarling.  He previously served as the RSC's Budget Director under two other chairmen.  He began his career working for Senator Phil Gramm for four years as a legislative assistant. 

Under Russell Vought’s stewardship the House Republican Conference and the RSC were think tanks for conservative House Republicans; churning out a host of ideas and bills to cut spending, reduce the size and scope of the federal government and clip the wings of the federal bureaucracy.

Since leaving the Hill, Mr. Vought has spent the last seven years as Vice President of Heritage Action for America, one of the conservative movement's most effective grassroots political action organizations.

Vought has been working at OMB since early in the Administration and his fingerprints were all over the recent Discretionary Budget President Trump sent to Congress and that we lauded in our articles “CHQ Receives White House Briefing” and “Trump’s Budget: GOP Congress On The Spot.”

Personnel remains a challenge that is hindering President Trump’s ability to make good on his campaign promises to shrink government and undo the vast damage Obama did to our military culture and readiness, but the appointments of Dr. Mark Green and Russell Vought show that conservatives are at least winning a few skirmishes in the larger war to staff the Trump administration.

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President Trump Appointees

We can rest assured that President Trump will continue to appoint conservatives to strategic positions in his administration. His mission will not be easy but I believe he will succeed in the end. The Democrats have already shown that they are prepared to place stumbling blocks at every turn but that only points out their desperation at losing the election. If they continue with their present deplorable behavior, they may never win another election, which would be fine by me. I find it interesting to watch this new political picture show with a president who knows how to lead. The Democrats whine and complain at every move he makes and the mainstream media haven't a clue how to rescue them. The American people have put a stop to their run-away gravy train and the wheels are soon to fall off the rails! Can hardly wait for the conclusion!!