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A Scandal So Great It Has No Name

Former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova gave our friend Ginni Thomas a must-read interview for her video column posted over the weekend on The Daily Caller.

The prosecutor turned commentator said we have extraordinary evidence of Obama’s politicization of government intelligence that is supposed to be singularly focused on keeping Americans safe.

Joe DiGenovaThe newest revelations of just how extensive Obama’s politicization and weaponization of America’s intelligence leaves diGenova startled. Democrats and some in the press and intelligence community have tried political machinations about phony Russian entanglements by Trump, and diGenova says this is a “political fight to destabilize the Trump presidency to bring his negatives up and try to delegitimize him.”

Pointing to investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson’s timeline diGenova says these victims of unlawful government intrusions were guilty of nothing except opposing  Obama’s agenda.

The intentional targeting of Obama’s political opponents – even members of Congress, reporters, business people, citizens is becoming more obvious.

The former federal prosecutor told Mrs. Thomas that the unmasking by Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, John Brennan and Obama and leaking of this private and intrusive information should be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted.

In the interview diGenova called for a federal grand jury to reveal the truth, the leakers and the abuse of power. Otherwise, he says, America is careening towards the KGB and Russian intelligence model where opponents of the state found themselves monitored because of their political views.

This last point is particularly important as one of the principle actors in what is easily one of the greatest government scandals in US history continues to try to spin her way out of her role in this vast Obama-era violation of the Constitution.

Earlier this month, President Trump said Rice may have committed a crime by trying to learn the identities of Americans associated with the president caught up in intercepted communications related to Russia.

The pattern of Rice's requests was discovered in a National Security Council review of the government's policy on unmasking the identities of "individuals in the U.S. who are not targets of electronic eavesdropping, but whose communications are collected incidentally," according to Bloomberg’s Eli Lake.

That prompted some Republicans to call for an investigation of Obama’s former National Security Advisor Susan Rice for "abuse of power."

Sunday, one of the central figures in this scandal, Rice, appeared on CNN's "Fareed Zakaria GPS."

In Rice’s interview with acknowledged plagiarist Zakaria, Rice said Trump's accusation that the investigation, monitoring and unmasking of innocent Americans is "absolutely false" and that members of Congress have not found anything inappropriate in the situation.

Rice denied President Donald Trump's claim that she “unmasked” Americans in a plot to destroy the reputations of Trump campaign officials, adding that she never did anything "untoward with respect to the intelligence" she received.

Rice went on to claim – somewhat prematurely – that a Congressional investigation that is just now getting started has found nothing wrong with her conduct.

The Left has been on a well-coordinated campaign to bolster Rice’s credibility, with her former deputy Ben Rhodes calling charges by Republicans that she spied on Donald Trump and his staff "a wild goose chase," for which they should apologize.

To diGenova this is symptomatic of why a grand jury for the case is so desperately needed; outlets like CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN were “so drunk with adulation that they abdicated their responsibilities” to seek the truth about what was going on in the Obama-era misuse of national security investigatory power and tools.

The press missed Obama’s lack of transparency and lies. He thinks the public took note, starting to rally to those the media clearly despised. To diGenova, the mainstream press became “bootlicks,” and are unworthy of the time-honored First Amendment.

To us diGenova’s must-watch interview with Ginni Thomas give all the justification necessary for the Justice Department to move forward with an investigation of Susan Rice and her operation at the White House. We urge Attorney General Jeff Sessions to keep the investigation moving forward and, when it has matured, to convene a grand jury as Joe diGenova suggests.

Click here to watch Ginni Thomas’ interview with former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova in its entirely.

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The Media

Sadly, the Media abdicated their responsibility of reporting honest and unbiased news decades ago. It was something that most Americans did not recognize because it was presented slowly and we were busy working and raising families and we trusted the Media to tell the truth. If not for the Internet, they would have continued to regurgitate the Progressive lies of the Obama Administration to the masses, without discovery, and we would not have known that they had simply become a useful adjunct to the liberal Democrat Party.
Now the question is, "How do we fix a problem like this?" There have always been skeptics who felt something wasn't quite right in the news reporting business, but how do you reverse the brainwashing that was so covertly fed to millions of the less-informed over a period of 50 years or more? I don't know. In my view, it is going to take many years and hard work, if ever, to reverse the damage the Media has knowingly and willing advocated, to the detriment of all of us. It is one of the reasons there is so much chaos going on across the Country right now and everything seems to be upside down! I can't remember who said, "Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you read in the newspaper" but, at this point, I don't believe either.

No Name Scandal

Crime does pay ... it pays extremely well ... If you are part of the Establishment's cabal.
Obama's world listening and recording to find something to sink President Trump ... and they find nothing other than the administration recorded illegally.
Could not find e-mails ... disk cleaned and purged... then crashed ... Wow Anthony Weiner had Huma's laptop with all of it, oops what happened to laptop story.
Foreign government and bankers donates "quid pro quo" $$millions to Clinton charity and investigation goes where?
Libya ... arms shipped from Benghazi ... Steven's ... yep
Commey layout Hillary "go to Jail" case then says nothing there
Afghanistan war and drug supplies are still doing fine.

Pray for President Trump and our new administration.

Watch your language!

Why do you insist on referring to the left-wing media as "the mainstream press" when they are anything but mainstream? Don't tell me that ConservativeHQ has bought into the false idea that Marxism-Leninism is now "mainstream." As evidenced by the last election, it is NOT. Words have meaning, and when we describe the leftist news media as "mainstream," we are simply repeating the Left's propaganda.

Mainstream Press

We agree wholeheartedly with the reader's comment, however in this case we were quoting the article about Mr. diGenova - our preferred CHQ language to describe most of today's media is the Leftwing establishment media or the establishment media.