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Trump Strikes A Blow For The Rule Of Law

In the matter of President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey Democrats have reversed course so fast that, as my high school football coach used to say, “their brains have not caught up with their butts.”

It wasn’t that long ago that Democrats were howling for Comey’s head, and as documented in Shattered, the excellent book about Hillary Clinton’s doomed presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton herself blamed Comey for Trump fires Comeyher election defeat.

However, now that he’s been fired Comey is a Democratic hero akin to the victims of Richard Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre” which led to the resignations of then-Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus during the Watergate scandal.

But let’s be clear – the firing of James Comey is a blow for the rule of law and the exact opposite of Nixon’s attempt to stifle the Watergate investigation.

In the “Saturday Night Massacre” Nixon was attempting to stymie the investigation of the Watergate break-in and cover-up by forcing Richardson or Ruckelshaus to fire Special Counsel Archibald Cox.

Quite the opposite happened yesterday, when it was Comey who was fired for stymieing the investigations of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin by releasing and commenting on the details of the FBI investigation of their email practices, and then unilaterally clearing them, even though their conduct on its face showed a violation of a number of statutes.

(See the article and video of Senator Ted Cruz questioning Comey through this link.)

While Democrats and their allies in the media struggle to make the Watergate connection Americans should give the memo justifying Comey’s termination a close read.

In the memo, which you can read in PDF format through this link, highly respected career Department of Justice deputy attorney general Rod J. Rosenstein outlined how James Comey had repeatedly violated Department protocol in his handling of the Clinton investigation.

The Rosenstein memo says in summary:

  • * Comey had been wrong to "usurp" the previous attorney general in July 2016 when he announced the Clinton emails inquiry should be closed without prosecution.
  • * That he had compounded his error by "gratuitously" releasing "derogatory information" about Hillary Clinton.

It is important to keep those two points in the context of our article “A Scandal So Great It Has No Name” in which we cover an interview with former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova.

The focus of our coverage was diGenova’s concern about the FBI’s failure – or refusal – to investigate the Obama-era unmasking of intelligence information on Americans in an effort to destroy their reputations for political purposes.

But diGenova had a lot more to say in the original interview, especially about James Comey, in which he referred to Comey as among the most “dangerous” of the Obama-era holdovers.

Joe diGenova later elaborated on this point in an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson wherein he reiterated that he saw James Comey as "a danger to the country."

diGenova, who served under President Reagan, said Comey's narcissism led him to take unnecessary and troubling steps during the Hillary Clinton email probe.

diGenova said Comey thinks he "is the last righteous man left standing."

"He surrounds himself with his own cult of personality," diGenova said.

In this diGenova was certainly correct, during the Obama era the rule of law, and the FBI in particular, became so completely corrupted by his arrogance that Comey could simply take it upon himself to decide who was going to have their reputation destroyed or who was going to be let off for clear felony-level violations of the law.

The firing of James Comey is a much-needed corrective to the Obama – Comey cult of government by personal whim and an important step toward the reestablishment of the rule of law; it should be applauded by all Americans.

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Good for Trump! Bravo!

Millions applaud what Trump did. Way overdue. He was gracious to Comey till Comey made a total fool of himself at his early in week testimony. Let's move on fast. Let's get illegals (criminals) out of the USA. That has gone on way too long. We are waaaaay over redline on illegal criminals running loose in the USA. Thank Obama. What a guy!

Now time to get Obama and Hillary

Now that Comey is gone how about going after Obama AND Hillary. These 2 are part of the swamp.


The fact that Trump delayed this action for as long as he did was amazing. Comey should have been gone a year ago but Obaba didn't dare. It is rewarding to see all of the left overs of the Obaba regime are getting what they deserve. Good bye and good riddance.

Trump delaying firing Comey, Obama didn't dare !!

This is really a good comment...President Trump did give Comey the benefit of doubt earlier of being fired. Then Comey continued with his arrogant attitude in recent testimony to Senate hearing...the firing was a good move towards "clearing the swamp". The Liberal Democrats seem to be a bunch of "complete idiots", not helping re-build their party, just jumping on OUR/THEIR new president, not accepting the real truth about down further goes the Dem Party.
*As for Obama firing Comey, why should he fire his FBI assistant. Comey was deep in the Obama regime, taking care of Hillary so she wouldn't be arrested, so sure he was right, taking care of Obama. Comey is a traitor to this country, as well as Hillary, Obama, Holder, Lynch, many of the FBI, IRS, Homeland Security, NSA and so many more of the offices in our USA full of Obama's support, George Sorros should be arrested, either deported or in prison for what he has done, still doing AGAINST freedom and AGAINST our President. He has openly stated that he HATES the USA and everyone in it, except the Liberal Democrats...*And the Liberal Democrats are fighting President Trump every step, even though he has accomplished "Miracles" in changes, firing incompetents, and the many, many EPA laws, so much of Obama's "junk" towards Americans... We had EIGHT years of his "junk" and we applaud President Trump. WE/ALL Americans should support Trump...