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Take Us Out Mr. President

Last night President Trump tweeted that today at 3:30 p.m. he will announce his decision on whether the United States will withdraw from the Paris global warming treaty.

We urge the President to fulfill his campaign promise to take us out of this unconstitutional job-killing remnant of Obama’s plan to fundamentally change America.

Obam Paris climateAs our friend Andrew C. McCarthy, a policy fellow at the National Review Institute, wrote back in 2015, the Constitution mandates that no international agreement can be binding unless it achieves either of two forms of congressional endorsement: a) super-majority approval by two-thirds of the Senate (i.e., 67 aye votes), or b) enactment through the normal legislative process, meaning passage by both chambers under their burdensome rules, then signature by the president.

Obama, recognizing that the Senate would never ratify or both chambers of Congress ever pass such a disadvantageous agreement, never submitted the Paris agreement to the Senate for ratification or to Congress as legislation, disingenuously claiming instead that the Paris Accord was an “executive agreement.”

That claim is now coming back to haunt global warming scaremongers as it looks more and more like President Trump will, thorough executive action, withdraw the U.S. from this unconstitutional abomination.

As the President’s decision looms, it is worth examining why candidate Donald Trump made the promise to take us out the agreement.

One reason that the pro-Paris camp never wants to talk about is that, as CEI’s Christopher C. Horner noted in an analysis piece for The Washington Times, the agreement promised much more than the Obama climate rules that Mr. Trump has already rescinded. Its signature, cynical hook was also a promise to make such American laws ever more stringent, every five years, in perpetuity.

And the economic costs of the Paris agreement are staggering.

According to Reagan McCarthy’s analysis of a study conducted by the National Economic Research Associates Economic Consulting, the deal would cut 6.5 million in industrial sector jobs, eliminate $3 trillion in potential GDP and eradicate $7,000 in household income, per capita, all by 2040.

The rest of the United Nations would continue to expand their economic output while that of the United States decreased dramatically. The Heritage Foundation reports that by 2035, the loss in gross domestic product would be as high as 2.5 trillion. The American worker does not benefit from increased electricity costs, job losses, lost income or decreasing GDP. The agreement also does not make America energy independent, but rather puts the country at the will of United Nations bureaucrats concluded Ms. McCarthy.

What’s more, as Breitbart’s John Carney noted, the U.S. would have to make major investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and cleaner motor vehicles. This likely explains why the Paris climate deal was so popular with many in Silicon Valley and many on Wall Street.

The Paris agreement promised a bonanza of spending and investment for Obama cronies, most likely subsidized by taxpayers, in technologies that wouldn’t otherwise be attractive. It was practically calling out for making self-driving, solar powered cars mandatory.

This is no doubt why Big Business, especially in the tech sector, strongly back the Paris climate deal.

In fact, noted Carney, the backers of the climate deal reads like a “who’s who” of big American businesses: Apple, General Electric, Intel, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, General Mills, Walmart, DuPont, Unilever, and Johnson & Johnson.

These business giants can more easily cope with costly regulations than their smaller competitors and many would, in fact, find business opportunities from the changes required. But smaller businesses and traditional start-ups would likely be hurt by the increased costs of compliance and rising energy costs.

Thus, after President Barack Obama unofficially committed the U.S. to the Paris agreement, businesses began preparing for its impact. Knowing that it would diminish U.S. economic output, businesses invested less and directed more investment toward less-productive technology to meet the climate deal’s mandates. Banks and financiers withdrew capital from sectors expected to suffer under the climate deal and pushed it toward those expected to benefit. A classic example of regulation-driven malinvestment concluded Carney.

And who would be hurt by this “malinvestment?”

The very voters who put Donald Trump in the White House.

The industrial carnage would have been concentrated on four states, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, according to a Chamber of Commerce study. Michigan’s GDP would shrink by 0.8 percent and employment would contract by 74,000 jobs. Missouri’s GDP would shrink by 1 percent. Ohio’s GDP would contract 1.2 percent. Pennsylvania’s GDP would decline by 1.8 percent and the state would lose 140,000 jobs.

A Heritage Foundation study analyzed by John Carney, found that the Paris agreement would increase the electricity costs of an American family of four by between 13 percent and 20 percent annually. It forecast a loss of income of $20,000 of lost income by 2035. In other words, American families would be paying more while making less.

The overall effect of the agreement would reduce U.S. GDP by over $2.5 trillion and eliminate 400,000 jobs by 2035, according to Heritage’s study says Carney. This would exacerbate problems with government funding and deficits, make Social Security solvency more challenging, and increase reliance on government’s spending to support households.

During the campaign candidate Donald Trump promised to make America great again and to make Americans rich again, the best way for him to begin to fulfill those promises would be to take America out of Obama’s unconstitutional, job-killing, wealth redistributing Paris climate deal.

We urge CHQ readers to use this link to contact the White House. Tell President Trump it is time to fulfill his campaign promise to protect American workers by taking us out of Obama’s unconstitutional Paris climate deal.

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