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The Left finally pops; Rep. Steve Scalise shot, several wounded in baseball practice shooting

With their Democrat colleagues on a field a few miles away, Republican congressmen gathered early on Wednesday morning in Alexandria, Virginia to practice for Thursday night’s annual charity congressional baseball game.

Little could they have known they’d soon be dodging bullets fired by a berserk Bernie Sanders supporter from Illinois who’d only moments before had asked for and received confirmation that there were Republicans on the Alexandria shootingfield.

Melissa Quinn of the Washington Examiner reported, “Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., was shot by a man with a rifle at a Republican baseball practice in Virginia, according to lawmakers and multiple reports Wednesday morning.

“Scalise was shot in the hip when the gunman fired as many as 50 rounds at Republicans as they held an early morning practice in Alexandria, Virginia. Scalise's injury was not fatal…

“The suspect is reportedly James T. Hodgkinson, a 66-year-old man from Belleville, Ill. Law enforcement officers have refused to confirm the shooter's identity. President Trump said the suspect died from wounds suffered in a shootout with police.”

Fortunately two members of Scalise’s Capitol Police security detail heroically took out the maniac after a several minute-long battle.

Information on Hodgkinson continues to trickle out; he was apparently a campaign volunteer for socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders during last year’s campaign. Hodgkinson’s Facebook page contains numerous photos detailing the 66 year-old’s leftist views.

This was no accident and no isolated attack. It was a terrorist act of political war.

The news media is depicting this tragedy as one slightly off-kilter man snapping and trying to take out a bunch of Republicans on a suicide mission. But if you listen to the Democrats on a daily basis this is hardly surprising. Democrats consistently label President Trump and Republicans as enemies and advocate overthrowing them by practically any means necessary.

It should be noted Sen. Sanders condemned the attack afterwards, but unless the Democrat leadership speaks out against the increasingly aggressive tactics of the left – including the violence by leftist mobs and campus protesters -- Americans can expect more of this type of reaction from the fringe left.

It should also be noted that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe used the occasion to blame “gun violence” and said he advocates for more gun control on a daily basis.

Let the debate begin. The liberal media will spin this as an isolated incident – and likely blame the gun instead of the mindset behind the man pulling the trigger. But this is nothing more than TERRORISM; a political assassination attempt. Political correctness must be stopped NOW.

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