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Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager Film to Expose Silliness of Safe Spaces and Snowflakes

Adam Carolla, host of the number one podcast in the world, The Adam Carolla Show, and radio talk show host Dennis Prager, have teamed up to create a feature-length film, “No Safe Spaces.”

The film will find the two examining the effects of political correctness on college campuses and how the phenomenon will affect America's future as restrictions on free speech move beyond the campus to American Dennis Miller on Safe Spacessociety.

An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise one million dollars over the next few weeks to complete production funding.

“This is a story that must be told because the future of our country literally depends on what happens on these campuses,” said Dennis Prager. “If these students don’t understand the very concept of free speech, our whole nation is in trouble.”

The film takes Prager and Carolla to college campuses across the country, interviewing students and professors, comedians and commentators on the left and right, and those who have been impacted by the silencing of different voices on campus, analyzing the value of so-called safe-spaces.

Viewers will also be taken back into time to Prager and Carolla’s youth with dramatic and comedic recreations of life-shaping moments in their lives including Prager’s visit to the totalitarian Soviet state and Carolla’s experience growing up in a single parent household. The duo first made news last year when their attempt to speak at California State University Northridge was canceled days before the planned event by administrators.

The University later relented under pressure from the duo’s legal team and they were allowed to make their speeches which were taped for the film. The event was made into an album, which went on to become the #1 bestselling comedy album on iTunes.

Prager and Carolla make for an unexpected duo in this road-trip, buddy film. Dennis is an Ivy League educated religious scholar. Carolla is an atheist who never went to college. Despite having very different backgrounds, Prager and Carolla share a deep concern with the direction of our country and believe what’s happening on college campuses today is the bleeding edge of our cultural decline.

The film will be produced by Mark Joseph, whose most recent projects include Martin Sheen's The Vessel with Martin Sheen and Jerry Lewis's Max Rose and directed by Justin Folk for Madison McQueen and MJM Entertainment Group in association with Dangerous Documentaries.

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