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Looking for a Primary Opponent for Pledge Breaker Rep. Markwayne Mullin

When Rep. Markwayne Mullin (OK-2) first ran for Congress in 2012 he ran as a Tea Party limited government constitutional conservative promising to limit himself to three terms in the House.

Since he got to Washington Mullin has broken virtually every campaign promise or pledge that he made in Markwayne Mullin2012, now including his term limits pledge.

Were Mullin a star legislator or subject matter expert who could say help us win the war with Islamism or provide special expertise to help President Trump advance is economic development agenda we might be urging him to stay, but he is a singularly undistinguished legislator.

In fact  back in 2014 when the House Republican leadership rammed through the hated “CRomnibus” that funded Obama’s agenda for the last two years of his presidency – including the amnesty for illegal aliens and a host of other anti-conservative policies – we had this to say about Mullin in our article, “Dupe, Dope or Liar? Oklahoma GOP Rep. Markwayne Mullin Explains CRomnibus Support:”

GOP Rep. Markwayne Mullin represents a conservative district in a conservative state, but that didn’t stop him from selling-out his constituents and voting for the hated “CRomnibus” spending bill.

Of course, Mullin’s support for the bill probably had nothing to do with his recent appointment by Speaker Boehner to a seat the coveted House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Those thirty pieces of silver aside, what is really most interesting about Markwayne’s support for the CRomnibus has been the contortions, most normal Americans refer to it as lying, in which he has been engaged since casting his vote.

Mullin was particularly emphatic that the bill does not do what its plain language says it does – fund President Obama’s unconstitutional attempt to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

Mullin then went on to explain that, and we’re not kidding on this, his vote didn’t fund Obama’s illegal executive amnesty because there’s no cost to not deporting an illegal alien: “One of the major provisions that he said was that he's not going to deport. Well, not deporting someone -- there's no cost for that. There's a cost when you ship them out, back to their country."

Apparently, Congressman Mullin and his crack team of future Chamber of Commerce lobbyists missed pages 128 and 129 and page 909 of the Rules Committee version of the bill.

As anyone who read the bill would know, on pages 128 and 129 (Rules Committee version) the bill provides the Department of Justice (DOJ) funds for the “Administrative review and appeals (including transfer of funds) “For expenses necessary for the administration of pardon and clemency petitions and immigration-related activities, $351,072,000, of which $4,000,000 shall be derived by transfer from the Executive Office for Immigration Review fees deposited in the ‘Immigration Examinations Fee’ account.”

This directly provided $4 million to immediately process the paperwork necessary to implement amnesty for illegal aliens – and since it appropriated fees it also proved that House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers was just plain lying when he said that the House couldn’t do anything to stop amnesty since the money came from fee-based accounts.

Not only that, but on page 909 the bill granted millions of dollars to the Obama administration to educate and process the amnesty applications of the thousands of “UACs” or unaccompanied minor children that flooded into the U.S. when Obama’s amnesty plan became common knowledge on the streets of Central America.

This shameful betrayal America’s workers and their families came in the language on page 909 “regarding UACs: English Language Acquisition” where the bill appropriates three quarters of a billion dollars to educate illegal alien children and youth and gave $14 million in special grants to states with at least one county that received 50 or more unaccompanied minors from the tsunami of amnesty seekers that washed up on our southern border in 2014.

So, yes Markwayne, there is a cost if you don’t deport illegal aliens, especially if they are children.

After reading Rep. Markwayne Mullin’s lies about the CRomnibus you should also ask yourself if Obama and his establishment Republican allies like Mullin are spending that kind of money educating illegal aliens, will those illegal aliens ever be sent back to their home countries, or will they stay here to use their federally funded education to compete with you and your kids for jobs?

We urge our conservative friends in Oklahoma Congressional District 2 to go back and read over what Mullin said about why he voted to fund Obama’s illegal executive amnesty and then ask themselves if this is the kind of dupe. dope and liar they want to represent them in Congress.

We hope they will agree that Markwayne Mullin has already worn out his welcome and that they will join us in searching for a real conservative to replace Mullin in the upcoming Republican primary election.

We also urge our friends in Oklahoma to go to our article “Will You Fire The First Shot In The Battle To Govern America According To Conservative Principles?” to copy the letter to the editor and send it to newspapers in Rep. Markwayne Mullin’s district.

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