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McConnell Refuses To Work With Conservatives On Obamacare Replacement

Republicans have campaigned for years on repealing and replacing ObamaCare, arguing the Affordable Care Act is “failing” and in a “death spiral,” and insisting that the law is not fixable.

Indeed, last year they sent a repeal and replace bill to Obama’s desk, which he, of course, vetoed.

Mitch McConnellHowever, now that Republicans control the executive and legislative branches of government and should be able to pass or amend any law with little difficulty they have placed themselves in a bizarre situation in which they are negotiating with themselves over how to save the law they promised to repeal.

This shouldn’t be that hard if the Republican leadership of the House and Senate were committed to governing America according to conservative principles, but the only principles Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan adhere to is their own power.

Thus, rather than engage in a regular order committee process through which input from all the Republican members might be obtained and amendments voted up or down they have engaged in a closed-door process by which they and their nameless and faceless staff control the entire process.

Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kansas)—a “no” vote that took many in Washington by surprise—distanced himself the closed-door process used to draft the Senate bill.

“It takes two parties who want to come together. Not just Republicans. Not just Democrats,” he said during a polite, but pointed, meeting with constituents in rural Kansas.

However, principled limited government constitutional conservative Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee (Utah) may have found a cure for the GOP’s legislative dysfunction on Obamacare.

Their Consumer Freedom Option could unite the Senate’s fractious GOP majority behind Obamacare repeal and replacement said our friend Deroy Murdock in a recent column for National Review.

“The Consumer Freedom Option simply says that if an insurance company sells in a given state a plan that is consistent with the Title I mandates,” Murdock reports that Cruz told Texas radio host Mark Davis, “that company can also sell any other insurance plan consumers desire.

“What this will allow is, okay, fine. You want to keep your mandates? Knock yourself out with your mandates,” Cruz continued according to Murdock’s reporting. “But, in addition to mandates, let’s let Texans buy the plans they want. Let’s let Texans buy the benefits they want, and let’s let them get lower prices, so that more families who are struggling can actually afford health insurance.”

“We’ve got to do something to reinject free-market forces into this environment,” Lee said Sunday on CBS’s Face the Nation. “If we can bring free-market forces to bear, we can bring down costs for middle Americans.”

Conservatives generally applauded the idea of presenting consumers with a private option.

“After almost a decade of promising to repeal Obamacare, it’s time for Republican senators to put their money where their mouths are and get it done,” said Club for Growth president David McIntosh. “At a bare minimum, Congress should not stand in the way of allowing Americans who want to opt out of Obamacare to do so. And that’s why it’s so important that the new Senate Obamacare-repeal bill include the Lee-Cruz Consumer Freedom Option, which would allow individuals to opt out of Obamacare’s costly regulations.”

Unfortunately for American consumers, and the political prospects of the Republican Party, the Cruz – Lee Consumer Freedom Option is facing a NIH problem – that’s not the National Institutes of Health, it’s “Not Invented Here” from McConnell’s office.

McConnell on Thursday said during an event in Kentucky that if GOP senators fail to reach an agreement on a bill that can get 50 votes in the chamber, they would have to work with the other party on a way to stabilize the Obamacare insurance markets.

But how would McConnell know whether the Consumer Freedom Option can get 50 votes since it has never been presented to the Senate?

It’s pretty clear that the problem in the Senate Republican Conference is Mitch McConnell’s unwillingness to actually pursue conservative policy solutions to the health insurance cost and availability crisis brought on by Obamacare’s impossible mandates.

We urge CHQ readers to call Senator McConnell’s office (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) to tell him you want a vote on the Consumer Freedom Option. Tell him it’s time for Senate Republicans to let the American people know whether they stand with consumers who want choice and freedom or with the Democrats and their abusive and intrusive Obamacare healthcare mandates.

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Are many of the So called REPUBLICAN LEADERS in office

I am a conservative born Republican. I have watched and voted conservatively all my life. But unfortunately over the year's I have noticed a disturbing trend. After one of our greatest Presidents , Ronald Ragen, left office and the shameful individuals who followed him office, the republicans have promised change. Each time when they were in power, instead of making changes that would benefit the American people, they ran in fear of the liberals and made a fuss about making changes but instead lied and would not follow through with any campaign promise.They spent all their time fussing with each other and looking to do what they needed to make sure they got re=elected.Still making noises about be conservative Republicans--when in fact they are really behind our backs DEMOCRATS. They have the power to make real change and get us back to where as a nation we once were. But they want. If they do they will get bad publicity and one type of premeditated scandal after another. The librals will get one lier after another to try and bring them down. It is happening everyday. now. the sad thing is they want stick together and show how 99% of it all is fabricated to create fear on the Republican side of the isle..They live now in fear of the liberals. also I think many of them want to be a part of the Democratic socialism that is being pushed by them. We were a goverment for the people by the people. Not anymore. We have allowed men to make a living out of being in Washinton. Many have spent many years their so now they believe it is now the people are there for the goverment instead the goverment is for the people. President Trump wants to turn the goverment back to the people . But the very people who we elected to help him do so are arguing and fussing and helping the democrates continue to rule. They did the same thing the last time they had a majority. They had a major bill in congress, they had the majority, but the mojority leader voted the bill down. It was what the most Americans wanted to pass. But the majority leader at the time said that we the people didn't know what we wanted. The Democrates have been in control of making laws ever since. they pass bills without even knowing what they are. Why-------because it gives them more power and the American people less.

McConnell Refusal to work with Conservatives

Senator Mitch McConnell has failed his constituents who sent him to Washington D.C. and has failed on his promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.
Conservatives must work to replace Senator McConnell with a Republican Conservative as Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Tim Scott, Senator Rand Paul, and
Senator Mike Lee who will get things done like it suppose to and deliver to the American people including repealing and replacing Obamacare to cut cost
in premiums and high taxes on small businesses. Congress will never get anything done under the Democrats nor Establishment Republicans. Senator Mitch McConnell must be replace as the Republican Senate Majority leader.

Obamacare repeal

At least Sen. Cruz is close, people want to buy the health insurance they believe they need, NOT what Congress thinks they need. The ONLY way health insurance is REAL insurance is when the condition of the applicant and the treatments covered is considered when establishing price of the policy. To mandate everyone be covered at the same premium price is nothing but a Ponzi scheme. Insurance companies would be happy to offer a variety of health plans from catastrophic coverage to all-inclusive, people can choose the type of care they want, at a price they can afford.
Government healthcare has no place in America other than care of the indigent. As healthcare depends on the participation of skilled professionals, it is not and cannot be a right (unless you believe health care professionals should be slaves). When you turn control of your very life over to the government you WILL get death panels- it is inevitable when need is pitted against cost. Personally, I would prefer to make my own healthcare choices, I do not trust the likes of Congress to make those decisions for me.

Healthcare battle

The conservatives, in this case, have no moral concern for the least among us and continue to hold out for enriching the wealthy among us to the detriment and on the backs of the poorest among us.


With the Republicans having control, a lot could be accomplished. What is the problem with our Congress? Congress needs to do the work the people want and Congress can always amend any problems later. No RECESS for Congress (this is not the 1700-1800's) and air travel is fast. We can always replace the rino conservatives. Everyone agrees the Obamacare must go, repeal the whole thing and start over with what works.