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Aja Smith Takes On Child Predator Loving Democrat Congressman Takano

Sgt. Aja Smith, the Republican candidate for Congress in California’s District 41 has the guts and values to do something few Republicans seem to want to do these days – go straight at her incumbent Democratic opponent on a values issue.

(You can support her campaign by visiting her donation page through this link.)

Aja SmithIn a recent release Smith demanded that her Democrat opponent, Congressman Mark Takano, explain why he was the only representative from the Inland empire who opposed HR 1761, a bill to increase the sentencing for sexual predators who create child pornography and those caught “sexting” with a minor.

“He owes the parents and residents of this district an explanation why he would not support a bipartisan bill to protect our children from predators seeking to harm them,” said Smith, an Air Force veteran. “The Inland Empire is home to many young families. If Congressman Takano wants to defend perverts like Anthony Weiner, then he is obviously not fit to represent us…”

Sgt. Smith is obviously right about this, but few other Republican candidates seem willing to go after their Democratic opponents and to expose the effects of their votes in Washington to their constituents back home and, more importantly, to call a pervert a pervert when they see one.

It is also worth noting that Rep. Mark Takano is up to his eyeballs in the Awan scandal. He employed two of the Awan brothers, who accessed the House of Representatives computer network without authorization and who are suspected of passing classified information to Pakistani intelligence, Hamas and other anti-American interests, as well as bank fraud and other financial crimes.

Sgt. Aja Smith grew up in Moreno Valley, California raised by her mother and grandmother. She served in the Air Force Reserve and was deployed to Al Udeid Air Base during Operation Enduring Freedom.

Smith is a candidate worth watching in this volatile election year when the Awan scandal, the anti-incumbent furor and “drain the swamp” wave sweeping America outside-the-Beltway, puts many Democrat seats in the House up for grabs.

We urge CHQ readers to visit to learn more about this remarkable young woman and to support her campaign by visiting her donation page through this link.

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