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Conservatives Launching GOP Primary Challenges

It’s the Primaries stupid!

That “slap up the side of the head” was one of the central themes of CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie’s book TAKEOVER, and it appears the message is starting to get through in congressional districts around the country as principled limited government constitutional conservatives are contemplating primary challenges to Shak Hillestablishment incumbents.

In Northern Virginia, Air Force Academy grad and decorated combat pilot Shak Hill has teed-up a race against incumbent Republican Representative Barbara Comstock (VA-10). Comstock, who voted against the Hartzler amendment to prohibit your national defense tax dollars going to sex reassignment surgery and called for an independent investigation of the specious charges against President Trump of colluding with the Russians is one of the GOP’s most liberal House members.

Hill is a standout community leader and strong pro-lifer who has lived his values by, with his wife Robin, fostering 46 children.

Hill’s campaign is starting to look real with a website, YouTube announcement and a well-trafficked Facebook page up and already spreading his message.

In Alabama Congressional District 2, Martha “Show Vote” Roby is being challenged by principled limited government constitutional conservative State Representative Barry Moore of House District 91.

As we have often noted, Roby’s record is built almost entirely on “show votes” that make her look like she is doing something about illegal immigration, Obamacare and other issues of concern to conservative voters, but when the real vote that counts happens, such as on the Omnibus spending bill that funded Obamacare and Obama’s illegal amnesty program, she votes wrong.

In an exclusive interview with Representative Moore spoke about his record as a staunch conservative in the Alabama House, commenting:

I think because my track record shows that I’m one of the most conservative legislators in the state of Alabama, and because I was one of the first people in the state to support President Trump, it gives me a platform of proven, conservative leadership. Also, because Congresswoman Roby, whom I sincerely like, wasn’t inclined to support the President in his election, the people in our district seemed especially motivated to approach me about this after he won the Presidency last November. Again, at the end of the day, I believe this is what I’m supposed to be obedient to God—to make myself available to serve, should the people of my district entrust me with this office.

When asked what issues he deemed most important to address in the U.S. Congress, Moore listed several, including fully repealing ObamaCare and continuing to reform the tax code.

“The President is taking very meaningful steps to make our taxes more tolerable, he said. However, I think our overall tax system penalizes those who take risks, make investments, and create jobs. If America continues to penalize success and reward failure, it will only perpetuate more failure. That’s something, I’d like to change,” Moore concluded.

Yellowhammer also asked Rep. Moore if he’d join the House Freedom Caucus if elected to the Congress, and he said he would, but also said because he was an early ally of President Trump’s, it gives him credibility and a voice to address important issues Alabamians face, like continued healthcare reforms.

“As I’ve said before,” said state Rep. Moore, “the President can throw the ball down field, but he can’t catch it too and if the voters send me to Washington, I’m someone the President can trust to truly advance his agenda in Congress, because I was with him from the very early days of his campaign.”

Representative Moore’s Congressional campaign is well underway and you can learn more at his website, and his well trafficked Facebook page.

In remarks that could have been tailored for today’s political environment on Capitol Hill the late First Lady of the Conservative Movement Phyllis Schlafly said:

At this pivotal moment in U.S. history, when our leaders ought to be standing stronger and fighting harder than ever for us - they've chosen to wave a white flag in the face of government overreach and overspending. The only thing that gets their attention is a primary! Every one of them is guilty until proven innocent! Primary Them!

Shak Hill in VA-10 and State Representative Barry Moore in AL-2 are getting the attention of conservative handicappers in their campaigns against establishment congressional incumbents and we look forward to more principled limited government constitutional conservative candidates taking the fight to other “white flag” incumbents in other House districts.

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