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FedUp PAC Poll: Conservatives Say Media Trying to Destroy Trump, Nation May Be Heading to Civil War

Conservatives believe that the media’s unrelenting and unfair attacks on President Trump and other conservatives “are pushing America to a civil war” according to a poll by FedUp PAC.

That was the conclusion reached by 83% of those responding to the poll after a week of anti-Trump propaganda following the clash in Charlottesville between two groups of violent protesters.

Trump tweetNinety-nine per cent of self-identified conservatives say that “the national media is trying to destroy the Trump presidency”.  That perception comes from watching the media call the president unfit, question his sanity, mock his comments, give featured coverage to one unproven “scandal” after another, and demonize not only Trump but also the conservatives working to enact his legislative agenda.

Regarding Charlottesville, 96% of self-identified conservatives say that the media has failed to report fairly on what occurred there.  The same percentage agreed with Rush Limbaugh’s comment on the stupidity of CNN’s Wolf Blitzer suggesting that the Barcelona terrorist was inspired by what happened in Charlottesville rather than by the many similar terrorist attacks in Europe carried out by Islamist radicals.

Trump’s defeat of media favorite Hillary Clinton in 2016 highlighted the gap between populists and the left-wing elite within the United States.  The constant attacks on Trump since then seem sure to make that division wider and more dangerous.

FedUp PAC is a grass roots organization that wants constitutional conservatives to take over the GOP because Americans are fed up with the Republican establishment.  It is not affiliated with any candidate or committee.

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Observation on impending civil war

The truth I am seeing is the writing on the wall and it does not look good for the America we grew up in. It looks a lot worse for these ANTIFA idiots that never joined Boy Scouts, went camping, or learned how to survive anything more trying than the batteries in their game controllers dying. I foresee the spark that lights this fire being the impending impeachment of President Trump. It's coming. Not sure if it's even preventable at this point. The (so called) Republicans have abandoned and continue to defect from the camp of our elected leader for fear of being shamed, blamed, or named a racist. At the moment he is ejected from office, I believe that it will constitute an act of taxation without representation for all of us who voted for, believe in, and support President Trump. A friend recently commented wishing for restoration of law & order...I think that will come only after the right, having witnessing the paid for chaos and planned sedition by the liberal left, becomes fully awake and aware that their stake in the American dream and liberty in general has been hijacked. The terrorists we have fought to keep outside our borders were less a clear and present danger than home grown sort manufactured by liberal media, passive parenting, and liberal arts brainwashing from grade school through college. Patriots of all races, faiths, and financial walks of life will find their will to fight back in true Tea Party fashion - but this time in more than a name attached to a failed party movement. Some will react violently and those that do will have the backing of others like them. Others will withhold payment of taxes to an illegal regime, retire years early and dedicate their lives to living on less and off the grid. Defection from the workforce will begin en masse and we will see just how deep the government pockets are when everyone applies for unemployment and Medicaid. The loss of taxes coupled with an increased tax burden will bury Social Security and lead to further unrest. Not just the failure of the Republican party, we are probably witnessing the fall of the Republic.