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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Why most Americans don’t care a lick if this loser ever gets another job

It’s no secret President Donald Trump enjoys touting the continually improving unemployment figures under his presidency.

Three weeks ago Trump re-tweeted a Bloomberg story that reported job openings surged to a U.S. record in June, and he’s also proud that there have been over a million jobs created since he took the oath of office in January.

Colin KaepernickYes, the president likes it when people work. It makes Americans happy to have money to pay their bills; paying the bills helps create more jobs, etc… It’s not hard to figure out.

But there’s one American who’s having a particularly hard time finding a job these days and barely anyone – outside of the media -- seems to care. A week out from the start of the NFL season former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is still waiting for that phone call from some team willing to give him a chance to earn a roster spot this year.

Kaepernick notoriously decided to sit or take a knee during the playing of the national anthem before games last year. At first Kaepernick’s spectacle drew little more than a few mentions in the evening news and some angry reaction from fans. Having an athlete attempting to attract attention to himself by pretending to be for or against some worldly cause is hardly new, after all. Chicago Bears Quarterback Jim McMahon famously got into a years-long squabbling match with then NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle back in the 80’s over personalized messages on his headband.

It’s what athletes do – make statements. Otherwise throwing or carrying a ball across a goal-line (and getting paid millions to do it) doesn’t really mean all that much in the greater scheme of things, does it?

But Kaepernick’s national anthem- affronting gesture spread like wildfire ever since with players from several teams deciding to take up Kaepernick’s movement or “support” him in the action. During this year’s preseason it’s almost been a daily occurrence to glance along the sidelines before the games and see who’s honoring the flag and who’s not.

Apparently 12 Cleveland Brown knelt a week ago. It’s almost become an epidemic.

As would be expected, flag-hating leftists are out in force defending Kaepernick and claiming he’s being intentionally blackballed by racist NFL owners who don’t agree with his anti-American antics and are therefore unfairly denying him a chance to make a living. In the wake of the riots in Charlottesville Kaepernick’s jobless plight is getting more and more coverage it seems.

None other than eternally race-baiting civil rights “leader” Jesse Jackson even weighed-in. Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports reported, “[Jackson] said during an appearance on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ that NFL owners ‘have colluded’ to keep Kaepernick from playing.

“’They have decided not to have him play and he should have the right to play and express himself at the same time,’ [Jackson] told Maher, adding later, ‘He's not burning the flag, he's not hustling drugs to teammates, he's not shooting people with guns.’”

Wilson’s report also contains a couple quotes from NFL owners who indicated they’ve received waves of fan input regarding Kaepernick’s situation, most of whom threatened to never attend another game if the teams signed the controversial passer (and runner). Kaepernick’s name is a lightning rod throughout the league. There’s little doubt he’s become the human equivalent of a hot potato and any team that crosses the threshold and adds him to their roster certainly risks enduring a hailstorm of rejection from folks who simply want their flag and country honored – or at the very least, don’t want social turmoil to interrupt their enjoyment of an otherwise insignificant football game.

As far as Jesse Jackson is concerned, his comment is typical of those made by Kaepernick’s media bodyguards, namely that he’s being punished for “speaking out” against real social injustice and police brutality and to bar him from practicing his chosen profession is unjust and un-American. The fact Kaepernick’s is a left-wing cause that Democrats are drawn to makes it all the more dear to a media that savors depicting the once well-received quarterback as a victim.

Kaepernick’s effectiveness has dropped dramatically over the past few seasons and he even began last year as the backup on a semi-pathetic team (with a liberal owner) that wasn’t projected to win many games. Needless to say many people saw Colin’s sitting-protests as a means to draw attention to himself and in this topsy-turvy political environment, engender sympathy.

He did receive some, too. But instead of making a one-time statement and then moving on – or giving credence to all the good things he’s accomplished because of living in the good ‘ol U.S. of A. Kaepernick only poured gasoline on the fire.

Jon Street of The Blaze reported on Kaepernick’s July trip to Africa, “Colin Kaepernick marked the Fourth of July holiday by criticizing the United States.

“Kaepernick, who sparked nationwide controversy last year when he refused to stand for the national anthem before the 49ers’ games, sent out a tweet Tuesday asking how Americans can celebrate their independence given the nation’s history of slavery and discrimination.

“’How can we truly celebrate independence on a day that intentionally robbed our ancestors of theirs?’ Kaepernick tweeted. He continued by writing, ‘to find my independence I went home.’”

Home? HOME? It’s safe to say a lot of people would have been in favor of the American-born Kaepernick remaining permanently in the new “home” he discovered. For the sake of brevity we won’t mention that Americans fought for independence from a nation that was responsible for expanding the slave trade that wrested Kaepernick’s ancestors from their homes in the first place or that many, many black African tribes actively participated in the securing of the human commodities themselves.

It was common practice that if there was a tribe that was at war with its neighbor a good way to win that fight was by cooperating with the slave traders to capture and sell its enemy into slavery. But historical facts are so inconvenient to today’s race-pushers who only seek to keep this country divided and at each other’s throats. What, you mean some of Kaepernick’s new “homeboys” may have actually been complicit in selling his forefathers into slavery?

Not to mention Kaepernick’s biological mother is a Caucasian woman and he was raised as part of a white family. If Kaepernick is “home” in Africa it must be because half of his DNA originated on the continent. Strange times, indeed. My DNA is European and I have never thought of Germany or Great Britain as “home.” Ever.

Other famous black athletes aren’t seeing “home” exactly as Kaepernick does either. Legendary Browns running back Jim Brown recently said he would not protest his flag. A.J. Perez of U.S.A. Today reported last week, “Jim Brown became active in the Civil Rights movement even before his retirement, although the Cleveland Browns legend said he'd never ‘desecrate’ the flag or ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ as he claims Colin Kaepernick did last season.

“In an interview with ThePostGame, Brown said he understands Kaepernick fighting for a cause but doesn't approve of his approach.

“’I want to be in his corner, and I do think, 'God bless him,' ‘ Brown said. ‘I'm going to give you the real deal: I'm an American. I don't desecrate my flag and my national anthem. I'm not gonna do anything against the flag and national anthem. I'm going to work within those situations. But this is my country, and I'll work out the problems, but I'll do it in an intelligent manner.’”

Brown is correct; and no one is going to question his dedication to the cause of civil rights.

Seeing as a heavy preponderance of NFL players are of African descent and the vast majority of them are still standing for the national anthem before games, it would appear that Kaepernick’s whining grievances are mostly confined to himself and a small band of equally aggrieved pitiful griping losers. Yet they’re the ones who are drawing most of the coverage, as if their “cause” is legitimate and it’s the masses of Americans offended by their stunts are the truly misguided ones.

Not only that, but the NFL owners certainly realize that to take a chance on a mediocre talent like Kaepernick brings with it a trainload of baggage that isn’t worth it to their teams or their bottom lines. At this point signing Kaepernick gives the aura of desperation which wouldn’t be good for any team, not to mention that a high percentage of the fan base would abandon ship immediately.

But the media still loves to highlight Kaepernick’s dilemma because it draws clicks and readership. Why isn’t Robert Griffin III getting any coverage for being unemployed? Is it because he’s spoken out in the past in favor of the Constitution and is suspected to be a Republican?

The only reason Colin Kaepernick continues to be discussed in today’s media is because he’s been so widely successful in ripping open gaping wounds in American traditions and culture. If he never works another day on a football field in his life we should feel vindication, not remorse.

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