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Trump’s Original Sin

Donald Trump supporters were no doubt fascinated and perhaps even encouraged by former Trump senior strategist Steve Bannon’s recent “always on offense” interview with Charlie Rose on CBS News’ “60 Minutes.”

However, there was one revelatory moment in the interview that explained much, if not most, of President Trump’s difficulties implementing the outsider agenda that he ran on and that his 63 million voters expected Steve Bannonwould be his governing philosophy.

What Bannon said was, “48 hours after we won” a fundamental decision was made to embrace the establishment because Trump needed to “govern.”

You can see and hear these shocking words beginning at the 2:53 mark in this clip.

What Bannon, then-President-elect Trump, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, who were also in on the decision, apparently didn’t grasp was the most fundamental principle of government:

Personnel is policy.

After running a campaign against the establishment, and even as Bannon said later in the interview, holding the establishment figures of the Bush sliver of the Republican Party in complete contempt, how did anyone with a modicum of political or business sense think that the defeated establishment would join Trump and try to help him implement his agenda?

And that’s the key. It is incomprehensible that a group as collectively intelligent as the Trump campaign team could not comprehend that there is a big difference between “governing,” as in getting the parks open and the Social Security checks out, and “governing” in the sense of implementing the agenda you ran your campaign on.

And it is governing from your agenda that makes a great President, like Ronald Reagan, versus one who merely got the parks open on time.

We are reminded that a few weeks after Steve Bannon, President-elect Trump, Jared, Ivanka and the rest of the campaign team had decided to “embrace the establishment” we posted the following on CHQ:

In the days after the election of Donald Trump, and the decisive defeat of Hillary Clinton and her Far-Left anti-constitutional agenda, we received a flurry of emails to the effect of “Thank goodness, America is saved.”

We wish we could share that sentiment, but to quote Winston Churchill, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Defeating Hillary Clinton did not defeat the plans of the Progressive Left and their fellow travelers in the Wall Street – Washington – Silicon Valley Axis; it merely defeated one vehicle by which they aimed to accomplish their goals.

The election of Donald Trump is a beginning, not the end, of a great struggle to reestablish constitutional government in America and to defeat the anti-constitutional forces of Progressivism, that for the past 29 years have run largely unchecked through the government and the major cultural, religious and academic institutions of this country.

Electing Donald Trump gives limited government constitutional conservatives the opportunity, not the guarantee, that we can roll back the damage Progressivism has done to our culture and national fiber.

“So far, the results of the election look promising,” we offered. Had we known then what Steve Bannon revealed in his “60 Minutes” interview we might have had a somewhat more jaundiced view of the prospects for our success in accomplishing those goals through a Donald Trump administration.

However, as disappointing as Bannon’s revelation was, now is not the time to abandon the movement that built behind Donald Trump’s campaign, because the bottom line is, as CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie pointed out in a July 8, 2016 column:

We know there’s no negotiating on our issues with Hillary Clinton, so it is to Trump that right-of-center voters will have to look if our country and constitutional liberties are to survive, and it is to us that Trump must look to find the votes necessary to win the election.

We know there’s no negotiating on our issues with the Democrats, so it is still to President Trump that right-of-center voters must look if our country and constitutional liberty are to survive. We just wish the President would help out a little by campaigning against Republicans who oppose his agenda, instead of embracing them, and by appointing people who agreed with him to run his government, instead of hiring the establishment failures and Democrats who run the West Wing now that Steve Bannon is gone.

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