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Change The Life Of A Young Conservative

For the first time in my 56 years of raising $7 billion for conservative causes, helping build the conservative movement, and helping elect hundreds of conservative candidates, I'm going to spend a full day teaching mostly young conservatives how to do the same.

There will be young people working in conservative organizations that focus on national security, free market economics, national and state think tanks, pro-life, traditional values, minority outreach, and many, many Richard Viguerieothers.

I will teach them the basics, the fundamentals, of how to raise tens of millions of dollars, find hundreds of thousands of new donors, members, and magazine subscribers, win elections, and save America by bringing Constitutional, limited-government conservatives to power.

In other words, in this 9 ½ hour day, I, primarily, and four of our best marketing professionals will give these young conservatives the tools they need to begin a career of marketing conservative ideas, policies, and programs to the American public, especially the voters.

By the way, as a general rule, the left does a far better job of marketing and communicating their dangerous ideas and policies than we conservatives do marketing freedom and liberty.

And one of the reasons is that they have far more good, professional marketers than us conservatives. I plan to change that with my October 12th seminar.

The average liberal organizations are 5-10 times larger and are more plentiful than comparable conservative organizations. For example, there are hundreds of leftwing environmental groups, while conservatives have only a handful.

And that won't change until we educate and train a large and new generation of bright, young entrepreneurial-driven conservatives.

My October 12th seminar will introduce dozens of young conservatives to a marketing career that will help hundreds of conservative organizations and candidates identify and involve millions of people not presently active in saving America.

Of course, I'm not writing to you today to suggest that you attend my October 12th seminar-although you'd be very welcome. I'm urging you to provide part of a scholarship for a young person, perhaps someone working at one of your favorite organizations.

Most conservative organizations are small with small budgets, but with big dreams, big ideas, big plans, and much potential. But they can't afford a short-term loss of $5,000 plus travel and hotel to have a long-term gain.

However, the young people being trained to run the marketing, communication, and fundraising for these good organizations would jump at the opportunity to attend my Double Your Donors seminar.

And if you want to provide a scholarship for a specific organization, I encourage you to do so.

Or, if you don't have a favorite organization or person in mind, but you have an interest in helping a particular category of conservative organization, such as free market economics, national security, traditional values, the environment, any other conservative issue, let me know of your interest and I will find a young person from a good organization to attend on your scholarship gift.

If you can give $50, $100, $250, or $1,000, or some other amount that's less than a full scholarship, I'll combine your generous gift with others to make a full scholarship. And for every two full scholarships contributed, I'll contribute one myself to a deserving young conservative.

Shortly after the seminar, I'll write a report for all those who provided scholarships gifts. I'll include photos, list of attendees, and a brief summary of the materials covered in my overall analysis of the event.

With great hope and expectation for a conservative America I invite you to help me change America October 12 by sending a promising young conservative to this exciting seminar. To contribute to the scholarship fund, go to DoubleYourDonors and make your most generous contribution today. If you have any questions, please call my assistants Bob Sturm or Priscilla Jones at 703-392-7676.


PS – While this is not going to be a play day – we’re going to work hard all day – when the seminar is over we will have a reception with heavy hors d’oeuvres for a couple of hours to allow for networking and we will be joined by the most experienced members of American Target Advertising’s creative team.

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