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MAGA Coalition Launches Grassroots Political Operation

There’s a new player on the American political battlefield that should put fear in hearts of Washington, DC’s “uni-party” politicians – it’s called the MAGA Coalition – and its mission is to identify the obstructionists in DC MAGA Coalitionand to advance the America First agenda.

The organization’s mission statement channels what millions of Americans thought they were getting on Election Day 2016, but Congress has failed to produce:

For too long our politicians in Congress have failed to help us facilitate efforts to make this country great again. We have made it our mission to identify the obstructionists in DC and to advocate the America First principles that catapulted Donald Trump to the White House.

We have seen the establishment on both sides of the aisle work night and day to derail the agenda of returning our nation back to prosperity and security. It’s time we put our fate back into our own hands. The MAGA Coalition will reach out to everyday Americans and build an unprecedented model of grassroots activism. No longer will we stand by and let the entrenched powers that be in the establishment dictate our future with apathy and inaction. We will empower ourselves through investment and action.

The MAGA Coalition will work to support candidates across this country who share our passion for putting America First again. We will provide a place for volunteers to empower themselves and engage the voters state by state to elect lawmakers who are committed to making this country great again.

Independently, we will work day in and day out to let Congress know that we will settle for nothing less than what we voted for last November. We will put the needs of our citizens, our neighbors and our families ahead of the status quo of establishment politics.

Our mission is to bring to life the hope and promise we all felt when we voted for change and for a new day in America. We demand Fair Trade, Border Security, Reduced Taxes and Protection of the 2nd Amendment. The MAGA Coalition is committed to minimizing costs and maximizing your investment in our efforts. Together, we will get busy Making America Great Again!

All of these principles and ideas are great policies behind which to solidify the Trump coalition into a new voting bloc that transcends the corrupt Capitol Hill establishment.

And we are particularly encouraged that our friend Dr. Seb Gorka has joined the MAGA Coalition as chief strategist.

Gorka has given frequent media appearances and speeches since his resignation from the administration and was one of the most effective advocates for the MAGA agenda during his time at the White House.

And perhaps most importantly, we know Seb Gorka and we know from our personal association he’s a true believer in the MAGA agenda.

Gorka has been a particularly outspoken advocate of tough U.S. anti-terrorism policies and in the past made the case that Obama-era efforts to counter Islamic State and other jihadist propaganda were “pin-pricks and often counter-productive.”

Prior to his time at the White House, Dr. Gorka was national security editor at, and taught classes at the US Marine Corps University.

Dr. Gorka will make his first appearance for the group later today alongside Sarah Palin in Montgomery, Alabama on behalf of Judge Roy Moore’s Senate campaign.

Another reason we like what we see in the MAGA Coalition is that it is headed by Adam Gingrich, who was a prime mover in President Trump’s Pennsylvania political operation. Mr. Gingrich’s welcome message was straight out of Trump’s “forgotten Americans” speeches:

The political process is broken, we need concerned and caring citizen activists to join us in promoting the process of healing it. The MAGA Coalition promotes an America first agenda. Every citizen of this great nation, no matter their creed, color, race or orientation, deserves the chance to succeed. We seek to project strength abroad and unity at home. We advocate for free market health care solutions, fair taxation policy, a strong military, lower government spending, fair trade, protection of our 2nd Amendment rights and putting this great nation first again.

This shows us the MAGA Coalition leadership gets the power of Trump’s message to working Americans. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that that same welcome message channels a message CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie closes many of his talks and columns with: If not now, when? If not us, who?

To learn more about the MAGA Coalition click this link.

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