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Ted Cruz Makes Epic Put Down Of Bernie Sanders And The Democrat Tax Collectors

The CNN-sponsored tax policy debate between Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and principled limited government constitutional conservative Senator Ted Cruz was an amazing study in contrasts between today’s Far Left Democrats and 21st century conservatism.

Ted Cruz Bernie debateUnfortunately, because it was sponsored by dying leftwing cable network CNN we suspect few conservatives saw it live – and that’s too bad because it was the Ted Cruz we endorsed for President at his absolute best.

And the best part was, you didn’t have to sit through an hour of tax policy arcana to get the best part of the debate – Bernie teed it up in the first five minutes.

You can watch it or read the entire debate transcript through this link.

Senator Sanders closed his opening statement with this classic Democratic attack:

Now, the Trump Republican tax proposal that's before us today, this proposal is being pushed by Senator Cruz's campaign contributors, some of the wealthiest people in this country, by the Koch brothers, who are worth $90 billion. Why are they pushing this agenda? Because 80 percent of the tax breaks in this proposal will go to the top 1 percent.

In fact, 30 percent of the middle class will end up paying more in taxes. Forty percent of the tax benefits will go to the top 0.1 percent. This is massive tax breaks for the wealthy.

And then the other thing they do, in order to pay for their tax breaks, you know what they do? They cut Medicaid over a 10-year period by $1 trillion, throwing 15 million Americans off of the health insurance they have. They cut Medicare by $470 billion.

So, what this is, in fact, is a proposal -- which is right on the floor of the Senate right now -- Senator Cruz and I go back tomorrow, we're going to continue the debate -- it is a Robin Hood proposal in reverse. They are taking from the working families and the poor and they're giving to the rich. It's a proposal that must be defeated.

Ted Cruz’s response was epic, and demonstrates once again the brains, wit and sheer political talent that launched Ted Cruz on to the national stage:

…It's interesting. In his opening, Bernie invoked Robin Hood. And I got to say, I think Bernie fundamentally misunderstood that story. Robin Hood was robbing the tax collectors who were collecting too much taxes from the working men and women and taking it for the rich.

In -- in Bernie's analogy, it is the Democrats who are King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham. And Robin Hood is saying, tax collectors, stop hammering people who are struggling, who are laboring in the fields, who are working, stop taking it to the castle to give out to your buddies.

You notice Bernie's going to tell you all this free stuff he's going to give, and the Democrats love cooperate welfare. They love to rail on the insurance companies. What they won't tell you is that under Obamacare the profits for the insurance companies doubled.

When you have Washington giving out goodies, the big guys do great. It's the little people who hurt, it's the young people, it's the entrepreneurs…

What’s more, as Ed Rogers noted in an op-ed for The Washington Post, in a debate ostensibly about taxes:

Cruz generously noted that Sanders may have very well won the Democratic Party’s nomination for president last year had it not been for corruption within the Democratic National Committee.

So, as Hillary Clinton fades into wacky conspiracies about a ‘cyber-9/11’ costing her the election and is mostly silenced by her own history that disqualifies her from taking a powerful stand in the Harvey Weinstein saga, Sanders is the Democrats’ face and de facto leader. And Cruz effectively showed just how limiting that may be for the Democratic Party.

The tax debate on Capitol Hill is just beginning, and as usual the Republican establishment is talking about surrendering on key elements of the Trump plan of lower corporate taxes and establishing a special lower repatriation rate to bring the trillions American businesses now hold offshore back into the United States economy.

Our advice to Mitch McConnell and the GOP leadership – not that they are likely to accept it – is that they should concentrate on rounding up votes for the Trump tax plan and leave the talking to Ted Cruz.

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