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The Despicable Mitch McConnell

Conservatives wondering where the Alabama Senate election is going should reflect on the despicable conduct of Mitch McConnell when a Republican primary election goes against his wishes.

In the 2014 Mississippi Republican Senate primary McConnell backed 36-year incumbent establishment Senator Thad Cochran, whom Citizens Against Government Waste once named the leading pork-seeker in the Mitch McConnellSenate, against principled limited government constitutional conservative state Senator Chris McDaniel.

According to Brietbart’s Matthew Boyle, Sen. Cochran and executive assistant Kay Webber “traveled eight times to France, five times to Italy, four times to Israel, and twice to Japan.

The full list of countries they traveled to includes: Italy, France, Brussels, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Hungary, Russia, Norway, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta, Austria, and Czech Republic in Europe; Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile in South America; Guatemala, and Mexico in North and Central America; Japan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, the Republic of the Philippines, and South Korea in Asia; Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Azerbaijan, Oman, and United Arab Emirates in the Middle East, to Morocco; and Egypt, Cape Verde, and South Africa in Africa.

Other documents show that in 2005 and 2007, the Wine Institute, a trade association that represents the California wine industry, paid for Cochran's and Webber's travel to Sonoma, California for what a disclosure form described as “a fact-finding program on issues of importance to the wine industry.” No other aides attended the trip.

The Congressional Record lists 33 trips that Cochran and Webber attended together. According to that record, the cost to the American taxpayer of Webber's travel was at least $155,000.”

Further investigations showed that while Senator Cochran’s wife, ailing with Alzheimer’s, was confined to a nursing home in Mississippi, Senator Cochran was for all intents and purposes living with Ms. Webber – but that did not prompt Senator to call for Senator Cochran to step down.*

Indeed, Senator McConnell doubled down and put millions of dollars into Senator Cochran’s re-election and, in a replay of today’s Alabama election, he pulled out all the stops to defeat Chris McDaniel – even going so far as to engage in a vile race-baiting campaign to defeat him in the run-off.

McConnell paid for race-scare phone calls to African-American voters, many of whom had voted in the Democratic primary, thus, according to Mississippi law, rendering them ineligible to vote in the Republican primary run-off.

McDaniel volunteers found over 3,300 irregular votes after examining fewer than half of Mississippi's counties, and that total did not include the Delta counties or even the more than 18,000 absentee ballots, which were expected to include many more irregularities, since that was the prime focus of Cochran's Get Out the Democrat Vote strategy.

Breitbart reported that many of the state’s African American-majority counties, where many of the ineligible crossover votes were suspected to have occurred— were never investigated, but that 3,300 vote tally was, according to the McDaniel campaign, just from looking at voters who voted in the June 3 Democratic primary, then crossed over—allegedly illegally—to vote in the June 24, 2014 GOP primary runoff.

That was about half the number needed to overturn the Mississippi Republican Senate Primary, and it didn’t include any investigation into the allegation of vote buying, “walking around money” or any other of the allegations of illegal activity lodged against establishment Republican Senator Thad Cochran’s campaign and its allies.

But McDaniel’s efforts to have an investigation into the irregularities funded by Mitch McConnell were stymied by both the Republican Party of Mississippi and the Republican National Committee.

Today, we can see a similar pattern beginning to form in Alabama.

Mitch McConnell spent millions to defeat Judge Roy Moore – and he failed.

But he’s not about to defer to the will of Alabama’s Republican voters and he has already started to put a plan in place to replace Roy Moore with Luther Strange, the candidate that Judge Moore defeated by double digits in the primary.

This plan started with McConnell refusing to use Republican Senatorial Committee funding to help Roy Moore win the December 12 general election.

The plan to replace Moore escalated in synch with the Washington Post and liberal lawyers floating unproven allegations that 40 years ago Judge Moore sought relationships with teenage girls when he was a thirty-something attorney.

And now National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Cory Gardner (R-CO) has issued a written statement going further. “If he refuses to withdraw and wins, the Senate should vote to expel him,” Gardner said. He told reporters afterward that Moore “doesn’t belong in the United States Senate.”

If Roy Moore doesn’t belong in the U.S. Senate based on unproven 40-year old allegations, then Senator Thad Cochran certainly doesn’t belong in the U.S. Senate based on his proven conduct – but will Mitch McConnell call for him to step down?

Of course not.

There’s a despicable double standard at work here. Nothing an establishment Republican or an establishment Democrat actually does disqualifies him or her from public office – but the mere allegation of wrongdoing by a conservative like Roy Moore is enough to cause a hypocrite like Senator Cory Gardner to try to deny him his seat in the Senate if Moore perseveres and wins the election.

The game here isn’t electing Republicans – it is “crushing” conservatives and Tea Partiers as Mitch McConnell famously swore to do before the 2014 election. We predict this isn’t over and that Mitch McConnell will, as he did in Mississippi in 2014, pull out all the stops to kill Roy Moore’s campaign, even if it means mounting a write-in campaign for Luther Strange and syphoning-off enough votes to elect Far-Left Democrat Doug Jones to the U.S. Senate and jeopardizing the Republican majority.

*Not long after the late Mrs. Cochran's death Senator Cochran married Ms. Webber.

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Mitch McConnell

Mitch has used VOTER FRAUD for the last time, voters are WAKING UP across the country and the world to this RINO's act. Time to force this scum bag republican in name only out of government for EVER. He is a Liar and possibly a Pedophile, we will have to wait to see if he is one.

McConnell and McCain (and a

McConnell and McCain (and a couple more on the line) should be either escorted to the door (exit) or told to change their party association. As far as Judge Moore, when did we start going straight to guilty? If these reports are true, why now? These ladies have let him sit in the position of judge and said NOTHING!

The Despicable Mitch McConnell

McConnell is a bare-knuckle fighter, but only against the conservative wing of his own party. It's past time he be removed from his post. I would strongly encourage any investigative reporter to start digging up dirt on McConnell, who I am certain has some rather disgusting slime underneath his manicured fingernails.

I don't just want McConnell primaried out; i want him drummed out in disgrace. He is an evil guy.

And his attempt to not just smear but utterly destroy Roy Moore with baseless accusations is beyond despicable. I rather suspect he is at the heart of this to begin with, that he perhaps hired Fusion GPS or some other smear machine to befoul a good man.

If McConnell put half the effort into passing teh Republican agenda he puts into destroying conservatives he would be a hero. But he is a borer, an intestinal worm eating out the host. He is a parasite, an infestation. It's time he be treated as such.

Let's dig into old Mitch's past and see what sort of sleaze he's got in his closet, shall we!

The Despicable Mitch McConnell

bgoccia: Amen to everything you have written here. Mitch McConnell has the lowest rating in Kentucky GOP history, barely 17% according to one poll. He has waffled on everything President Trump has put forth, including the entire Obamacare issue, the restructuring of the entire tax code and a few other important issues. He represents neither his own constituents in Kentucky nor the American people in general. He needs to go!

Despicable Mitch McConnell

It is past time that PRESIDENT Trump committed to his promise to drain the swamp and terminate the monsters. If he won’t do it, then he has to step aside and charge Pence to just ‘do it ‘!

mcconnell and Kentucky voters

The saddest aspect of this is that the voters of Kentucky continue to re-elect mcconnell election after election.
Let's hope that they wake up and vote him out of office next time around.
Or better yet let's hope that the in 2018 the republican continue to control the Senate and they vote mcconnell out of the leadership position.