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The Assassination of Roy Moore

I had nothing to do with this. This is a completely manufactured story meant to defraud this campaign. They’re losing. They’re 11 points behind. They don’t like my acknowledgment there is a God… They’re desperate. Sean, they’re simply desperate.

Judge Roy Moore to Sean Hannity

Judge Roy MooreThe political attacks on Judge Roy Moore – which are really more like assassination attempts – have brought the dirty tricks and smears of the Far Left to a new low.

The totally unsupported charges that some 38 years ago, Moore, as a 32-year old adult, pursued some kind of a relationship with a 14-year old girl have all the hallmarks of a Leftwing political hit; a source closely tied to Democratic politicians, no physical evidence, no paper trail, and reporting by a rabidly anti-Republican, anti-Trump publication.

Likewise, the allegations brought forward by serial Leftist litigator Gloria Allred lack any evidence, let alone proof.

But these defamatory attacks are having two desired effects: First, it is driving Moore down in the polls; and, Second, it has manifested a new low in the disgusting cut and run by establishment Republicans, who wanted Moore defeated by any means possible in the Republican Primary anyway, and who are now attempting to dry-up the cash flow of his campaign by cutting off fundraising ties with Judge Moore.

But Roy Moore isn’t giving up and conservatives in Alabama and across the country are not abandoning him.

"Everybody in this room, every person watching on these cameras, should ask themselves, 'Isn't it strange that after 40 years of constant investigation people have waited until four weeks prior to the general election to bring their complaints?'" Moore said at an event on Saturday in Vestavia Hills, Alabama.

The only thing that will help pass the Trump agenda is to elect legislators – Representatives and Senators – who actually believe in it, something that Judge Roy Moore does, and his Far-Left George Soros-allied Democrat Doug Jones does not.

Under Alabama law, it is too late for Moore to be replaced before the December 12 election when he is facing Far-Left Democrat Doug Jones, but that hasn’t stopped Mitch McConnell and the Republican establishment from considering every option to kill the Moore candidacy, including mounting a write-in campaign for Luther Strange, the establishment Republican Moore defeated convincingly in the primary.

The most powerful slogan in American politics is the simple phrase, “Send them a message.” As the Alabama Senate election approaches conservatives can send the Republican establishment and the DC swamp an unmistakable message by supporting and voting for Judge Roy Moore for Senate.

To “send them a message” is one reason why we urge all CHQ readers in Alabama to vote for Roy Moore in the December 12 Senate election.

But Judge Roy Moore is more than a protest candidate.

Through our association in various conservative organizations we have been acquainted with Judge Moore for many years and we can say without hesitation that he’s the real deal; a Bible-believing Christian who lives the values he espouses and who has shown time and again that he can’t be bought or intimidated into abandoning his limited government constitutional conservative principles.

And let us add that this election is about more than electing a fine man and strong conservative to the Senate.

Ritual defamation of conservatives has become an art form on the Left and in the DC swamp, and this is no different than the dozens of other unfounded cases that one could cite; the attempted destruction of Clarence Thomas and Ted Cruz being among the most top of mind.

We’ve known Roy Moore for years and seen him in public and private more times than we can count, and have never seen anything but character and integrity. Roy Moore is persevering in his campaign, and we are likewise persevering in our support for him and we urge our friends in Alabama to do likewise.

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Attempted assassination of a christian leader

Roy Moore has been set up by the left due to fears of losing their grip on the corrupt teet called DC. Complete BS and an assault on the intelligence of this nation.

Hope his landslide win will convince the left crime and dishonoring does not pay.

The Assassination of Roy Moore

This is way bigger than Moore. This is about the dirtiest of dirty gutter fighting by the toxic Left. If they get this one, using these methods, they'll be emboldened and in the future the damage they do to the American political system will be horrific – not to mention the damage they'll do to male/female relations. It has to stop and only Judge Moore can stop it by staying strong and not giving in.

The Assassination of Roy Moore

I would have to agree 100% with Mikey Parks.

The Assassination of Roy Moore

Amen Mikey Parks! This is a crust defense; allow the enemy a gap in the line and they will overrun the whole defense. The GOP either fails to understand that or, more likely, doesn't want to think about it. They want this uprising by the Plebs over, and it is worth losing Senate seats to accomplish this. Letting Moore be taken down will have decades-long implications.

Sadly, all the GOP elites understand is their own fiefdoms and they would rather serve in Hell than rule in Heaven.

Tim Birdnow

The Assassination of Judge Roy Moore

Maybe it is about time to fight back. I would say that Roy Moore has a lot of reason to accuse and sue his accusers and the backers. Some deep background searches would be a good idea too.