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Conservatives Need More Leaders Like Steve Bannon

CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie


Establishment Republicans and TV talking heads have suggested that in the wake of Judge Roy Moore's defeat Republicans should "dump" Steve Bannon - I say quite the opposite.

As I pointed out in my book TAKEOVER, the most important thing the conservative movement needs right now is leaders who are unafraid to take on the Washington establishment - and Steve Bannon is one of the few conservative leaders who takes the fight to the Washington establishment.

I was there in the aftermath of the Goldwater defeat and the Republican establishment said the same thing about the conservative leaders who backed Goldwater, but we didn't give up. We took the lessons learned, refined our campaign techniques and most importantly learned how to bypass the establishment and market conservatism to a public hungry for a conservative alternative to the establishment.

Far from "dumping Steve Bannon," as New York establishment Republican Rep. Peter King suggested, conservatives should recruit more leaders like him.

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Real R's and the Conservative

Bannon is a stand up real R, he took his style to "Bama" fought like hell and lost by a 1.5% margin, no one in the RINO/Lib/Special Interest Cloven Hoof Club wanted to deal with a man who was smeared by them because he wasn't going to vote like them, Moore was man devoted to the President's agenda, this irked the socialist thinkers....Some who think that Jones is a long range plan, are only fooling themselves, he is the devil the right knows and the left will shove him down our throats....the Cloven Hoof Club won this one....

The Right Stuff

Bannon is one of the few who recognizes the problem, and is trying to do something about it. The leadership establishment that controls the Republican Party's organization and money (and with that controls most primary elections, and most Republicans in Congress) must be defeated if anything worthwhile is to get through Congress. These people push their own corrupt, globalist agenda (and the agenda bought by their major contributors), regardless of the lies they tell voters to get elected. Unless enough non-establishment candidates can be elected to Congress to contest their control of the leadership, nothing that conflicts with their agenda, or has the possibility of diminishing their power, will see the light of day.

The Senate election in Alabama is something that can't be repeated on a regular basis. Both the Democrats and the Republican establishment resorted to very high levels of lying and dirty politics, and threw unprecedented amounts of money into this to defeat Roy Moore, and he still came very close to winning. Bannon should view this as an example of what they can do if they pull out all the stops (and look for more effective ways to counteract it), while remembering that they don't have the resources to do it in every election. He very nearly won against their strongest effort (and did win the primary) -- he can beat them in the future, if he keeps at it.


Putting all that is said about Bannon's looks aside what he really needs to do is to do a better job of finding candidates who can win elections.
Find people long before the primary's and work with them to be sure they are right for the job and there is no excess baggage that will come out to derail their chances of winning.

Instead of Bannon jumping on the bandwagon after someone announces they are going to run for the House or the Senate Bannon needs to drive the band wagon and choose who will jump on board.
Better vetting of these potential candidates is needed.


What you failed to note in your response was what can be done at the eleventh hour to defend yourself against an attack for something that supposedly happened decades ago. And please note that until you ran against the Liars Club of the Democrats and they were losing you had never before heard these accusations. Where do you start to defend yourself a month before the election? How do you defend yourself effectively if you have either never met these people or never heard these claims before? You would proclaim your innocence and begin immediately to find out who these people were and what was motivating them to do this. The judge did what he could and followed with an attorney to address these accusations.

Would anyone expect this to happen at the last minute? Now, yes we would. So it is going to happen since it was a successful ploy? You bet!

I would think investing now in tracking down these accusers, taking them to court, confronting them would be the only way to discourage this tactic. But would anyone like Bannon know about this as a possible attack to come in the vetting process? I do not think this could be vetted in advance being unknown until the accusation is made.

I do not think any man from this point on running against any democrat is going to be safe from these claims unless this little tactic meets justice squarely. Bannon and whoever funded the Judge needs to fund tracking these accusers down. These people need to be forced to defend their accusations in court otherwise there is no end to this game the democrats play by digging up these accusers. Proof is required and there should be consequences if these accusers can NOT prove their accusations.

If this continues, it can ruin good honest people and discourage good people from running. I think there is only one side that plays this game and without real justice those on the receiving end of lies will be judged without a trial. Not right and certainly not to be allowed. I am tired of seeing how truly nasty politics from the democrats has become. I have not yet seen a republican sink so low. That is not to say some are not guilty of the accusations but making them in the final days of a campaign reeks of lying and manipulation of the public to cripple with doubt a likely good candidate.

And I am a believer in innocent until proven guilty NOT just the accusation makes you guilty. And a final point here is if the establishment and the democrats do not like the candidate, then in today's world that makes the man a conservative who supports the constitution and very likely a christian. The establishment let the judge and Bannon down too. The very reason I do not contribute a thin red dime to the GOP coffers. These days it goes to the establishment picks and I am sick of the good old boys and the choices between worse and worser.

Steve Bannon

While I love Mr. Bannon's passion for the Conservative movement, people might respect him more if he tried to look at bit more put-together. I realize that appearance shouldn't count, but in reality is does and he always looks like he just threw on an outdoor jacket and was off to his next adventure.

A haircut and shave certainly could not hurt his image.


bannon has been described as looking like a disheveled drunk which is true...but what comes out of his mouth will make anyone forget what he looks like. keep on talking bannon.


Also, why wasn't Mo Brooks good enough in Alabama? There was already some baggage on Judge Moore, and he disappeared at the end of the campaign like Mitt Romney did. Though I liked his support for the Ten Commandments, Moore sometimes had a superficial understanding of the biblical text that unnecessarily turned off people who could have been his friend or supporter. And, why can't we nudge GOPe like McConnell and Ryan to take tougher stands and to stop haranguing Donald Trump? Constructive criticism that leads people to be as conservative as they can be publicly?

We should preach conservative principles and facts. For example, God warns the Hebrews in 1 Samuel 8:1-20 that big government and taxes of 10% or more are signs of tyranny and will lead to destruction. The Hebrews ignored God's warning, and Israel was eventually destroyed. Also, tax cuts worked in the 1920s, 1960s, 1980s, 1990s, and under Bush 2. In fact, Newt Gingrich's Republican, conservative tax cuts and spending cuts in the 1990s led to 3.8% unemployment and a new prosperity. Republican, conservative policies create jobs and prosperity; Democrat, liberal policies destroy them. Democrat control of Congress in 2007 and 2008 led to the worst recession since the Great Depression. When Republicans took over the House and Senate, the economy began to revive! Imagine what Pres. Trump can do!!!

Al's Election

I do think our free election is now just a rigged pony to make the idiot's feel good...