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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Americans would be crazy to believe critics claiming Trump is unstable

It isn’t all that uncommon in today’s American culture to assert someone’s crazy. “You’re nuts!” is a frequently heard catchphrase when the maker of a statement suggests something outlandish – or even non-politically correct – in public.

But to say someone is “nuts” or “crazy” is worlds apart from suggesting they’re clinically insane. Such designations could only come from a licensed physician after running a full battery of tests on an individual and MAGAthen issuing a pronouncement with a degree of seriousness not typically found in casual conversation or from a news report.

After all, to accuse someone of being mentally incompetent is a weighty thing.

The left has been placing the “unstable” label on Donald Trump for going on three years now, largely because the candidate-now-president has verbally espoused policy changes differing markedly from the usual establishment-approved big government norm. The recent tell-all gossip book released by Hollywood Reporter writer Michael Wolff even implied President Trump has dementia. If that were the case why hasn’t it showed up? There’s been plenty of opportunity.

Eddie Scarry wrote this past weekend at the Washington Examiner, “President Trump is on TV and in newspapers more than any human on earth, and yet Michael Wolff, based on his time gossiping, has convinced the national media that grandpa got away and is now drooling in the Oval Office…

“In the book, Trump has an impossibly short attention span, refuses to learn from policy briefs and fails to grasp the fundamentals of U.S. government.

“Where was this version of Trump when giving one of his dozens of interviews, hosting his rallies, or delivering public remarks at any point between 2015 and now?”

Scarry doesn’t mention it in his opinion piece but the media used to openly hint Ronald Reagan was a doddering old fool who was losing his mind too. The fact Reagan admitted he had Alzheimer’s disease a few years after his presidency seemed to lend credence to the media’s previous theories but the people who actually worked with Reagan in his White House years vouched for the president’s lucidity and astute mind to the last day of his stay in Washington.

Even if Reagan had lost a mental step it would have been due to fatigue from constantly battling the media and Democrats’ claims concerning his cognitive ability, something they never question when dealing with those in their own party or ideology. Have they raised questions about the mindset of 77-year old Nancy Pelosi, for instance? How about 84 year-old Dianne Feinstein? 88 year-old pervert John Conyers just recently retired, apparently complete with his sex drive still intact.

Meanwhile “Senile old coot” Bernie Sanders is no spring chicken at 76 and “uncle” Joe Biden just turned 75 in November. If Trump is supposedly slipping, how about those folks?

No one with an objective mind who’s followed the political portion of Trump’s career would insinuate he’s anything less than razor sharp on the issues he feels strongly about. Trump may stumble a bit and repeat statements on matters he’s less informed about but he’s also demonstrated a remarkable ability to bring himself up-to-speed in a short time.

Trump has often said he doesn’t do anything without thoroughly thinking things through and every skilled negotiator recognizes the walk-away point of his position before he even sits down at the bargaining table.

That’s something the media and Trump’s enemies have yet to grasp – Trump makes a lot of “crazy” statements partly because he’s painting a picture of reality he sees which doesn’t easily gel with what the leftists and establishmentarians would care to acknowledge. When Trump talked about giving government back to the people and his vision for an America-First foreign policy during his inaugural speech, for example, the elites of both parties looked at each other like he’d been speaking in tongues and his head was about to spin around in Exorcist-like fashion.

Crooked Hillary Clinton reportedly overheard George W. Bush saying, “That was some weird sh-t.”

Having been in attendance on the day I can verify Trump’s words were exceptionally well received – and understood – by those in his audience. Far from constituting “weird sh-t” there were many who hoped Trump would deliver on those promises to take America’s best interests and sovereignty at heart before making decisions that could adversely impact everyone.

Instead of reporting on the gist of the message the media instead focused on Trump’s post-speech claims that his inauguration day crowds were the biggest ever. They showed pictures, cited statistics, interviewed experts and all but counted every head to prove it wasn’t true and maintained Trump was delusional for even suggesting such a thing. Then one reporter tweeted that Trump removed the bust of Martin Luther King from the Oval Office. Who’s the crazy one?

The list of “fake news” stories is long in the short history of the Trump administration, including many of the allegations in Wolff’s report.

Trump offered his own response to the multitude of accusations of mental unfitness stirred up by the book’s release. Katie Leach and Kimberly Leonard of the Washington Examiner reported, “President Trump denied recent claims questioning his mental stability while calling himself ‘really smart’ and a ‘genius’ in a series of tweets sent early Saturday morning.

“’Now that Russian collusion, after one year of intense study, has proven to be a total hoax on the American public, the Democrats and their lapdogs, the Fake News Mainstream Media, are taking out the old Ronald Reagan playbook and screaming mental stability and intelligence.....’ the president penned on Twitter…

“’I went from VERY successful businessman, to top T.V. Star,’ Trump continued, adding ‘ President of the United States (on my first try). I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius....and a very stable genius at that!’ Trump concluded.”

Democrats, the media and Trump’s #NeverTrump enemies in the Republican establishment have attempted to depict Trump as “dangerous” and “unfit” because the former reality TV star doesn’t conform to the normal set of rules for standard political figures. Ever since Trump announced his run for president and then picked a fight with Fox News’ (at that time) Megyn Kelly during the first GOP candidate debate the talkers have been beside themselves at the unusual nature of Trump’s political persona.

Donald Trump the man doesn’t fit into a nice little box explaining why he acts the way he does. Add the fact Trump tweets about ten times as much as Obama and there’s much more to talk about where the current president is concerned. It’s not hard to tell who likes to talk about Trump the most – it’s his enemies.

Trump sees Twitter as the means to respond directly to his multitude of critics and until someone convinces him otherwise he’ll continue using it. Some say he’s “thin skinned” because of the manner he responds but we don’t need a reminder that Trump is no George W. Bush or Barack Obama.

If John McCain chose to use Twitter to make his often “crazy” statements (instead of running to the willing reporters at CNN) would everyone be making similar claims of mental unfitness about him?

Trump’s to-the-point use of language and fondness for promising big things has engendered him animosity from the comfortable and complacent creatures in the Washington swamp. With the help of a unique set of advisors Trump ran a successful populist campaign that carried through into his presidency. Far from being “mentally unstable” it’s very sane to claim politicians have failed to deliver on promises to reform government.

For his trouble Trump is shamelessly derided in just about every type of forum. Just this week ESPN host Katie Nolan called the president a “f—king idiot” and a “f—king stupid person” on a nationally distributed radio program. What if a conservative had said the same thing about Obama years ago? They’d have been cashiered and drawn and quartered by the thought police – and rightly so for their disrespect.

Unfortunately one negative aspect of the Wolff book that appears to have staying power is the destruction of the working relationship between the president and Steve Bannon. Whatever motivated Bannon to say the things he did in interviews for Wolff doesn’t matter now. When someone attacks Trump he can take it – but when you go after his family, watch out.

Bannon’s absence leaves a sizeable hole in the quality of advice Trump receives from the conservative/populist side of the spectrum. As conservative bomb thrower Ann Coulter has pointed out a lot lately, hardly anyone who was with Trump during the campaign days is left to provide perspective on the “forgotten Americans” Trump championed to win the election. Who could fill the void?

Roger L. Simon of PJ Media had a suggestion, writing over the weekend, “Larry Elder is the perfect guy to oversee and cheerlead [a] new approach, not just because he has been thinking about it for a long time and would know how to do it — utilizing those incentives, which create more permanent change, rather than government spending, which usually disappears into the ether —  but because he is a terrific communicator. The man is warm and funny. (Yes, I know him, so can attest to both, but those traits are apparent daily on radio and television.)

“Trump has made a number of superb personnel selections — Gorsuch, Mnuchin, and Nikki Haley (Brava! Brava!) are just a few — others not so good. Bannon may have had his uses at the outset, but they seem to have declined. He did not, as it used to say on our report cards, ‘work and play well with others.’

“Time, I suggest, for Larry Elder.”

Like Simon I came of age in Southern California and have been familiar with Larry Elder for a long time. Elder is a regular on cable news and commands respect from a lot of folks. Should Trump take Simon’s advice Elder would make for a great ambassador to the black community and the president’s conservative/populist constituencies in the Trump coalition.

The media and Democrats will continue to say Trump is unstable, insane, unbalanced and any other adjective that implies his behavior is a threat to the country. Leftists imagine getting rid of Trump would spell the end of his policy agenda – it’s up to us to prove them wrong.

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