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Outsider Mike Braun Makes Trade Issue In Indiana’s GOP Senate Primary

Conservative Republican and U.S. Senate candidate Mike Braun may be the first GOP senate candidate to embrace President Trump’s trade policies as a campaign issue in a Republican Primary.

Braun released his fifth television advertisement, titled “Made In America” yesterday. The new ad holds career politicians accountable for sending Indiana jobs overseas. The ad will run statewide on television, but may be Mike Braunparticularly powerful in Indiana’s Northwest corner, where some of the Midwest’s largest steel mills are a shadow of what they were in the post-World War II boom times.

In the ad, Braun lays the blame for the disappearance of Indiana manufacturing jobs at the feet of career politicians who have embraced bad economic policies that sent jobs overseas.

You can watch the ad through this link

“It used to be easy to buy made in America…but not anymore,” says Braun, who knows this fact firsthand as he’s grown his business, Meyer Distributing, and watched other Indiana companies send jobs elsewhere.

Unlike any of the career politicians in this race, Mike has confronted this challenge in his business as he watched bad policies force American companies and jobs overseas. Mike knows what it will take to get these jobs back.

“I’m Mike Braun. I approve this message because jobs won’t come back until the folks we elect have our back,” says Braun in closing the ad. “That’s exactly what I’ll do in Washington.”

Full transcript of Mike Braun for Senate TV ad:

Mike Braun: It used to be easy to buy made in America.

But not anymore.

Career politicians sent those companies elsewhere.

Senator Donnelly’s business hired Mexican labor.

Congressmen Rokita and Messer voted to fast track Obama’s trade deals.

Indiana lost good manufacturing jobs, but politicians kept theirs.

I’m Mike Braun. I approve this message because jobs won’t come back until the folks we elect have our back.

That’s exactly what I’ll do in Washington.

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As a 69 year old male who graduated from high school way back in 1969 it seems to me that we have seen the destruction of our education system by those who protested the Vietnam war and became what we called hippies.
They began to infiltrate the education system in order to begin the indoctrination of the nations youth. Others entered politics to change the political landscape. Still others entered the news media to do the same indoctrination of the nation to the progressive way of viewing the world.
Critical thinking to connect the dots is impossible for far too many of our youth because they have not learned to question and debate all ideas but only to believe in the progressive way of thinking.
Citizenship is one link that connects people of any nation, without critical thinking one cannot value American citizenship then one does not care where the products are manufactured as long as they are cheap. Who cares if other Americans are out of work. we have the welfare system to fall back on.
If one does not value citizenship and all that it brings to you then one does not care if we have open borders or if we remain a sovereign nation.