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Second Amendment In Jeopardy In The House Next Week

Just because the media has moved on from Nikolas Cruz’s crimes in Parkland, Florida to the Oscars and counting the staff departures from the Trump White House doesn’t mean that the threats to the Second Amendment from squishy Republicans and gun grabbing Democrats have passed.

On Tuesday House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy sent a memo to members of the House GOP conference US Houseannouncing that the House would take up at least one gun-related bill next week – a plan to spend some $50 million on “school safety.” 

Throwing money at problems without any real plan or way to measure results is a favorite tactic when Congress faces calls for it to solve a problem that is not really within its jurisdiction – in this case the failures of Broward County Florida’s Democratic sheriff, Scott Israel, school administrators, community mental health service staff, and of course his parents, to deal with the ticking timebomb that was Nikolas Cruz.

While we think throwing money at “school safety” without any plan or metrics to determine whether schools are actually going to be safer in the aftermath of the spending is foolish and may not produce the desired result – safer schools – there was an even more troubling element to McCarthy’s memo.

McCarthy also promised that the House would take up and pass the “Fix NICS” bill now languishing in the Senate. The “Fix NICS” bill is another throw money at it solution that will throw hundreds of millions of dollars at states to add names into the NICs background check database without fixing some of the universally recognized problems with due process that being administratively added to the “no buy” list entail.

The National Rifle Association has pushed NICS reform for a number of years. In fact, noted Beth Bauman in a recent post on Townhall, in early 2016, the gun rights group shared a video of NRA's CEO and Executive Vice President, Wayne LaPierre, explaining why they're in favor of reforming the background check system.

However, a bill supported and advocated by the NRA will not satisfy the political needs of Democrats.

As the Washington Post’s Amber Phillips reported last week, even though one of their own is co-sponsoring the Fix NICS Act, which would punish federal agencies that don't submit criminal records to the national criminal background check system for firearms, Senate Democrats have spent their first few days back in Congress this week dissing the bill.

“What will prevent future tragedy? Comprehensive background checks will. The Fix NICS bill will not,” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Tuesday on the Senate floor according to Ms. Phillips’ report. “Let’s not set our sights too narrow or squander this moment.”

Democrats are fully aware that this vote is their only point of leverage in the debate, noted Ms. Phillips, so they've got to play hardball to try to extract as much as they can from it.

The Post's Ed O'Keefe reports they're also working with gun-control groups to find a way to politicize this whole issue to their advantage in November's midterm elections.

So, the Democrats don’t really want to do anything that will help identify and stop troubled people from killing, they want to milk these tragedies for political advantage.

While the “Fix NICS” bill would have probably caught Southerland Springs First Baptist Church attacker Devin Patrick Kelley, because he had an Air Force court martial conviction and received a bad conduct discharge, this legislation would not have caught Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest music festival killer or Nikolas Cruz.

Indeed, as our friend Daniel Horowitz observed in a post on Conservative review, “The McCarthy memo does not mention a word about ending gun-free zones, not a word about arming teachers, not a word about ending the federal jailbreak programs that incentivize places such as Broward County to avoid arresting people like Nicholas Cruz.”

What’s more, as Horowitz also observed, the McCarthy memo does not have a word about concealed carry reciprocity, even though that was attached to the “Fix NICS” bill that passed the House late last year and members were promised the two would go together as a package deal.

Back in December 2017 our friend, libertarian-leaning Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky, warned that tying national reciprocity to “Fix NICS” was a bait-and-switch tactic.

“The swamp is duping a lot of gun owners here. They are duping a lot of people who worked really hard for the 2nd Amendment into thinking they are going to get reciprocity. It is not going to happen,” Massie told the Liberty Conservative’s Shane Trejo, mentioning that the bipartisan Senate sponsors of the bill have already claimed it will be dead on arrival in that chamber.

“This is bait-and-switch. I wish I were wrong. I pray I’m wrong, but my five years in the swamp has shown me the way the swamp works,” Massie said according to Trejo’s reporting. “The fact that Feinstein and Schumer are co-sponsoring this legislation. The fact that they passed it on the day they introduced it. The fact that they wouldn’t allow me to offer amendments. The fact that they came after us when we tried to separate the two bills.

“All of these things indicate to me that the fix is in on Fix NICS, and we are going to get more gun control, and we are not going to get any more gun rights if we don’t put breaks on this.”

We agree with Rep. Massie the swamp is prepping another bait-and-switch game and the switch is likely to occur next week. We urge CHQ readers to call the toll-free Capitol Switchboard (1-866-220-0044) to ask for House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Tell Rep. McCarthy conservatives are on to the bait-and-switch and the God-given right to self-defense protected by the Second Amendment is not negotiable.

CHQ Editor George Rasley is a Glock ® certified pistol armorer and is a veteran of over 300 political campaigns, including every Republican presidential campaign from 1976 to 2008. He served as lead advance representative for Governor Sarah Palin in 2008 and has served as a staff member, consultant or advance representative for some of America's most recognized conservative Republican political figures, including President Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp. He served in policy and communications positions on the House and Senate staff, and during the George H.W. Bush administration he served on the White House staff of Vice President Dan Quayle.

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Gun Control

There's no way that we, the American people can trust the people in DC to DO anything. Certainly not "protect" us. Why on earth should we authorize the spending of OUR money (I honestly think that the American people forget that we DO live in Representative Republic - WE DO have THE FINAL say) for ANYTHING when the Federal government REFUSES to protect our border, which essentially means they have ALREADY REFUSED to protect us? It's INSANITY. There's NO WAY I trust anything these people say they've proven to me they're untrustworthy.

I honestly believe that if the American people DO NOT start DEMANDING that this Federal government STEP BACK into the framework of the contract they signed with the States - we're going to lose this country. I'm not going to go into all the ways that they've ALREADY subverted the citizens back into the role of peasant. We're barely teetering here, it's gotta be stopped.

I know many feel that the laws we DO have restricting gun ownership are "common sense." Let me remind all that the framers were well aware of what a jail was and a what it was to commit a crime. They wrote NOTHING about a man forfeiting his right to live free b/c of the commission of a crime. Remember? These men believed all were redeemable AND once time was served, one's slate was cleaned and he was able to move on. Just sayin. We've moved a VERY long ways away from the freedom that was given us. I think they'd be disappointed. That's just me.

Gun Control in the House

To every REP voters, call your members and make your voice heard. If you don't say something about no to these-------WE will loose our freedom. and that is exactly what the lib/dem/progressive commies want. Don't let them win, never again. We are on the road to rebuild what we lost.!!!!!

Gun Control

NO MORE GUN CONTROL!!!! Use the laws on the books to get guns out of the hands of these lunatics that should not have them in the first place. It has been shown in the Florida shooting that the government failed to stop this act when they received reports about the shooter being unstable and made comments about shooting in the schools. Pay attention and do your jobs and that would lessen these shootings.


Sometimes throwing money at a problem is the problem, other times putting money wisely where it is needed is the solution.
The money should not be the first issue to be discussed but the PLAN, the PLAN to spend money that will actually solve a problem a real problem with a real solution.
It is correct that this issue of school safety is not the duty or responsibility of the federal Government especially when it come to spending federal tax dollars on the issue.
But the Federal Government could play a role as President Trump did last week to meet with educators, state and local police etc. to develop rational solutions short of attacking the 2nd Amendment.
One solution that I have suggested in the past and will do again is to put police in the schools, not retired police. States already have pensions that they can hardly afford now, party due to the contracts which allow police officers to retire at a much younger age than the rest of the population which incurs a pension payout for a much longer period of time. If a police officer retires at 42 and lives until 82 or longer they will collect a pension for 40 or more years which is unsustainable, the average American citizen will only collect a pension of 20 or more years.
So, re-negotiate the contracts force the police to retire after 30 years or at least 55 years of age and when they hit the former retirement age of 42-45 put them into the schools and let them protect the kids. This would go a long way to solve the pension problems and insure school safety.
The suggestion of having teachers armed is dangerous, when a shooter enters a school and the teachers begin shooting, then the police show up just who will they target the shooter or a teacher the police may mistake as a shooter?
Also what is needed is a better system where there are cameras inside and outside the entry ways and other strategic locations with on time monitors where someone is watching any time the school is open.
Local and state money will be used not federal money.