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Hillary, Meet My Wife

It is clear Hillary Clinton has never met my wife. While we were both getting ready for work this morning, I mentioned to my bride that Hillary remarked in an interview in India that “pressure from Republican husbands is what caused white women to vote for Trump.” I’ll have to paraphrase her response, otherwise it would be unfit to print: “Are you kidding me?” she exclaimed.

We reluctant Trump voters are reminded almost daily by Hillary herself why we would never have voted for her Hillary Indiaunder any circumstance. At a minimum she long ago surrendered any moral high ground that would have likely propelled her to the White House. And now she has the gall to insult my very independent wife who she has never even met. Really?

If there was ever a white woman who bowed to pressure from her husband, Hillary would top the list. Subordinated to her lust for power was a willingness to turn the other cheek to a duplicitous and serially adulterous husband. She now takes my supposedly compliant wife to task and yet she is the quintessential poster child of a submissive wife.

This would apparently be surprising to Hillary, but in my mutually faithful marriage, my wife would never be asked or forced to subordinate to my wishes at the ballot box. Is Hillary suggesting that Republican wives are somehow spineless and obsequious?

It has now been sixteen months since Donald Trump prevailed in the 2016 presidential sweepstakes. If Hillary was genuinely interested in identifying the villain in her defeat, she would do well to abandon looking for windows and locate the nearest mirror. Is Hillary incapable of surrounding herself with people who have the courage to tell her the truth?

Almost no one would argue that Donald Trump doesn’t have many imperfections and shortcomings, not to mention a history of deplorable behavior. But with Hillary as his opponent, fortunately for Trump, he prevailed in the election in spite of this well-documented past. Does Hillary need to be reminded that is was her husband’s conduct in the Oval Office no less, that widened the berth for allowing someone of Trump’s character to occupy the office that Bill once soiled?

Given that her presidential aspirations have been expunged, Hillary would do well to set her sights on doing something useful for society. Espousing now that marital intimidation was the root of her undoing is less than a useless endeavor. Bitterness is a very unattractive (pants) suit that makes no contribution to the betterment of man, or womankind.

Irony is an inadequate descriptor illuminating Hillary appointing herself as mediator of how white male intimidation permeates Republican households. It was her husband who provided the most vile example of this phenomenon (the white male part) in violating a twenty-one year old female White House intern some twenty-something years ago.

I wonder if Hillary would be embittered if she lost to somebody other than Trump, say Mitt Romney. In regard to fidelity, no one would suggest that Mitt has been anything other than a Boy Scout in his marriage. Although he is pro-life, I wonder if those same white Republican women that Hillary marginalizes, many of them pro-choice, would be targeted if she lost to someone of irrefutable character because pro-life husbands intimidate their wives?

Of course, this is just a thought experiment that has no firm conclusion. Come to think of it, sadly not unlike Hillary Clinton’s shameless post-election trek that seeks to ignorantly impugn my wife’s ability and unfettered freedom to think and act for herself. Which she, I can gladly assure, confidently and securely does.

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