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New Poll: Voters Will Reward Trump with Continued Majorities in Congress

Conservatives are confident that President Trump’s voters are still behind him, with almost 89% saying that Republicans will hold their Congressional majorities in the 2018 elections.  Less than 5% expect Democrats to win a majority which would give them the votes needed for impeachment.

The recent Democratic victory in the special election for a House seat in Pennsylvania has inspired Democratic Trump Larry Kudlowclaims that they can realistically hope for victory in more than 100 GOP-held seats.

Such claims ignore the special circumstances of the Pennsylvania race, such as the fact that instead of an incumbent with proven election skills, the GOP candidate for the open seat did not do well at campaigning or fundraising.

Even more importantly, the Democratic candidate also was careful to separate himself from the liberal Democrats in Congress, saying he would not vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker and would defy his party on such issues as gun control and the minimum wage.  He was careful not to call for the impeachment of the President.  Many of the 2018 races will feature an experienced Republican incumbent and a left-wing Democrat pledged to vote for impeachment.

Pundits with a better-than-average record for predicting election results, such as Stu Rothenberg, Larry Sabato, and Charlie Cook are much more restrained than the Democrats.  For example, Rothenburg ranks only 37 Republican seats as being at risk (as are eight Democrats).

The critical factor in 2018 will be turnout.  Democrats have been showing greater enthusiasm in many of the 2017 and 2018 elections.  However, as Democratic candidates press the idea of November 2018 as the “impeachment election,” populists who voted for Trump and conservatives who recognize that Trump is supporting much of the conservative agenda ought to see the need for going to the polls.

FedUp PAC expects to play a role in making that pro-Trump, Drain the Swamp turnout a reality.

FedUp PAC is a grass roots organization that wants constitutional conservatives to take over the GOP because Americans are fed up with the Republican establishment.  It is not affiliated with any candidate or committee.

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Turnout is the key

I wish I shared your optimism. After Trump signed into law that 2,200-plus page monstrosity they call a budget, I suspect that many Republican voters will stay home in 2018, asking "What's the difference?" As a GOP precinct committeeman, I will be hard-pressed to give a good answer to that question. Wish me luck!