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Supreme Court Sides With Illegal Aliens... Again

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to let Arizona deny driver’s licenses to illegal aliens who are protected from deportation under Obama’s unconstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

The controversy dates back to 2012, when Obama announced the program and Arizona’s then-governor, Jan Brewer, quickly moved to block beneficiaries from qualifying for a driver’s license.

Supreme CourtBrewer contended Arizona was enforcing its longstanding policy of issuing licenses only to people who can prove they are in the country legally.

Non-citizens must prove they are authorized to be in the United States to obtain an Arizona driver’s license, such as with a valid federal work permit. The state decided not to accept permits obtained by DACA recipients.

According to reporting by Bloomberg’s Greg Stohr, a group of DACA recipients challenged the policy. A federal appeals court ruled in their favor, saying U.S. immigration law bars states from making distinctions among different classes of non-citizens.

National Review’s Mairead McArdle reports the court refused to hear Arizona’s appeal of a case brought by the American Civil Liberties Union, representing DACA recipients who were denied licenses. The San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last year struck down the Arizona policy, ruling that the state cannot develop its own definition of immigrants who are authorized to be in the United States and that only the federal government had that power.

The state argued that because DACA was instituted through the Department of Homeland Security and not legislatively, it could not nullify state laws on licenses.

Mark Brnovich, Arizona’s Republican attorney general, expressed disappointment that the justices sidestepped the issue of whether Obama had the authority to create DACA.

“Our case has always been about more than just driver’s licenses,” Brnovich said in a statement reported by Reuters. “It’s about the separation of powers and whether the president, any president, can unilaterally act and bypass Congress to create new laws.”

The 9th Circuit countered that states cannot decide who has the right to be in the country reports McArdle.

Oddly enough, the Trump administration urged the Supreme Court not to hear the appeal, saying the questions in the case "have been overtaken by events," saying the president’s move to rescind the policy means the state’s concerns have already been addressed.

Except DACA hasn’t been rescinded.

NBC News reported that on Jan. 9, a federal judge in San Francisco, William Alsup, ruled in favor of the University of California and its president, former Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano. They sued to keep the program going after the Trump administration said in September that it would end it within six months. Alsup said Attorney General Jeff Sessions had wrongly concluded that DACA was put in place without proper legal authority.

The Justice Department said it would contest that ruling before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California. But government lawyers also asked the Supreme Court to take the highly unusual step of agreeing to hear the case, bypassing the appeals court reported NBC.

"The district court has entered an unprecedented nationwide injunction requiring the government not simply to tolerate, but to affirmatively sanction, a continuing violation of federal law by nearly 700,000 aliens," Solicitor General Noel Francisco said in asking the justices to take the case.

The same Supreme Court that turned down the Arizona driver’s license appeal turned down the direct appeal of the DACA injunction on Feb 26 and required the Trump administration to keep DACA in place at least for now, turning away its appeal of a judge’s nationwide injunction that halted the president’s September order to begin winding down the program in March, and a second federal judge has issued a similar injunction keeping DACA in place.

In a brief order, the court said simply, "It is assumed the court of appeals will act expeditiously to decide this case."

Meaning, under the lower court orders that remain in effect, the Department of Homeland Security must continue to accept renewal applications from the roughly 700,000 young people who are currently enrolled in the program, known as DACA. The administration had intended to shut the program down by March 5, but that deadline is now largely meaningless.

After the Supreme Court's decision Monday, the White House said, "The DACA program — which provides work permits and myriad government benefits to illegal immigrants en masse — is clearly unlawful. The district judge's decision to unilaterally re-impose a program that Congress had explicitly and repeatedly rejected is a usurpation of legislative authority...We look forward to having this case expeditiously heard by the appeals court and, if necessary, the Supreme Court, where we fully expect to prevail."

The various actions by the Supreme Court leaves the benefits Obama conferred upon the illegal aliens through DACA in place, with the challenge pending before the Far-Left San Francisco-based 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, where it is in the early stages. The Justice Department has said it will take at least another year to get back to the Supreme Court for a decision on DACA's future.

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Supreme Court Sides With Illegal Aliens... Again

I think the most galling aspect of this is the double standard that is being forced on us as law. Obama had the authority to do this, we are told, but Trump does not enjoy the authority to undo it.

There appear to be two sets of rules, one that gives the left the power to do as it pleases and one that stifles the rest of us. The supposedly conservative Supreme Court should understand this and yet it completely fails.

Why is the will of Congress, the will of the People, and the Will of the current President less important than the Will of one lawless man who himself admitted he did not have the authority to do what he did? If Obama was king, then Trump should be likewise. If not, then Obama's rule was an act of tyranny and should be overturned. Either way, we are getting nothing but double talk from these pompous windbags in black robes.

Tim Birdnow

Driver's license to Illegals!

Who in their right patriotic mind would even consider giving a drivers license to illegals? Did you make sure they got their voters card with instructions on how to make sure they vote for Democrats in all cases? Ignorance and deceit from the U.S. Supreme Court is not acceptable. Allowing the circuit courts set our laws or LAWLESSNESS I should say, is rapidly making us the third world country the Soros, Billionaires of America, and all of the other leftists have been working for. YOU, THE CONSERVATIVES ARE SELLING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND IT'S CITIZENS OUT. DO YOUR JOB!

Supreme Court on Arizona

You should start following the laws of the land instead of some illegal jargon by an ex-president that tried to make law from the white house that should have only come from congress. The Supreme Court justices should keep in mind they are there to uphold LAWS, legal laws, and not a hand written decree by an unlawful president like Obama. The people of this country want the Supreme Court to stop with the politics and start upholding the law. Politics have no place in the court system. Anyone doing this should be fired or step down. If they have a conflict of interest if they don't recuse themselves then there should be grounds to make them step down from their bench.

Supreme court sides with Daca

Thanks for clearing this up as to who is responsible for allowing these illegal
to remain in this country. Now how do we get congress to act?

The Black-Robed Oligarchy

If Congress acted, as you suggest, I suspect that the Leftist courts would rule that act "unconstitutional" under the theory that the Constitution means nothing except whatever meaning they choose to give it in a particular case. Obviously the rule of law is now dead in the Union of Socialist America.

Supreme court indecision

It's time to start really getting these folks running for office folks. If the government refuses to uphold the laws of the land, it ceases to be a government and becomes a tyrannical entity. Mr. President, I realize you've pulled the plug on that swamp, now it's time to roto-route the pipes.


The whole problem of immigration with regards to DACA is that when president obama stood in front of the camera and stated emphatically and correctly that he did not have the authority to change immigration policy and them turned around and created DACA congress failed to perform its duty by passing a law that forbid and prevent obama from doing what he did.
Whether we like it or not that is what I believe the Supreme Court is hanging their decision on. It is the duty of Congress to fix this mess they failed under obama they are failing under Trump.
Someone should have sued obama as to whether he violated his authority to create DACA in the first place.
It is time that the Republicans in the House to pass bills and send them to the Senate even if they believe the Senate will not pass them or even bring them to the floor. Until the House puts the Senates feet to the fire then nothing will get done and we will continue to lose our country to the progressive socialist democrats and the foreign invaders they support.

Supreme Court

There must be some way to Impeach a Supreme Court Judge for not going by the Federal Laws.


The Constitution says that judges serve during times of good behavior.
When judges make laws from the bench instead of just deciding if a law is Constitutional or not and sending it back to congress so they can make the fix is when a judge is not serving during times of good behavior, then they are subject to impeachment.
I believe that the Congress has the right to impeach any person who is elected or appointed to a government position.
Read ARTICLE VI of the Constitution where the requirement to defend the Constitution and the laws of the United States by oath of office. If you violate your oath it only seems reasonable that there would be consequences and the ultimate consequence would be impeachment.