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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Media’s scorching of Trump and family bares desperation of the Left

The football team at my high school, they were tough. After they sacked the quarterback, they went after his family” – Rodney Dangerfield as Thornton Melon in the 1986 film classic Back to School.

This semi-famous movie quote came to mind while witnessing the unfair and borderline abusive treatment Donald Trump – and his family – constantly endure at the hands of the media. The journalism profession’s Trump childrenrecent obsession over Stormy Daniels (porn actress who claims to have had an affair with Trump in 2006), Donald Trump Jr’s impending divorce and the continuing furor over daughter Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner reveals the news industry isn’t satisfied with merely “sacking” the president – they’re going after his family too.

In pursuing the Daniels episode the media is still trying to squeeze blood out of the “Trump’s a philanderer” turnip they embraced so brazenly during the 2016 campaign endeavoring to stop Trump the candidate from becoming President Trump the chief executive.

Paul Callan at CNN wrote the other day, “Stormy Daniels' attorney, Michael Avenatti, has a talent for stirring the publicity pot relating to his controversial porn star client. He dropped his latest morsels Friday during a drive-by of CNN and MSNBC's morning shows. In an interview with Chris Cuomo of CNN's ‘New Day,’ he said six additional women had come forward alleging sexual relationships with President Donald Trump and that his office was in the ‘early stages of vetting those stories.’ Avenatti also claimed two of the women have nondisclosure agreements.

“Avenatti also told Cuomo that Daniels has faced physical threats, saying she'll disclose more details in an upcoming ‘60 Minutes’ interview later this month. He would not answer whether or not it was someone close to the President who threatened her, and later told CNN he couldn't answer a question about whether he or Daniels filed a police report.

“If Avenatti's statements are true, the interviews suggest that it may be time for Robert Mueller to meet Stormy Daniels. His investigation should focus on possible election law violations relating to the $130,000 hush money payment given to her.”

Funny how the liberal intelligentsia isn’t the least bit concerned with the cash offered women to come forward to make their accusations during the 2016 campaign but they sure as heck care about the hush money Trump’s attorney supposedly proffered to keep “Stormy” from opening her well-oiled trap for all to hear.

With more women apparently readying to emerge from obscurity (to accuse Trump of infidelity) it’s increasingly difficult to decipher exactly what they’re after. Trump himself isn’t on the ballot for two and a half more years (not counting the primaries) and it’s highly doubtful anyone could successfully pin allegations of a Trump dalliance with a porn queen onto other GOP candidates.

It could be part of the greater leftist war to damage Trump in the court of public opinion in order to depress his approval ratings and therefore dampen Republican turnout in this year’s midterm elections; or it could be these people want money (like Daniels), or it might even be the latest salvo in the ongoing campaign to discredit Trump’s MAGA agenda by assassinating the character of the man leading it.

The more the media chirps about Daniels and her cohorts the more wishy-washy image paranoid Republicans like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will be pressured to comment – and they’ll certainly say something stupid at some point that will dominate the evening news for days. It’s a pattern that’s repeated over and over and has brought victory to the ruling elites in the not-so-distant past. Last fall Alabama’s Roy Moore encountered numerous women coming out of the woodworks to accuse him of statutory rape forty years after the purported incidents.

Moore’s enemies – which certainly included the DC swamp reptiles in the GOP establishment – didn’t give a hoot that none of the whistleblowers’ allegations could ever be proved so far removed from the disputed conduct. But who cares? They figured all they’d need was to depress the special election turnout by a little bit and it would provide amnesty-supporting liberal Democrat Doug Jones all the assistance he needed to pull off a stunning (to some) upset in redder-than-red Alabama.

Which Jones did, of course, prevailing by 1.5 percentage points and a little less than 21,000 votes (with “other candidates” pulling 1.7 percent and nearly 23,000 votes). Now Jones is in the Senate voting against everything Trump favors and Moore’s presumably still in Alabama fending off media scorn and fighting to restore his shattered reputation – though it’s curious that as soon as the former state chief justice was deemed the loser the inquisitors all-but went away.

The leftist powers-that-be were finished using those women – why keep giving them a voice? Besides, Trump is still in the White House and there are more porn connections to be dreamed up and exploited. And, as Callan indicated above, special counsel Robert Mueller needs to meet with Stormy Daniels because you know she has vital information to dish on the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia (wasn’t that what Mueller was assigned to investigate?).

Maybe if they work hard enough journalists can insert a steamy tryst between Trump, Vladimir Putin and Daniels into the Steele dossier – and they’ll automatically receive FISA Court permission to unmask the threesome while the actors are disrobing.

The most distressing aspect of all of this is how much focus the media devotes it rather than reporting on the real news of the day. Sadly, the tabloid-like fascination with Trump and his family isn’t confined to establishment media outlets. Some in the so-called “conservative” media are happily joining the kick-Trump-at-every-opportunity bandwagon too.

Frequent #NeverTrump violator Kevin D. Williamson wrote over the weekend at National Review, “If the members of the extended Trump family do not like being in the spotlight, then they should think very carefully about — radical idea — staying out of the spotlight. Ivanka could, if she so chose, while away her days as a moneyed Manhattan socialite, leasing her name to manufacturers of tacky handbags and doing…whatever it is that people like her do all day.

“She could take on whatever inoffensive milk-and-cookies philanthropy seems best to her and mind her own business. If she did so, she could plausibly brush off uncomfortable questions about Daddy. But she works in the White House. She chooses to work in the White House, for whatever inexplicable reason. Getting into politics and then complaining about uncomfortable questions from the press is like becoming a boxer and complaining that people are trying to punch you in the face all day. It’s the job…

“If any of the Trumps or Clintons — or Bushes, or Kennedys, or Cuomos — wants a private life, private life is waiting. All any of them has to do is to step off of the stage. Some of us might even thank them for doing so, and admire the act a little bit.”

Hmmm. Being pressed by a liberal no-name reporter to say whether you (Ivanka) believe your father’s denials over the claims of a porn star is fair game for asking? That’s part of the job?

Instead of taking the sick media to task for its obsession with the president’s past sex life it seems people like Williamson are imparting the sins of the father upon his children, basically asserting that since daddy Trump is a shady character (in Williamson’s eyes) that his kids must be equally sleazy by association.

Arguing “they asked for it” doesn’t excuse Williamson’s crossing the taste line time and again by penning such unauthentic garbage about the Trump children. In his piece the National Review writer also ties-in Chelsea Clinton with the Trumps as characteristic of a breed of pathetic money seeking glory hogs only out for fame and fortune. In Clinton’s case it’s arguable she fits the type Williamson describes – Chelsea’d be nothing but a smart but common working stiff without her folks’ extralegal efforts. But the Trump children are all successful (to some degree) on their own.

Of course they’ve unquestionably benefited from the Trump brand in their careers, the one their father worked his whole life to establish. But each Trump kid has his or her own niche in the family business too. Eric, for example, is in charge of the Trump golf operation – and there’s no doubting how much he’s done for the company in this regard.

And it shouldn’t be overlooked Chelsea’s clan was in the politics business to begin with – they asked for it. The Trumps didn’t – at least until dad ran for president at age 70. It ain’t the same.

As has been stated many times, Williamson is mouthing this bunkum for a supposedly “conservative” magazine. No doubt he could find any number of leftist publications (Mother Jones, Huffington Post, Vox, etc.) to present his Trump-bashing with a more receptive audience. But it’s all free speech, right?

Sad to say, #NeverTrumpers have basically merged with the leftist Democrat crowd in defense of the DC swamp. Their antipathy has gone far beyond mere policy disagreements – they don’t appear to have many – and devolved into full-throated personal “resistance” to the president.

The elites can’t stand Trump. No big secret there. They don’t get him, either. Newt Gingrich wrote at Fox News, “As we have seen President Trump make changes to his Cabinet and personal staff, the elites in Washington and the national media have insisted that these decisions are a sign of dangerous instability in the White House. Never mind that the best business leaders and managers routinely make tough staffing decisions to improve their organizations’ long-run initiatives or mission.

“It seems the elites simply refuse to think about the Trump presidency through any lens other than that of traditional Washington – despite the fact that President Trump has never been a part of (and represents a departure from) the traditional establishment. This confused, square peg-round hole analytical approach is made worse by the fact that the elites then try to use Washington jargon to define and attack the president.”

Part of the elites’ confusion extends to Trump’s family as well. Since most Trumps have worked with Donald on his multitude of interests over the years it’s only natural for him to value their counsel in political matters. The Trump children should be considered experts on success rather than gossipy targets for scorn. Did the media ever question Michelle Obama’s influence on Barack or gulp, Hillary Clinton’s hold on Bill?

Or perhaps the elites are trying to cut the snake off at its head. By relentlessly slandering Donald and the Trump children the media may just be registering a preemptive strike against any future Trump political careers, should the kids wish to wade into politics to further the MAGA agenda.

Who knows if it would ever happen; much depends on how the Donald Trump years unfold. This story is to be continued…

There are few certainties in life but one is the media’s mission to derail the Trump presidency, which will continue unabated until he’s taken down – or leaves office after eight years. All the lurid “Stormy” Daniels tales in the world won’t give them what they ultimately desire – an end to Trump himself.

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The hypocrisy is

The hypocrisy is dumbfounding! For decades there were rumors and accusations of Bill Clinton's sexual misconducts. The same people screaming for Trumps hide dismissed those Clinton accusations as having "No collaborating evidence". Trump, on the other hand, has been publically known for decades and there were never any such accusations until he became President. Isn't that interesting! In his case, accusations are to be taken seriously and are reasons for him to be tarred and feathered! This sort of hypocritical tactics has been used successfully used against others no part of the radical left, they are using them now to destroy the President.