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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Fragile gun-hating snowflakes always melt under the glare of truth

I felt a disgusted sadness on Saturday as I observed a chaotic and slovenly horde of “March for Our Lives” protesters meander past our viewing spot near the palace green in historic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Having escaped the Washington DC area earlier that day I earnestly hoped I was safely away from any sizeable manifestation of gun-hating snowflakes.

I was wrong. Here we were, newly arrived in the birthplace of American liberty, greeted by a crowd of a few Snowflakeshundred leftist demonstrators marching, holding signs, chanting slogans and genuinely behaving as though they were doing something useful.

To me and those in the near vicinity the activists were defiling the very sacred ground where the American Revolution began just steps away.

For down the street in Williamsburg is the reconstructed capital of colonial Virginia where great men once instructed their delegation to vote for independence in Philadelphia. Williamsburg was also where the “radical” Virginia declaration of rights (written by George Mason in May of 1776 and adopted in June along with the Old Dominion’s first Constitution) was formulated and debated. Many of the concepts, principles and wording of Virginia’s founding documents were subsequently incorporated into Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence and later the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Further, it was on that same palace green (the brainless zombie gun grabbers strode past) where a large group of patriots gathered in April of 1775 to object to Royal Governor Lord Dunmore’s confiscation of the colony’s powder stores (the event coincided with the “shot heard ‘round the world” at Lexington and Concord 400 miles to the north). Violence was averted that momentous day but the wheels were set in motion towards separating from the tyrannical stranglehold of King George III and the Mother Country.

Virginians once understood that a government that took away their gunpowder greatly diminished their ability to resist – and to protect themselves at the same time. The Right to Bear Arms was viewed as God-given and fundamental to any free society by our Founding Fathers. Firearms were a key part of the establishment of what would become the United States of America, the beacon of freedom and example to the rest of the world.

Yet here we are in 2018 and practically on the same patch of dirt an angry mob of dolts was vocalizing and gesticulating as though disarming ourselves is not only desirable – it’s the smart thing to do.

One member of our party approached a sign-holding cluster of protesters and asked, “Hey, March for Life, do you mean saving unborn babies?” which drew quizzical looks from the mostly youthful marchers (it’s no coincidence that the throng was moving towards the west side of town, home to the very liberal College of William and Mary). Surprisingly there were a number of older folks among the multitude as well.

We’d reached the scene too late to hear any speeches but there certainly must have been several prior to our arrival. Up in Washington the commotion was much larger and louder, of course, led for the most part by the media anointed teenaged voices of a new generation. They shrieked, pleaded and begged for voters to rise up and pressure elected officials to take away America’s guns. Florida teen David Hogg was the keynote speaker.

Jack Crowe reported at National Review the other day, “Seventeen-year-old activist David Hogg targeted Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) during an incendiary speech at the massive gun control protest that shut down Washington, D.C., Saturday. Hogg, who became the de facto spokesman for the youth gun control movement after surviving the Valentine’s Day mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., accused Rubio of prioritizing campaign contributions over the lives of students...

“’If you listen real close, you can hear the people in power shaking. They’ve gotten used to being protective of their position, choosing the safety of inaction. Inaction is no longer safe, and to that we say no more,’ [Hogg] said…

“Hogg’s fiery speech is just the latest instance in which the teen has resorted to divisive language and personal attacks on his political opponents. He previously referred to pro-second amendment lawmakers as ‘pathetic f***ers’ and said ‘they could have blood from children splattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action because they all still see those dollar signs.’”

Yeah sure, Davey. When you’re done squeezing your zits come to an NRA meeting and engage in a real discussion of the Second Amendment (we promise you will be treated respectfully, unlike those who oppose your side of the argument). A few facts might change your perspective (doubtful) but you’ll at least know there’s another side to the matter. You might not feel as comfortable to mouth off, however, when you’re no longer surrounded and supported by hundreds -- or thousands -- of your fellow cognitively underdeveloped brothers and sisters.

The Washington crowd cheered wildly at each of Hogg’s completed sentences. It was almost as though he'd choreographed the delivery to provide for maximum noise.

At the same time we must question the staying power (and wisdom) of a movement featuring a pimply 17-year-old (I couldn’t find Hogg’s birthdate because he’s a minor) as leader who reads speeches from what appeared to be a sheet of notebook paper. By no means am I an expert on public speaking but I could tell David Hogg wasn’t very good at it. With only a five minute speech one would think the illustrious figurehead of the “save the snowflakes” cause would put more effort into memorizing and delivering his lines without constantly needing to check his crinkled paper every few seconds.

Seriously David? Who told you to read a speech on your big day? You would think a debate coach – or even a drama teacher – could’ve helped Hogg come across as a little more credible to the adult viewing public. Instead he looked like a bad James Dean impersonator with canned lines and a doofy hairdo. Hogg was so out of sorts on stage it almost seemed as though he had to use the restroom and was rushing to conclude so he could relieve himself. What an idiot.

This guy will motivate people to vote for gun confiscating Democrats? I don’t think so.

Granted the juveniles in the live audience probably didn’t take note of Hogg’s stunted speaking skills but I’m guessing it was plainly obvious – and distracting – to TV onlookers that the adolescent couldn’t deliver his message without repeated references to his prepared remarks.

Did Hogg’s poor speaking performance change the content of his message? Hardly. But if you’re going to lead an army you’d better show you can handle the job apart from flapping sheets of essay, a healthy amount of grimacing, blatantly rehearsed gestures (like pointing to the Capitol Building behind him) and props (a price tag supposedly representing the money per student Sen. Marco Rubio accepted from the NRA).

(As a side note, doesn’t anyone care that Florida Democrat Senator Bill Nelson routinely accepts money from Planned Parenthood?)

Hogg would do well to study the crowd appeal of President Donald Trump. As president, Trump now uses a teleprompter quite a bit during speeches -- but he wouldn’t be caught dead reading one of his campaign addresses.

Thankfully not all of the reaction to the snowflake revolution was flattering. An NRA spokesman truthfully pointed out that Hogg and the other Parkland students wouldn’t even be known today but for troubled killer Nikolas Cruz’s shooting up their high school.

Naturally the snowflakes didn’t take kindly to having their motives questioned by anyone. Robert King reported in the Washington Examiner, “A student at a high school that was the site of a mass shooting said he's disgusted by comments by an NRATV host who said ‘nobody would know their name’ if their peers weren’t killed.

“NRATV host Colion Noir said on Saturday on the gun rights group’s online network ‘nobody would know your names,’ referring to teens at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 people were killed on Feb. 14, according to a report in the Washington Post. Noir’s comments came the same day as the March for Our Lives, a massive march in Washington and across the world that was spearheaded by students at the high school calling for stricter gun control.

“Cameron Kasky, a student at the high school and one of the speakers at the Washington march, said that Noir’s comments were a new low.”

Does being a murder victim make one famous or notorious? You could just as easily ask the same thing of students taking advantage of the “crisis” to grab their own fifteen minutes of fame before a sympathetic and admiring liberal public faction. David Hogg is riding high these days with invitations from liberal media outlets to present his ignorant generation’s point-of-view. Does anyone deny it? Is anyone swayed by a snotty little jerk like Hogg?

If it weren’t for Nikolas Cruz, Hogg would still be a smart-mouthed nobody senior in South Florida who’s living off his parents’ hard work and awaiting his opportunity to go to college and fill his brain with a lot more anti-liberty nonsense. Instead Hogg ends up the de facto general of this melting snowflake legion by virtue of his willingness to spout outrageous accusations about Marco Rubio and anyone else who disagrees with him.

Would Hogg be where he is today if he willingly conceded the government ignored the warning signs and let a maniac slip through the cracks to snuff out 17 lives?

Hogg and the students want their free speech but they don’t appreciate it when someone points to the truth (like the NRA spokesman did). The above-referenced rally in Williamsburg was an exercise in free speech – some of us didn’t like it -- but did we dispute these folks’ right to assemble, petition and speak? No, because we’re adults.

Few dispute firearm purchases need to be regulated (to some degree) in order to keep weapons out of the hands of people like Nikolas Cruz. Already there are numerous laws on the books that if properly enforced – and violators punished – would provide protections against would-be violent criminals.

For their part President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are already acting to make schools safer independent of the wiles of Hogg and the snowflake revolution. Sessions wrote the other day at Fox News, “First, we are investing in putting more highly trained armed personnel in our schools. Every year, the Department of Justice helps local communities hire more police officers. Now we will give priority consideration to cities and states that specifically want to hire more school police officers.

“Second, we are making several improvements to our criminal background check systems. I have ordered our federal prosecutors to aggressively prosecute those who lie to the background check system in order to try to get guns illegally. We cannot tolerate this kind of fraud.

“Under my tenure as attorney general, we have already increased federal gun prosecutions to a 10-year high and violent crime prosecutions to a 25-year high – the highest level since records have been kept…”

There are a number of things that can be done at the federal and state levels to guard against future mass shooting incidents but it’s going to take cooperation between various governmental units to fully utilize the existing precautions. Sessions wrote about some of the initial efforts and more are to come as the problems and weak links are identified in the system.

One thing’s for sure -- pontificating and grandstanding by uninformed emotional teenagers isn’t going to do the trick. Self-congratulatory movements (Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, #Resist) not only have a way of flaming out -- they usually come with a serious backlash too. If Hogg keeps opening his mouth, expect the same very soon.

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