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Trump Places National Guard In Support Role On Southern Border

In the face of a “caravan” of illegal immigrants organized and funded by Far-Left Marxist organizations based in the United States President Trump has taken a small step to stop what amounts to an organized invasion of our country by an illegal alien army.

Yesterday evening the President announced that he is authorizing the deployment of the National Guard to Trump military bordersupport the Border Patrol in its mission to protect our country and stop the stream of illegal immigration.

In a statement released to CHQ and other media outlets, the White House said given the importance of secure borders to our national security, the National Guard, in coordination with governors, will remain in a support role until Congress takes the action necessary to close the loopholes undermining our border security efforts, including ending the practice of Catch and Release.

The President’s statement pointed out that America’s Border Patrol agents work incredibly hard to do their jobs of enforcing our Nation’s immigration laws and protecting our national security. These law enforcement personnel are tasked with securing thousands of miles of border, however, and often do not have the manpower or resources necessary to stem the tide of illegal immigration into the United States.

More than a thousand people a day and more than 300,000 a year violate our sovereignty by illegally crossing the border. With our current laws and resources, we cannot stop illegal aliens from crossing the border or remove all the illegal aliens we catch. Of the over 75,000 family units apprehended in FY 2017, only 2,605 were removed.

Indeed, only a very small percentage of the Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) who illegally enter the United States each year are ultimately removed.

In the statement announcing the National Guard deployment the White House acknowledged that tens of thousands of UAC are released into the interior of the United States each year, including more than 107,000 since fiscal year (FY) 2016. Only about 3.5 percent of unaccompanied minors apprehended at the border, however, have been removed.

Putting into perspective how relatively few removals take place each year, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement removed only 3,598 UAC during FY 2017, while 41,435 UAC were apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol.

Clearly, if we caught over 41,000 illegal aliens and deported less than 4,000 we are not bailing fast enough to keep the ship from sinking.

Currently, based on a consent decree in a court case from roughly twenty years ago, the Department of Homeland Security can only detain UAC for a maximum of 20 days combined. All UAC must be promptly transferred to the Department of Health and Human Services for reunification with sponsors in the interior of the United States. Further, current Federal law prevents UAC who are not from Canada or Mexico from being promptly returned to their home countries. UAC are unlikely to appear in court for removal hearings once released, and as a result they generally go on to remain in the country.

While the President’s decision to order the National Guard to support DHS in its border security operations is a good symbolic step it does nothing to solve the catch and release problem or the larger problem of our virtually undefended southern border.

In our view the President needs to take much more vigorous action on both the legal front and the border security front.

Many consent decrees from 1960s and 70s on school desegregation, voting rights and other social policy issues from that era have been revisited and vacated. It is time to do the same with these immigration cases; the situation has changed and decrees that are allowing 90 percent of illegal aliens to remain in the United States indefinitely are clearly not working in the national interest.

On the national security front, merely deploying the National Guard to drive trucks and do surveillance and communications for the Border Patrol is not enough. Even Obama authorized the deployment of guardsmen to the border in 2012. President George W. Bush also authorized deployment of 6,000 guardsmen to the border, but all they did was “support” the Border Patrol.

The President has the clear authority to declare a national emergency and deploy the National Guard or other military units in a more active role on the border, and he should do so to repulse the threat posed by the “caravan” of illegal aliens now moving north through Mexico.

This is not 2012 or 2006, the situation has changed, and the American people expected that after the 2016 election the southern border would be secured. That it hasn’t been secured is due to the obstruction of Republicans Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The President’s actions may take a little strain off the Border Patrol, but they do nothing to put heat on Ryan and McConnell to fund the wall and pass tough border security legislation, or stop the catch and release policies that are currently swamping the United States in illegal aliens.

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The Head of the SNAKE!

arrest George Soros and most of the B/S will Cease!


We have absurd laws that do not allow Border Patrol to get closer than 12 miles north of the border. So anyone invading and crossing the border can walk in, claim amnesty, and be released into the US at taxpayer expense, never to be deported.
This is deliberate by both political parties.
Trump needs to put troops and Border Patrol agents right on the border, build a fence (not a wall), with orders to prevent anyone from crossing into the US. That's the only way to stop this.
The US Constitution not only allows the government to stop this invasion, it requires that they do so:
U.S. Constitution- Article 4, Section 4: .. [the United States] shall protect each of them [the States] against Invasion..
"Shall" means "must", not a suggestion, a requirement.