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Must See Rep. Jim Jordan Video

If you want to understand why conservatives are so fired-up about the prospect of Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House take a look at this video from a speech Rep. Jordan gave yesterday.

Jordan, one of the founders of the House Freedom Caucus, has been the object of a mini-groundswell of sorts from grassroots conservatives demanding that, with Ryan’s departure, House Republican elect new Draft Jim Jordanconservative leadership.

And unlike Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise and the rest of the existing establishment Republican “leadership” Jordan has not been compromised by voting to give our tax dollars to the baby killers of Planned Parenthood.

Rep. Jordan has been a passionate advocate for unborn babies, as well as efforts to defund the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, which performs about 320,000 abortions and reaps in about $500 million tax dollars annually.

According to our friends at Conservative Review, Jordan was one of only 24 Republicans who voted against the omnibus spending bill, in part, because it included taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood.

And, as our friends at pointed out in a recent article, back in 2015, Jordan was one of the lawmakers who questioned Planned Parenthood’s then-CEO Cecile Richards about selling aborted baby parts. The hearing was held soon after the Center for Medical Progress released its first several videos exposing the abortion chain’s baby body parts trade.

“If the videos were selectively edited, if this was entrapment, all untrue, then why did you apologize?” Jordan asked, referring to Richards’ statements after the first video was released.

Richards refused to give a direct answer to Jordan’s question.

While Ryan has constantly hidden behind the excuse that the Senate doesn’t have the votes, Jordan has taken a different view. Here’s a video that explains the difference between Paul Ryan and Jim Jordan

In March, when the Republican majority in Congress passed the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill. Jordan was one of just 25 House Republicans to vote against a procedural rule advancing the bill toward final passage and taking away the right of members to offer amendments to improve the bill or cut spending he said:

No wonder Americans hate this place [Congress]. No wonder they’re cynical… This ticks me off. There’s just no other way to say it, and more importantly, it ticks off the American people, and it should.

Jordan then asked if Republicans would get back to doing what they told voters they would do. “Or are we going to keep doing pretend things like this?”

For the past decade Speaker Boehner and Speaker Ryan have made “doing pretend things” the modus operandi of the Republican majority in the House.

Our friend Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy, used a recent “Secure Freedom Moment” radio program to encourage Rep. Jim Jordan to run for Speaker of the House.

Gaffney, the conservative national security expert, echoed CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie’s endorsement of Jordan, putting it this way:

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s announcement yesterday that he will not seek reelection offers congressional Republicans an opportunity to pull out of the political death-spiral that imperils their majority and invites the impeachment of President Trump.

The question is:  Will the House GOP seize the opportunity to excite and engage voters indispensable to such outcomes?  Or will it alienate them further, ensuring that the base stays home – with predictably devastating results?

That choice will be determined by whether the Republican caucus tries to fob off on its base another establishment politician, presumably drawn from the ranks of Ryan’s lieutenants.  If, instead, in the days ahead the House GOP embraces as its next leader an authentic conservative with passion, energy and, most importantly, Make America Great Again principles, they will give the base a reason to turn out – and prevail.

Jim Jordan for Speaker.

Let’s roll!

For his part, Rep. Jordan has remained coy, but on message, telling Fox News’ Todd Starnes "it's too early to be talking" about who could be a possible replacement for Speaker Paul Ryan, while acknowledging that his name was being mentioned as a candidate.

Rep. Jordan told Starnes that whoever the next Speaker is, they need to be consistent with the mandate of the 2016 election or "we're not going to be in the majority."

Jordan also explained why winning races in November is so crucial. "I think what's most important is we keep the majority so that the Speaker isn't Nancy Pelosi," Rep. Jordan said.

Amen to that!

In an interview with Jessica Wehrman Jack Torry of The Dayton (Ohio) Daily News, Jordan insisted Republicans’ focus right now wasn’t on the next speaker; instead it was about making sure the party continues to hold the House majority.

He said it was “way too early to talk about who’s running” for Speaker, refusing to rule in or out the possibility he himself might run.

“What I’m focused on doing for the next six months is making sure that we’re getting something done with the mandate of 2016,” he said.

And that, of course, is exactly what the Speaker of the House should be doing, as opposed to what Paul Ryan has been doing, which is impeding the mandate of 2016, not “getting something done” with it.

While many DC insiders have dismissed the House Freedom Caucus, which Jordan helped found and once chaired, McClatchy's Brian Murphy pointed out that retirements of so-called moderate Republicans mean the conservative House Freedom Caucus is poised to gain power in the GOP caucus — and have a crucial say as to who runs it next year.

There are currently 237 Republicans in the House, a total that does not include four seats left vacant by GOP resignations. At least 43 Republicans have said they are leaving the House, because of retirement, resignation or to run for another office. There are about 35 to 40 Freedom Caucus members, reports Murphy.

Many of the retirements are in districts Democrat Hillary Clinton carried in the 2016 presidential election or in districts narrowly won by President Donald Trump Murphy noted.

Freedom Caucus members generally come from deeply conservative districts, which are unlikely to flip even if Democrats enjoy a strong election season as history and current polling suggests, observed Murphy.

The Freedom Caucus, which played a significant role in the retirement of former Speaker John Boehner in 2015 and helped stop Kevin McCarthy from succeeding him, knows it can help elect a leader that is at least as friendly as Ryan was to its interests.

“If we control enough votes to veto who the next Speaker is going to be, do you think it will be someone who engages less with the Freedom Caucus?” Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., the current caucus chairman said according to Murphy’s reporting.

“Whoever is the next Speaker, what matters most, I think it's time for a complete reset of our leadership. Congress' approval ratings are who knows how low,” Rep. Jim Jordan told Murphy. “It's time for a reset and a refocus on one primary objective: Doing what the American people elected us to do, doing what we told them we were going to do.”

Click this link to watch Jim Jordan talk about what Republicans must do to win in November.

If you want a Speaker who will actually defend the unborn, not just talk about it, we urge you to call Rep. Jim Jordan through the toll-free Capitol Switchboard (1-866-220-0044) tell Rep. Jordan you want a real fighter for the MAGA agenda as the next Republican Speaker of the House, and that you want him to be that Speaker.

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