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Conservatives To Kevin McCarthy: We Know The Problems, What Are You Going To Do About Them?

Standard practice for establishment Republicans is to identify and decry a problem, but then do nothing about it. A particularly obscene example of this practice is funding Planned Parenthood while decrying – at least in the abstract – America’s industrial scale baby killing via Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics.

Last weekend Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House Republicans’ Majority Leader and would be Speaker engaged in that practice on two hot button issues for social conservatives: abortion and internet and social media Kevin McCarthycensorship of conservatives.

The venue was a meeting of The Council for National Policy (CNP), a normally confidential forum where some of the country’s top conservative leaders meet to discuss policy and to network.

It is very rare for what is said at a CNP meeting to leak, but somehow Breitbart got a scoop on what McCarthy said.

“Increasingly, people like us are belittled and forced out of the public square,” declared McCarthy. “Conservative Christians are being silenced in corporate America and the mainstream media — including on social media, where some of the most important conversations of our day are taking place,” Rep. McCarthy said according to reporting by Breitbart's Charlie Nash.

“There are troubling reports that Amazon excluded the Alliance Defending Freedom from its charity program after a smear campaign by a left-wing activist group. As you know, ADF is not some fringe group. It is one of the most respected public-interest law firms in the country, with two cases pending before the Supreme Court,” he continued, adding, “Those cases — Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado and NIFLA v. Becerra — will determine the very future of religious freedom in America.”

“If ADF is not safe from discrimination, no conservative group is safe… And this is not an isolated incident. During the height of the 2016 election, we learned that Facebook employees ‘routinely’ suppressed conservative stories so they wouldn’t show up in Americans’ newsfeeds,” McCarthy proclaimed according to Nash’s scoop. “And Twitter has censored run-of-the-mill pro-life advertisements for being ‘inflammatory.’ Think how backward that is. To some in the media and Silicon Valley, the pro-life message is ‘inflammatory’ — but not abortion itself, which tears apart innocent human beings in the womb.”

According to reports from people whom we know who were there, McCarthy’s remarks were greeted with a notable lack of enthusiasm – “polite at best” was how one attendee described the House Majority Leader’s reception.

And the reason for Rep. McCarthy’s cool reception was obvious to everyone except McCarthy and his tin-eared staff – the leaders of the conservative organizations in the room know the problem of abortion and internet and social media censorship of conservatives – they want to know what Congress, and particularly the House Republican Conference, of which Kevin McCarthy is leader, are going to do about it.

And the answer was nothing.

Everyone in the room knew that Rep. McCarthy arm-twisted his colleagues into voting for the Omnibus spending bill that funded Planned Parenthood’s abortion machine.

Everyone in the room knew that McCarthy has given no encouragement for follow-up to the hearings on social media censorship where Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg skated through a bunch of softball questions from out-of-touch politicians who think dial phones are still the rage.

Indeed, other than Zuckerberg, the rest of Silicon Valley’s liberal gatekeepers have simply skipped testifying before Congress about their censorship and false claims that they are only user platforms, not responsible for the content that is posted to their sites.

And Kevin McCarthy has done nothing to address the issues raised by their behavior, other than identify the problem to a room full of its victims.

The reason the vast majority of social conservatives and politically conscious Evangelicals supported Donald Trump, and continue to support him, is because Trump hasn’t done what Kevin McCarthy did – identify a problem to its victims, and then do nothing about it.

Last Friday, Rep. Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy’s most likely competitor for Speaker, spoke before a group comprised of many of the same people who would hear McCarthy speak a day later. Jordan, who made the theme of his speech House Republicans keeping their promises, was interrupted by applause numerous times, received a standing ovation and was mobbed on his way out of the room.

Before Kevin McCarthy spoke a letter with about 40 signatures was being privately circulated at CNP urging Jim Jordan to run for Speaker, after McCarthy spoke the number of signatures on the letter jumped to 113, and the reason was clear; conservatives don’t need “leaders” who give speeches telling us what problems the country and the conservative movement face, we want leaders who will keep their promises to fix them.

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