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Scalise To Conservative Grassroots: You’re The Problem

Daily I’m getting more and more angry and upset with the Republican leaders.

Steve ScaliseRecently, I received an email from House Republican Whip Steve Scalise informing me that Rasmussen Reports, CNN, and others have all downgraded GOP seat ratings, giving Democrats an estimated 50% chance to take back the House.

This information, and Rep. Scalise’s desperate plea for my assistance in reversing it, were no surprise – for several months I’ve been telling CHQ readers and anyone else who would listen that House Republicans are in trouble in this year’s midterm elections.

And the rest of Rep. Scalise’s tone-deaf letter explained better than I have why this is so:

Our ratings are slipping for a single reason: Democrats are out-raising us in key districts. Their donors are going ALL OUT because this is their FINAL CHANCE to stop Trump's agenda.

That’s right, Scalise claimed that Republicans are in danger of losing the House because the GOP’s base – grassroots conservative voters like you and me – aren’t giving establishment Republican politicians like him enough money.

What’s more, Rep. Scalise tried to blame the Democrats, instead of acknowledging that House Republicans have failed to keep their promises and committing to work hard between now and Election Day to catch-up on the agenda that won the 2016 election.

Let me share with you a poll that explains why House Republicans are behind in the polls and why grassroots conservative voters like you and me aren’t donating to their campaigns: they haven’t kept their promises.

And they aren’t trusted to do so in the future.

In the recent Ear to the Ground poll, in which CHQ is a partner, only 6 percent of those polled trusted Capitol Hill Republicans to keep their promises.

President Trump was trusted by 31 percent to keep his promises, and the Democrats were trusted by 27 percent to keep theirs, beating Republicans by almost 4 to 1.

By the way, that same poll found that 60 percent of voters would like a new person to represent them in Congress.

The House toll-free switchboard number is (1-866-220-0044) I urge you to call House Republican Whip Steve Scalise to tell him that you saw his email, and the reason House Republicans are behind has nothing to do with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats – it is because House Republicans and especially leaders like him have betrayed their voters; failing to fund President Trump’s border wall, funding Planned Parenthood, passing an Omnibus spending bill chocked full of pork for Democrats and growing the deficit in a time or record tax collections to name but a few of the Capitol Hill GOP’s more egregious betrayals of conservative voters and their principles.

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Steve Scalise

To get the office of Scalise you need to dial 202-225-3015. The gentleman I talked to did not sound enthusiastic about what I said.

Isn't This the Senate's Problem?

Isn't this the Senate's problem and the problem of people like Flake, McCain, Graham, Collins, and the poor leadership of Mitch McConnell?

Also, is the GOP in the Senate doing anything to convince borderline Democrats to turn over a new leaf and support the biblical, conservative, capitalist, protectionist policies that made America great in the first place in our first 125 years?

How about getting some conservatives in the top leadership position in the House and Senate, like Jim Jordan? How do people feel about Mike Lee?


I have received on a daily basis e-mails from Scalise and other republicans sounding the warning. But what I read is the sky is falling, the sky is falling. This makes me believe that they again are willing to lose another campaign season rather than put forth a strong message.

I don't read that we are ready to take the fight to the opposition and win in November 2018, we will win and we will support President Trump and his agenda.
I did not know that Scalise is an establishment Republican. Perhaps that is the problem with this election season, the republicans are unwilling to take on the establishment republicans like john mccain mitch mcconnell and paul ryan as well as others.
What message have they put out to make people want to support them?
Here is a suggestion from one registered democrat that has never voted for a democratic presidential candidate, stop whining and develop a winning attitude, stop supporting those republicans that support the lefts agenda on immigration. Defend President Trump and his positions.
What good is it if we elect republicans that support the progressive socialist views on such issues as immigration, border security and DACA, we might as well elect democrats if that is what they are willing to vote for.

Isn't the Senate the Real Problem?

Isn't the Senate and people like Flake, McCain, Graham, Collins, and Mitch McConnell's weak leadership the problem, not the House?

Maybe we need to make a big push to replace Ryan and McConnell with REAL conservatives like Jim Jordan or Ted Cruz? What do people think about Mike Lee?

Have the GOP senators made an effort to get some borderline Democrats on board by pitching to them the biblical, conservative, capitalist, and protectionist ideals that made America great to start?