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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Dems and #NeverTrump running short on time to oust Trump

It’s very difficult to see these days, but if you look hard enough you might glimpse something Democrats and (a few) Republicans have in common: they’re delusional about the prospects of defeating President Donald Trump in 2020.

For congressional Democrats the hatred comes natural – after all, Trump is the worst kind of political animal, a Bill Kristolman who’s espoused and voiced liberal views over most of his lifetime yet when it came to running for office three years ago he threw off the ideological shackles of liberalism to embrace a form of conservative/populism that appealed to many of the party’s traditional working class voters as well as a big slice of the Republican base.

Now that Trump surprised the entirety of the Washington establishment and won the election – and has been in office over 16 months – Democrats are getting desperate. Their solution? To move hard left and #resist with all their being. Recent primaries suggested Democrat base voters aren’t listening to the admonitions of the “experts” who claim the party needs to moderate and select candidates theoretically best suited to challenge the GOP.

No, leftist Democrats are going all out. But there’s a limit to how far nominating hardcore socialists will take them. Even “Bush’s brain” Karl Rove knows it. Rove wrote last week at the Wall Street Journal, “Georgia isn’t the only state where Democrats are betting the path to victory starts with a hard left turn. In Nebraska’s Second District last week, nonprofit executive Kara Eastman beat former Rep. Brad Ashford for the opportunity to take on Republican freshman Rep. Don Bacon. Ms. Eastman favors Sen. Bernie Sanders’s free-college bill as well as Rep. Keith Ellison’s ‘Medicare for all’ proposal, a $15 minimum wage and a repeal of the GOP tax cuts. Political handicappers responded to her victory by flipping the district from ‘toss up’ to ‘leans Republican.’

“In the Democratic primary for Pennsylvania’s First District, philanthropist Scott Wallace buried former Navy prosecutor Rachel Reddick with negative ads. A great-great-grandson of Henry Wallace, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s second vice president, the Democratic nominee appears to have political views as radical as those of his forebear. Henry Wallace was a naive cheerleader for Joseph Stalin; Scott Wallace’s personal foundation gave $300,000 to groups backing the virulently anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement. Those donations may cost Mr. Wallace in a district that has one of the largest Jewish populations in the country...

“These candidates’ rhetoric may weigh them down in the general election just as much as their policy agendas. [Texan Colin] Allred, for example, says the election is ‘not just Democrats vs. Republicans . . . it’s like common sense versus idiocy.’ He argued Midwesterners who supported Donald Trump were ‘buying into . . . xenophobia’ and worries Mr. Trump ‘will start a war to cover up whatever he is already being investigated for . . . a war that would end the world.’ This may not be a winning strategy in George W. Bush’s home district, which incumbent Republican Rep. Pete Sessions won unopposed last time and Mitt Romney carried by 15 points in 2012.”

What, labeling Trump voters as “deplorable” racists, suckers and bloodthirsty warmongers isn’t the key to electoral success? Who’s Allred’s campaign manager, Hillary Clinton?

Remarkably, these are just three examples of the Democrats’ leftward lurch and are representative of the greater polarization going on all across the country. We’ve seen it in GOP primaries as well, though the differences between winners and losers in Republican contests are typically about boat-rocking “outsiders” versus the establishment status quo.

Democrats are clearly going overboard and we don’t need Karl Rove to tell us so. What Rove refers to as “Trump Derangement Syndrome” has infested the entire minority party. It’s gotten to the point where if a Democrat candidate so much as dips his or her toe in the mainstream pool it guarantees a furious reaction from the party’s wacked-out liberal voters. There’s simply no such thing as a “moderate” (much less conservative) Democrat any longer. They can talk all they want about replacing Nancy Pelosi as House leader (if they win a majority), but in the end everyone knows casting the San Francisco elitist aside won’t change things much.

In order to advance Democrat candidates must kneel at the hate-Trump altar. It’s created a fight to the death that’s progressing district-by-district, state-by-state and region-by-region. As Trump’s favorability numbers rise the sickness only intensifies and the Democrats’ increasingly narrow lead in the congressional generic ballot is making the symptoms more visible.

As a prelude to the Armageddon-type political war in 2020, this fall’s campaign promises to be historically nasty. If Democrats lose this one they realize Trump won’t be restrained by fruitless congressional investigations or a wave of subpoenas. Maxine Waters and her ilk will settle for going on MSNBC and dreaming about impeachment. Trump will enjoy free rein to keep doing what he’s doing -- namely making America great again, one day and one reversed Obama policy at a time.

The fact Democrats are getting more extreme isn’t going unnoticed by the commenting class. Last week Kurt Schlichter wrote at Townhall, “We cannot have a functioning republic where about half of the population actively supports the trappings of tyranny. We can’t. No nation, especially one full of citizens who zealously guard their freedom, can tolerate a double standard for political behavior. It won’t be double for long. The New Rules, should they become ingrained in our systems, will inevitably go both ways.

“They are going to hate the New Rules...

“The United States of America cannot function where one of the two parties effectively recognizes no limits on the use of government power to impose its will upon the other half. We Normal Americans are woke, and we Normals are getting militant. We see what’s happening. But do the liberals and their Never Trump lackies? Do they really want to go down this road?”

It’s not apparent whether the Trump #resistance wants to travel down the “road” to civil war, but they don’t take themselves seriously when it comes to incendiary rhetoric and personal demonization of everyone who opposes them. Today’s rapid improvements in communications technology disperses insults in real time and Democrats don’t give much thought to what they’re saying before the words fly from their mouths or electronic devices.

The deterioration of the Robert Mueller investigation is telling. As more details are exposed to the public – namely, that the Trump campaign was wiretapped, spied upon and infiltrated – the leftists’ denials intensify accordingly. It’s a form of political wagon-circling that’s never been seen before as liberal pundits scramble to explain away the latest Obama administration snafus (while blaming Trump for causing them somehow). Nevertheless, conservatives continue to read establishment media newspapers and view cable shows out of nauseated fascination to see what the left will come up with next.

No one’s listening on either side. Social media allows everyone to wall themselves off to others’ points-of-view and there’s no mix of dialogue or ideas. Democrat candidates must figure if they appear “centrist” or “reasonable” then they’ll be abandoned by their leftist followers who demand militance and combativeness regardless of the facts or truth. I’m a little surprised Adam “shifty” Schiff isn’t being prominently mentioned as a presidential candidate for the party.

How much longer will it keep up? It’s hard to say – every day the bloodletting intensifies; every issue in Congress is a battle. The political system can’t go on this way.

President Trump’s few remaining enemies on the right aren’t waving the white flag either. Chief #NeverTrumper Bill Kristol went to New Hampshire last week and talked primary challenges to Trump in 2020. Andrew Cline reported at National Review, “For the good of the country and the Republican party, Donald Trump has to be challenged from the right in 2020, Weekly Standard editor-at-large Bill Kristol told a friendly crowd of business executives and political insiders here Wednesday morning.

“’I don’t know if a challenger would succeed. In my view, I think it’s important to have one just to force the debate,’ Kristol said. ‘I think if Trump were to lose in 2020 it would allow for someone to step up and say, ‘Well, here’s a different way forward than just kind of trying to redo Trump over the next several years.’’

“Kristol was the second prominent Never Trumper in as many months to appear at the Politics & Eggs event series, which puts political speakers in front of an audience of New England business leaders who tend to show up in charcoal suits, wearing name tags that flash impressive job titles. Senator Jeff Flake’s anti-Trump speech here at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics drew a standing ovation in April. Attacking Trump from the conservatarian right, Flake flirted with the idea of challenging Trump for the nomination in 2020.”

It's doubtful Trump was aware Flake – or Kristol – were in New Hampshire, but even if he were, who cares? Flake is “retiring” from the senate because he’s so unpopular in his home state (Arizona) that he wouldn’t have a prayer of surviving the GOP primary for re-nomination. And Kristol? He’s relitigating the same case over and over hoping to unearth an audience that cares about his redundant alarms on Trump.

Polls suggest there’s a small segment of Republicans who still don’t support Trump (around 15%) – and these must be the folks who buy tickets to events featuring Flake or Kristol as speakers. There they can commiserate and dream of taking down the president from within in 2020.

For his part Kristol denies he would personally run and suggested, again, that someone like John Kasich would be the best man for the job. Kasich all-but camped out in New Hampshire in the latter half of 2015 and before the Granite State primary in early 2016, managing to come in second to Trump by stealing much of Jeb Bush’s establishment vote. No doubt there remain plenty of Kasich backers there – and if anything, they’re probably shrinking in number.

But talking about a primary challenge to a sitting president is juicy and entertaining, isn’t it? And it gets the media all puffed up as well. “Hey look! Republicans hate Trump too!”

Kristol reiterated his belief that Republican voters will tire of the “chaos” surrounding Trump’s White House. Here, again, the neocon leader misinterpreted Trump’s appeal with the grassroots. Many (if not most) conservatives and Republicans appreciate Trump’s willingness to battle the powerful forces of the swamp and gladly grant him a pass on some of the personality stuff – out-of-control tweeting and past excesses – in favor of finally having a leader who fights back.

It's far from fatigue – if anything, conservatives rally to Trump’s flag because they’ve witnessed not only his continuous string of policy successes but also his readiness to keep his word and thumb his nose at the swamp. Like a gathering tropical storm over warm ocean waters Trump draws strength from the turmoil underneath him. The more the media jabs at him the harder he hits back in response.

Last week’s abrupt cancellation of the North Korea “summit” with Kim Jong-un showed Trump won’t be trifled with internationally either. Maybe Jong-un should huddle with the Democrats and join the #resistance – but that’d be a good way to ensure he loses any negotiation. The NORK dictator isn’t dumb (Note: The summit looks to be back on).

Democrats and #NeverTrumpers will sustain their attacks on Donald Trump whether they have grounds to do so or not. To act otherwise would be to admit they were wrong about an “outsider” becoming president; and if that were the case, what’s the purpose of having them around at all?

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Trump is not going to be ousted. Those who think he will or might be are delusional. Obama was a rank traitor and he stayed in office 8 years and caused enormous damage to the country. On the flip side to the Obama aberration, the American people would NEVER allow a patriot to be thrown out of the White House. It just ain't gonna happen. So let's move on and depart from such Fantasyland theories, or thinking. Trump is going nowhere.