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Endorsement: Mary Jones in Virginia's Second Congressional District Republican Primary

Next Tuesday, June 12, the Old Dominion will hold two important primaries featuring two limited government constitutional conservatives versus two of the GOP’s most notable RINOs.

Mary JonesIn Virginia’s Second Congressional District conservative Mary Jones is taking on RINO and leading amnesty for illegal aliens advocate incumbent Congressman Scott Taylor.

Mrs. Jones is a solid constitutional conservative with a record of fighting taxes and regulations as a member of the James City County Board. Taylor’s one credential is his military service – he’s a former Navy SEAL, and in military-heavy VA-2 that counts for a lot.

However, that credential has been called into question by his former commander, retired Navy Lieutenant Commander (SEAL) Ed Maulbeck, who released a letter supporting Mary Jones:

“As a retired SEAL and Scott Taylor’s 1st leader at a SEAL Team, I ask that you please send him home. Representative Taylor has had no problem lying about his short Naval “career” or about his education and has continued to misrepresent both. Mary Jones is our chance to rid the 2nd district of this arrogant self-promoter that has been promoting himself on the shoulders of the Navy SEAL community while achieving nothing for our District, our Nation, or our Veterans...”

Maulbeck further said "President Trump needs help from our 2nd District Representative to ‘drain the swamp,’ and Scott Taylor is too marginalized and dependent on the Republican donor-class/elitists to effectively represent our district. Scott’s voting record speaks for itself and our constituent services are nearly non-existent under his short time in office.”

More specifically, Taylor has a record of voting with Democrats on a host of hot-button conservative issues, especially amnesty for illegal aliens.

Some readers of this article will also remember Congressman Taylor as the person who called our friends at NumbersUSA and, in a profanity-laced tirade, threatened to “blow up” their office when they outed him for his efforts to promote amnesty for illegal aliens.

Taylor is one of the leading RINOs who have joined with Democrats to try to force a vote on amnesty for illegal aliens through a “discharge petition” that would amnesty millions of illegal aliens, without ending chain migration, the visa lottery or building the wall on our southern border.

Lieutenant Commander Maulbeck is right about Taylor being an arrogant self-promoter. Taylor never seems to miss a chance to go on TV to push for amnesty for illegal aliens and to trash conservatives and President Trump. It is past time to send him home. We urge our friends and fellow conservatives in Virginia’s Second Congressional District to vote Mary Jones in the June 12 Republican Primary.

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